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  • SEASON 2014


    Featuring a unique zinc S-curved backbone encased in a soft plastic body, the Soft Spoon sinks slowly and tantalizingly to trigger strikes from any nearby predators. Its also deadly when retrieved at a variety of speeds throughout the water column. You can work it with a steady crank to target game fish feeding near the surface, or let it descend deeper and employ a slower retrieve to entice fish that are suspending or relating to bottom structure. While the Soft Spoon is specially designed for a slow sink, its heavy enough to allow for optimum castability.

    Model Length Weight Recommended depth

    10 cm (4) 10 cm 4 16 g 3/5 oz 0.53 m /210 ft

    15 cm (6) 15 cm 6 55 g 2 oz 0.55 m / 216 ft

    Arctic char

    Clown fish

    Transparent mackerel


    Transparent blue silver

    Sexy shad

    Craw daddy Transparent blue silver Power perch


    Blue gill

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  • SENSATIONAL NEW SWIMMING ACTION!FLEE brings a new dimension to soft lure fishing. On the contrary to an original bottom-fished soft plastic, FLEE rushes to the surface instead, as prey at a predatory chase! It wakes at the surface as a real live prey fish. It can even be made jump! And this does not happen to one linear direction of the line run only FLEE takes side spurts like no other lure. Leave some slack and FLEE swims to left or right towards the bottom, or makes a full 360 degree swimming loop!

    It comes in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 sizes in a surface prey-matching colour variable with a swallow friendly design hook.


    Power perch

    Craw daddy

    Zander special


    Blue gill


    Clown fish

    Sexy shad

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  • Fire TigerPower Perch

    Sexy ShadShiny Red Nightmare

    ParrotGhost Yellow Jaguar

    Yellow Chrome

    Black Silver

    Blue Silver

    Green Tiger

    JIGWOBBLERSA new innovative hybrid lure with a novel and unique swimming action. It combines a medium fast sinking head part with a wobbler body. This action allows the lure to swim attractively while sinking and being retrieved.

    The swimming action is versatile and can be modified easily according to changing conditions. The Wake Jigwobbler can be used to fish from top to bottom depending on how it is reeled in.

    Model Length Weight Recommended depth

    5 cm Fast Sinking 5 cm 2 8 g 1/4 oz 14 m / 313 ft

    6.5 cm Fast Sinking 6.5 cm 2.5 18 g 2/3 oz 1.58 m / 526 ft

    8 cm Fast Sinking 8 cm 3 1/8 29 g 1 oz 1.512 m / 540 ft

    15 cm Fast Sinking 15 cm 6 93 g 3 1/2 oz 330 m / 990 ft

    5 cm Slow Sinking 15 cm 2 6 g 1/5 oz 0.52 m /27 ft

    6.5 cm Slow Sinking 6.5 cm 2.5 13 g 1/2 oz 0.54 m / 213 ft

    8 cm Slow Sinking 8 cm 3 1/8 20 g 3/4 oz 16 m / 320 ft

    15 cm Slow Sinking 15 cm 6 65 g 2 1/3 oz 1.58 m / 526 ft

    8 cm Salt Water 8 cm 3 1/8 29 g 1 oz 1.512 m / 540 ft

    15 cm Salt Water 15 cm 6 93 g 3 1/2 oz 330 m / 990 ft

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  • Power Perch

    Sexy Shad

    Blue Gill

    Grawdaddy Shiny RedFire Tiger

    Nightmare ParrotGhost

    Yellow Jaguar Yellow Chrome Blue Silver

    Green Tiger Black Silver

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    Model Length Weight Recommended depth

    6.5 cm (2) 6.5 cm 2.5 8g oz 0.52 m /27 ft

    12 cm (5) 12 cm 5 28g 1 oz 16 m / 320 ft

    Crawdaddy 28 g

    Blue Silver 28g

    Sexy Shad 28g

    Power Perch 28g

    Parrot 28g

    Fire Tiger 28g

    Yellow Chrome 28g

    Blue Gill 28g

    Chost 28g

    Black Silver 28g

    Soft Jigwobbler is a versatile hybrid that combines the erratic fish-attracting action of a wobbler with the life-like look, feel and swimming motion of a soft plastic jointed swimbait. Thanks to its innovative design the Soft Jigwobbler can be fished in a variety of ways, and at slow, medium or fast speeds, just about anywhere in the water column. It features a zinc head attached by a single uni-directional hinge to the body portion of the lure.

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  • SHALLOW SPOONSWake shallow spoon is designed especially for sea trout angling in shallow waters. Also a killer for bass when it is feeding from the surface. It has a sensitive and strong swimming action even at very slow retrieving speeds, making it the ideal choice for rocky shores and cold water. Due to its rattling sound and wide colour range, the shallow spoon attracts not only sea trout, but also any other predator.

