Walking the Digital Gangplank to Find Buried Treasure: Social, Mobile, Apps and more

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Walking the digital gangplank to find buried treasure: Social, Mobile, Apps and more…

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Transcript of Walking the Digital Gangplank to Find Buried Treasure: Social, Mobile, Apps and more

  • 1. Walking the digital gangplank to find buried treasure: Social, Mobile, Apps and more

2. Please turn on all digital devices 2 Follow along at #NCIPAN 3. Okay, where exactly is Sarasota? [Not exactly the digital capital of the world.] 3 4. One of THE 10 Largest Public Hospitals in U.S. 800 Beds and 8 Outpatient Centers 4,000 Staff, 800 Physicians, 1,000 Volunteers 25,000 Inpatient visits annually 750,000 Outpatient/Physician Visits annually 100,000 Emergency Visits annually 20,000 Surgeries annually 3,000 Births annually Magnet Nursing Designation Top Hospital for Low # of Readmissions 4 LITTLE BIT ABOUT SARASOTA MEMORIAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM 5. Cancer Care at Sarasota Memorial High Quality, Patient Centered Care Nationally recognized with commendation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer Cancer Registry to track every cancer patient treated and monitor their health throughout their lifetime, treating more than 1,500 a year Oncology certified nurses, genetic counselors, and oncology pharmacists Unique Services Womens Cancer Specialty Program, directed by Dr. James Fiorica Breast Health Center, offering latest diagnostic and screening technology SMH offers the only Genetic Education and Counseling program in region Currently offering seven clinical trials Supportive Care Multidisciplinary medical team supported by Social Workers, Case Managers, Oncology Care Coordinator, Clinical Educator, Certified Tumor Registrars, Mental Health professionals, and Spiritual Care 5 6. Everything we do, we do in-house. - no agencies, no consultants, etc. 6 7. MARKETING DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE 7 Account Executive & Media Call Center Community Relations Designer External PR & Communications Internal PR & Government Relations Marketing Assistant Research & Planning Traffic & Production Webmaster Physician Liaisons 8. WHAT WE DO Strategy: Strategic Plan development, execution and reconciliation (@ direction of leadership team) Research: Coordinate, monitor and disseminate patient satisfaction, physician survey, employee engagement, market share, consumer perception & focus group information Planning: Maintain and update hospital license and AHCA requirements, CON filing, AHA surveys, etc. Brand ID: Establish and enforce corporate brand look & feel and other guidelines Marketing Content Development: Both offline and online, with information shared across multiple platforms Paid Media: Planning, negotiating, buying and reconciliation Advertising: Concept, development and production of campaigns, promotions(TV, radio, print, billboard, Internet) Collateral Development: Brochures, flyers, posters, rack cards, maps Website: Hosting, maintaining, content updates, technological improvements, analytics Social Media: Education, planning, development, execution PR: Managing of daily media requests and situations, PR pitches, special events, reputation development Government Relations: Leverage legislative delegation relationships and meetings, community benefits, position papers Community Relations: Corporate Volunteer Program, neighborhood interest groups, event planning and participation Employee Communications: Newsletter, communication updates, presentations, bulletin boards HealthLine: Consumer Q&A, physician referrals, community calendar event RSVPs, LiveChat Public Affairs: Serve as PIO (Public Information Officer) during countywide emergencies and drills Physician Liaisons: Responsible for 800+ on-staff physicians plus new physician recruitment 8 9. DEPARTMENT MANTRA 9 10. Digital/Social Media Experts/Professionals/Gurus? NOT! But Heavy Users? YES! 10 11. HOWEVER, NATIONAL PRESS EXPOSURE NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Earlier this year, Sarasota Memorial Hospital live-tweeted a kidney surgery, trading more than 1,900 tweets among followers during the procedure. NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Earlier this year, Sarasota Memorial Hospital live-tweeted a kidney surgery, trading more than 1,900 tweets among followers during the procedure. 11 12. PRESENTATION FORMAT 1. Why do we care so much about digital? 2. How did we get started? 3. What did we actually do? 4. How did it work out? 5. Top 10 Dos and Donts 12 13. 13 14. WHY? Marketing world is evolving from interrupt me to engage me. There is a fundamental shift in the way marketers approach consumers with their message. 14 15. REALITY 15 Brands have to be more creative because customers are getting smarter. They dont want to be bludgeoned with marketing in an obvious way. We have not run a 30-second TV commercial in 5 years. FACT 16. Participation Openness Conversation Community Connectedness 16 CONSUMERS TODAY VALUE: 17. THE DIGITAL SHIFT From: Who is our target? What is our insight? What is our message? Where do we reach them? How do we measure success? To: Who is our community? Where do they hang out? What value can we add? How will people get involved? What platforms, tech, APIs should we use? What will make it ongoing? How will we measure success? 