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A Basic Walkthrough and Explanation of the Twitter's Upgraded system

Transcript of Walk throughs

  • 1. A Walk-through the New Twitter
    Jurien Huggins
    October 18, 2010

2. Twitter Upgrade Announcement
A New Twitter
New User Sign Up
WellKnown Media Peers& Popular Stars on the site are shown here
Trending Marquee- Shows most popular Topics Worldwide
Type In Your Username Or Email in the Top Box
Click The drop Down Sign In Button
4. Clicking The Twitter icon makes a jump to the home page
List of Updates Called the Timeline or TL
Navigation Bar
5. Profile Page Displays all personal Info, and shows all of Your own Tweets
Follower Count
Click on these for more Personal Info
6. Direct (Private) messages are here
This is where you type updates
Displays messages to you from others
Tweet Composing Shortcut
Tweet Count
7. Always Arranged by most recent mention
Twitter Background Can be edited at will
8. List of Recent Contacts
Detail of Messages
Direct Message Page
9. This page displays the fonts and placement of the Old Twitter
Settings Page
Notice where the Nav Bar is now
10. Username
11. Dropdown Options Tab
Signing OUT
12. Hope That Shed Some Light On The Twitter Situation