    Model Length Weight Recommended depth

    11 g 9 cm 3.5 11g - 3/8 oz 0.5 1.5 m / 2 5 ft

    French Herring 154

    Freezy Perch 446

    Blue Marlin 143

    Pink Nightmare 635

    Tanned Plum 528

    Wild Tiger 747

    Power Perch 147

    Zander Colour 573

    Rainbow Trout 655

    Flash Herring 156

    Hint of Pink 036

    Lemon Plague 055

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  • Hard Fat Hard Slim

    &Hard Fat is a long casting spoon for predators. Hard Fat has little wider and rounder body which gives it quite lazy and calm kick. This is ideal for bigger predators, pikes and perches. By lifting your rod upwards and doing little twitches you can present Hard Fat just below surface, which is wery usefull when there is lots of grass and weed in water or predators are chacing baitfishes. Reeling Hard Fat in spiced with long pauses you can fish even deeper spots with good result.

    Hard Slim fits well for trout, asp, pike and perch. Works nicely as in still- and stream-ing waters. Long casting, slim bodied, lively Hard Slim is a true overall spoon.

    In streaming water Hard Slim is easy to use without bottom contacts, thanks to Slims body shape. Pikes and perches tend to like lively Slim when they are chacing small bait-fish. Works fine even in seatrout fishing!

    Aura Minnow a spinner with a fish like body, which fishes cant resist.

    Spinners are extremely effective, especially when water is warm. That cant anybody deny. There has allways been one major problem which has lim-ited anglers will to fish more with spinners: often spinners tend to twist fishingline which causes other problems, shorter casts, tangled lines and therefore loss of money and valuable fishing time.

    Wake Spinner Aura Minnows body shape solves this problem. Aura Minnows body is weighted so that this spinner does not twist the line, plus Wake Spinner Aura Minnow is consider-able long casting lure in its weight class.

    Excellent overall tool both in streaming and still waters. At its best during warmer season, but works fine allso in cold water when reeled in slowly, when nothing else is accepted by the fish.

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  • Model Length Weight Swimming depth

    Jive 5 cm 5 cm 2 5 g 1/8 oz 0.5 m 2 ft

    Jive 9.5 cm 9.5 cm 4 12 g 1/2 oz 2.0 m 7 ft

    Jive 12.5 cm 12.5 cm 5 20 g 3/4 oz 1.0 m 3 ft

    Wild tiger 747 French herring 154

    Green minnow 430 Rainbow fry 037Power perch 147

    Flash Herring 156

    Wild tiger 747French herring 154

    Flash Herring 156

    Green Minnow 430

    Rainbow fry 037 Power perch 147

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  • SOFT


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    2, 3, 3.5 & 5


    Due to its relatively large tail and flexibility, the flexfish is the most strongly vibrating softbait in our product range. Its lively swimming action makes it irresistible for predators. Especially in cloudy waters, the extra vibration makes a difference. The flexfish is suitable even for surfing trout and big lake fish. Weight 3,5,7 & 20 g 1/10, 1/8, 1/5 & 3/4 oz.

    The soft-bodied Wake baitfish can produce a lively swim with a suitable jig head and a good jerking technique. A choice when fishing for pike and zander and when a depth of over three metres or bottom contacts should be reached.

    Fire Flame 550

    Bottom special 529 Brown Perch 144 Goldscales 160

    Rainbow trout 655 Zander special 374 Power bleak spoz 440 Power perch 147

    Bloodscales 150

    Neon Black Perch 530Pink nightmare 635 Temptation 641

    Tanned plum 528 Arctic char 585 Freezy perch 446

    Wild tiger 747

    Real perch 144

    Bood perch 452 Blue herring 153 Dark clown 721 Herring 155

    Clown fish 720 Neon black perch 530 Power perch 147 Power sturgeon 660

    Real perch 142 Sahara 790

    Model Length Weight Pcs per bag

    2 Flexfish 5 cm 2 3 g 1/12 oz 8 pcs

    3 Flexfish 7.5 cm 3 5 g 1/5 oz 6 pcs

    3.5 Flexfish 8.5 cm 3.5 7 g 1/4 oz 5 pcs

    5 Flexfish 12.5 cm 5 20 g 3/4 oz 2 pcs

    3.5 Garlic Flexfish 8.5 cm 3.5 7 g 1/4 oz 5 pcs

    3.5 Anis Flexfish 8.5 cm 3.5 7 g 1/4 oz 5 pcsGreen goblin 722 Rusty blue 353

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  • GRUB


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  • grubs 3.5, 4.5 & 5.5The sensitively swimming and strongly vibrating tail of Wake softbaits is created by combining naturally soft materials and optimum shape. The sensitivity of the tail causes the bait to vibrate during stops as well as during retrieve.

    Green Goblin 722

    Bleak 459 Deep shrimp 041 Motor oil 085

    Bloodscales 150 Bottom power 429 Freezy perch 446 Dark clown 721

    Clown fish