17 18. REALITY CHECK Nobody has to listen. [Marketers] can keep on prattling to the audience exactly as they always have. The only problem is, the people in the supposed audience arent listening to you. Theyre listening to one another talk about you. Bob Garfield, Advertising Age columnist 18 19. Healthcare marketing faces an even bigger challenge 19 20. 20 OUR SHARED DILEMMA Typically people seek us out when sick, injured, or dying, and make decisions under duress. We want to reach out to them before they need us, so they feel comfortable when they really need us. Opportunity to promote wellness before sickness fundamental to meaningful healthcare reform. 21. We are brands people would prefer not to use. 21 22. In fact, most people dont even want to talk about us. 22 23. How do we engage resistant consumers before they have no choice? 23 24. Most promising option to date: Consumer Engagement Platform created by social media 24 25. Allows us to interact with consumers in a space they feel comfortable in and can control. (the antithesis of a medical visit) 25 WHY? 26. IN THE BEGINNING . . . 26 27. WHAT NOW? No Expertise (and I mean zero!) No Resources (not one extra dollar) No Support (people thought we were nuts and chasing a pet rock) 27 28. GIVE IT TO THE WEB GUY Sidebar: If you are going to fail, fail fast! 28 PLAN A: CLASSIC BEGINNERS MISTAKE 29. PLAN B (30 DAYS LATER) NOT ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY BUT THE CONVERSATION 29 30. DIVIDE & CONQUER APPROACH CEO MEETING 30 31. 31 Source: Advisory Board Marketing and Planning Leadership Council 32. 32 Source: Advisory Board Marketing and Planning Leadership Council 33. Creativity emerges through freedom, not control. MARCHING ORDERS Empower people with autonomy within the overall brand strategy 33 34. LOOK MOM, NO HANDS APPROACH Dont care about Metrics ROI Vanity Metrics Numbers Only care about making authentic connections! 34 35. OVERALL GOAL Create an online consumer engagement platform 35 36. Sidebar: Word of caution SO HOW DO YOU DO THIS? 36 37. PTOLEMY VIEW OF THE WORLD GALILEO VIEW OF THE WORLD 37 38. Sidebar: Use social media as a catalyst WEB SITE 38 39. MICROSITES Sidebar: Great for limited time offerings. 39 40. DONT FORGET TO BRAND YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE 40 41. FACEBOOK CEO, Facebook 41 42. 407 Likes 57 comments and, most importantly, 34 shares. FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT WITH COMMUNITY 42 43. FACEBOOK TABS 43 44. TWITTER CEO, Twitter 44 45. Twitter as a tool in our new Customer Service Arsenal 45 46. YOUTUBE CEO, YouTube 46 47. 47 48. FOURSQUARE CEO, Foursquare 48 49. 49 50. FLICKR CEO, FLICKR 50 51. 51 52. CEO, Google+ GOOGLE+ 52 53. 53 PINTEREST CEO, PINTEREST 54. 54 55. 55 LINKEDIN CEO, LINKEDIN 56. DELICIOUS CEO, Delicious 56 57. WIKIPEDIA CEO, WIKIPEDIA 57 58. BLOG HUB CEO, BLOGS 58 59. SMH EXTRA BLOG 59 60. CEO BLOG (Internal) 60 61. GUESTNET WELCOME SCREEN 61 62. 62 SMH FAMILY CONNECT 63. LIVE CHAT 63 64. LIVE CHAT 64 65. SARASOTA MEMORIAL MOBILE SITE 65 66. SARASOTA MEMORIAL SMART PHONE APP 66 67. QR CODE MANIA 67 68. QR CODE AD 68 69. MOBILE ADVERTISING 69 70. 70 PAID FACEBOOK ADVERTISING 71. 71 SPONSORED TWEETS 72. 72 GOOGLE NETWORK ADVERTISING 73. 73 YAHOO NETWORK ADVERTISING 74. 74 ONLINE EDITION ADVERTISING 75. 75 ONLINE REFERRAL SOURCES 76. 76 NEW CHANNELS GREAT 77. 77 NEW CHANNELS NOT SO GREAT 78. RADIAN6: DIGITAL FOOTPRINT MANAGEMENT Listen, measure and engage with your customers across the entire social web. 78 79. 79 SHARE OF VOICE 90-DAY PERIOD Versus competition in Sarasota 80. 80 81. ROI ? ? ? ? 81 82. WEBSITE 12-MONTH PERIOD 82 83. MOBILE 12-MONTH PERIOD 83 84. PAID FACEBOOK ADVERTISING 84 85. ROI BIG PICTURE Stabilized Inpatient Market Share MARKET SHARE Dynamic Outpatient Growth FY12 Truven Market Share BRAND PREFERENCE 18-45 years 52.6% to 69.6% in just one year FY11 Percy & Co. Consumer Study SHARE OF VOICE (vs. competition) 74% Jan-Mar 2013 Radian6 Metrics 85 86. LESSONS LEARNED External Engagement Relatively easy Internal Engagement Much more difficult Recommend the Under the Radar method Use external credibility to drive internal approval Avoid committees at all costs Complementary is more important than consistency 101 reasons not to do it, but one good reason why 86 87. BACK TO THE FUTURE CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT STORE @ MALL 87 88. QUESTIONS? 88 89. Top Ten Dos & Donts 89 90. 1. Be authentic, real & transparent. 90 91. 2. Be current, topical & above all: dont make it all about you. 91 92. 3. Have a strategy and a plan, but remain flexible. 92 93. 4. Perfection is overrated. 90% today is better than 100% tomorrow 93 94. 5. Ensure it is part of your overall marketing mix. 94 95. 6. Invite people to engage & participate. 95 96. 7. Forget about a 9 AM 5 PM, Mon-Fri schedule. Response is everything. NOTE: SITE MANAGER CALLED JULY 5 & RESOLVED ISSUE. 96 97. 8. Cross-pollinate amongst all your different social media platforms. 97 98. 9. Test, test & test (its cheap & hard to break) and measure, but dont obsess. 98 99. 10. Have a sense of humor & fun. Its contagious. 99 100. Peter Taylor Marketing Director Sarasota Memorial Health Care System [email protected] www.smh.com @pjtaylor007 THANK YOU! 100