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  • The Wagga Wagga Advantage

    Wirefreebroadband established in Wagga Wagga fundamentally because we saw there was a sizeable market there for our services says Zaak Baala, Managing Director of Wirefreebroadband.

    But it was actually the Wagga Wagga City Council that approached us because they had identified the relatively poorer broadband service in Wagga Wagga as a major impediment to business, so I can say we wouldnt be here if it hadnt been for the Council

    So we looked at the market and discovered there is a significant demand which is not being met by the incumbent telcos.

    Having now established the necessary infrastructure in Wagga Wagga, we are in a very competitive position, so it is a very attractive regional market. We offer the same broadband speeds for a much lower cost, and we can deliver a much better service than fibre. For example, with our rapid deployment we can complete an installation within 48 hours!

    We have found Wagga Wagga to be a cohesive community which has allowed us to access the market easily and build the business.

    People are very friendly and welcoming. I like the feeling, and it is well positioned for us for both Sydney and Melbourne.

    Wagga Wagga Business Profile - telecommunications

    Wagga Wagga now offers broadband speeds equivalent to or better than what businesses

    can access in metropolitan centres, and at extremely competitive rates Zaak Baala, Managing Director, Wirefreebroadband.

    WirefreeBroadBand, Wagga Wagga

    Wirefreebroadband is one of the leading fixed wireless broadband companies in Australia. Since its expansion into Wagga Wagga in late 2009, it has revolutionised broadband services for Wagga Wagga businesses with symmetrical (download and upload) speeds of 100 Mb/s, equivalent or better than metropolitan broadband. This has been achieved through Wirefreebroadbands Fixed Wireless Next Generation broadband network which supports voice, data and real time application traffic including full-streaming video across multiple channels. Wirefreebroadband is currently providing this service at a substantially reduced cost to business compared with incumbent telecommunication carriers.

    Metropolitan Grade Broadband Speed for Wagga Wagga Businesses

  • Business Profile

    Wirefreebroadband is based in Melbourne from where it has grown significantly over the last 8 years to become a leading provider of fixed wireless broadband services. Wirefreebroadbands network infrastructure extends fixed wireless across the eastern seaboard and the Northern Territory. The company also provides state-of -the-art fibre broadband services.

    Ownership of its own fixed wireless broadband network is a key to the business model as it allows the provision of broadband services independent of the major telecommunication companies.

    The companys primary market is small to medium sized business. Currently the company employs 16 staff. The critical human resource needs are for Information Technology Engineers who specialise in wireless networking.

    Now that Wirefreebroadband is established in Wagga Wagga, there is no digital divide between Wagga Wagga based businesses and those operating in metropolitan areas says James Davis, Manager Economic Development, Wagga Wagga City Council.

    James Davis Manager Economic Development

    Wagga Wagga City Council Phone: 02 6926 9135 / 0437 761 493 Email: [email protected]

    Zaak Baala Managing Director

    Wirefreebroadband Phone: 03 8789 4949 / 0417 010 601

    Email: [email protected]u