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  • 1. The Great Wall of China

2. Theofficialname : Chang Cheng, longstrength
Location: In thenorth, northwest and west of China.
Start date: about 22 centuries ago.
Opening date: Finishedwiththe Ming dynasty.
Architect (s): No, thatwasthecommandtobuildtheEmperorQin.
Funfact: Theman-madeconstructioneasiertoseefromspace.
The official length of the Great Wall of China is 7300 miles
3. History
Emperor Huang-ti She tired of the consistent attacks by the Huns barbarian tribe called his people to once and for all of the enemy to defend themselves. The wall was built during the reign of the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, in short duration. It was not built all at once, but rather to communicate to several walls that had already been constructed above as well as reinforce new areas so the building was extended for a period of about a thousand years.
4. Construction
For its construction required a large army of people was composed of people from various regions of China, including soldiers, farmers and artisans. It was launched from north to west and diligently began the incredible construction.
5. The Wall has a height ranging between seven and ten meters. Its base is about seven meters and its top six. The floors were paved with a mixture of stone and mortar, supported by tree trunks rollers arranged in several layers. The materials used are those available in the vicinity of the construction. Near Beijing limestone was used. Other sites used granite or fired brick. Basically, it was a long wall of clay and sand, covered with several brick walls. That made it very resistant to the impacts of siege weapons.
6. Current
Parts of the wall most visited by tourists have been kept in good condition or have been repaired, but in many parts of the wall has been neglected, serving as a playground for residents or as a source of stones to rebuild houses streets. Some sections of the wall are also covered with graffiti. Other parties have been deliberately destroyed to prevent the passage of new roads.
7. The Great Wall is still one of the wonders of the world, and makes visitors trace their imagination to the times when the world began to expand and the ancient wisdom of mysterious people to reveal their secrets for all mankind. Visited by thousands of tourists from around the globe, fascinating, mysterious and impressive with the passage of time does not lose its majesty, but even more it increases.
8. Thankyou