WAG TECHNICAL COMMITEE - Gymnastics 2019-10-22آ  WAG TECHNICAL COMMITEE WAG TC Minutes March 2015...

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Transcript of WAG TECHNICAL COMMITEE - Gymnastics 2019-10-22آ  WAG TECHNICAL COMMITEE WAG TC Minutes March 2015...


    WAG TC Minutes March 2015 1

    Minutes of Meeting held on the 5th March 2015


    1.0 Attendance Heidi Rose , Tracy Holmes, Donna Grocott, Ben Barnard, Colleen Ballantyne, Karyn Murray, Regan Molyneaux, Rebecca House, Louisa Choi

    Apologies Amanda Duerloo 2.0 Acceptance of

    Previous Minutes Ben Barnard and Tracy Holmes

    3.0 Business Arising from Previous Minutes

    6.1.3Technical Committee Club Liaisons allocation KM – Club Liaison positions – HR emailed allocations to all members.

    • HR – Southwest

    • TH – Northwest, Batavia

    • RM – Vital, Swan Districts, Contemporary,

    • CB – Wongan, Kalajos

    • DG – Roleystone, Star-Mites

    • BB – Spirit, TJ’s, Stellar, Active

    • AD – NDGC, Jednorog, West Coast

    • RH – High Flyers, College Park 6.2 Festivals Planning Adelaide requested numbers for festivals from clubs – some confusion regarding Festivals and levels – HR to re-send copy of pamphlet to clubs. HR requested more information from clubs regarding email addresses for Admin, Head Coach and Judging Coordinator for each club. 6.3.2 Perth International

    • Australian Classic dates confirmed from GA.

    • HR submitted updated Board Agenda document to GWA. 6.4 WAG Playlists & ITunes Adelaide has setup iTunes on laptop in GWA office. BB and Adelaide to discuss.

    HR GWA Office to source BB and Adelaide Jackson (AJ)

  • WAG TC Minutes March 2015 2

    4.0 Strategic Focus / Risk Strategy

    4.1 Strategic Focus / Risk Strategy

    • Nothing scheduled for discussion this month

    5.0 For Decision Making

    5.1 State Team Action Plan Review – planning for dual roles

    • Discussion held and Action Plan document updated

    • Dual Roles discussed at length

    HR to update and circulate

    6.0 For Discussion 6.1 Review of Atlassian pages & use – see event planning

    • HR added all WAG TC members as users. HR to send instructions on basic use. 6.2 Review of NL Judge Feedback Session & Elite Open Training Session

    • NL Judge Feedback session was well attended by most clubs and went extremely well. Generally thought to be a good idea to run something similar each year

    • Elite Open Training session was held at WAIS prior to WAIS Colours competition – very well attended for short notice. Positive feedback received.

    6.3 GWA Request to Judge’s Committee

    • GWA Request for funds for New Gym equipment.

    • TH Discussed correspondence with RG regarding funding

    • HR – Money raised by the Judge’s Committee and TC should support JC funding decisions. JC has offered 15,000 unconditional and 15,000 to be repaid

    • Waiting for response from RG to be discussed at next JC Meeting

    • TC Happy with how things are progressing so far 6.4 Event Planning

    6.4.1 – WAG QC 1 – Elite

    • Tasks Allocated in Atlassian 6.4.2 – WAG NL 6 QC # 2 and # 3

    • Adelaide to send Checklist to BB

    • Tasks Allocated in Atlassian 6.4.3 – Winter Foundation Festival

    • HR and BB to meet with AJ regarding event – prior to AJ going on leave in April 6.5 Assigning TC Tasks


  • WAG TC Minutes March 2015 3

    6.5.1 – Talent Squad Assistant –NA. To be discussed in future. 6.5.2 – Awards Spreadsheet – CB & DG – checked by RH 6.5.3 – NL Selection Spreadsheet – CB to create new one for import – checked by DG 6.5.4 – Music Playlists – NL 7-10 QC #2 - BB – NL 6 QC #2 and QC #3 - RH – Club Levels 1 - RH – Loftus Challenge – to be decided at a later date – Team Pennants – to be decided at a later date – Club Levels #2 – to be decided at a later date

    7.0 For Noting 7.1 Technical Director Report Attached

    • Contacting GA Commission via Jill Wright

    • KM addressed whether information should go through Technical Director or through GWA / GA / Commission

    7.2 Coaching Co-ordinator Report No report 7.3 Judging Co-ordinator Report Attached

    • Advanced Judges course held 7.4 Event Co-ordinator Report Attached

    • Floor Managers Course held - Video was taken to go to Regions.

    • Excellent feedback, floor managers keen

    • Floor Managers organised for Trials 7.5 Elite Liaison Report Verbal report

    • Formal control test times judges – HR to email DJ and copy RM

    • Gymnast coming from NSW for control tests

    • RM has meeting regarding Spin to Win and whether there are initiatives that need to be added and will advise

    7.6 GWA Gymsport Section Report


  • WAG TC Minutes March 2015 4


    • KM has emailed LC and Vic and Qld may be interested in attending Autumn State Championships. – Schedule currently being worked on.

    7.7 Club Liaison Reports

    • None noted at this time

    8.0 Any Other Business


    9.0 Meeting Closed 10.15pm 10.0 Next Meeting May 7th 2015

  • WAG TC Minutes March 2015 1

  • WAG Technical Director

    March 2015 Report

    1.0 Events & Meetings  WAG Advanced Judging Course 7-8th February

     WAG Talent Squad 2014 Training #2 15th February

     GWA Awards Night Saturday 21st February

    o A big THANK YOU to Donna Grocott for preparing the WAG Montage.

     WAG Open NL 7-10 Judge Feedback Session 28th February

    o Very well supported by the Judges and Clubs.

    2.0 Communications & Completed Items

     Planning for 2015 NL 7-10 Judges Feedback Session (Saturday 28th February)  2015 Perth International Board Agenda item submitted  Re-review Talent Squad Budget (due to changes in plans/personnel)

     Circulated Music Process for 2015 to Clubs

     Signed MOU’s for NL 6 QC #2 & #3 and Elite QC #1 returned to GWA

    o Require clarification over financials section (Section 8.10).

     Advised GWA Operations of WAG Judging Fine exemptions for 2015

    o Reconfirming what was published at the WAG Forum in January

     Query to GA WAG TC regarding how to contact them. Reply received by Jill Wright.

    3.0 Outstanding Items

     Fully Documented Operational Plans for: o State Team (updated from March 2014 TC meeting) – March 2015 Agenda Item o Elite – needs to be updated from July 2014 meeting

     Minutes from Elite Forum meeting to be circulated to attendees o Require feedback from Regan Molyneaux regarding appropriate date for next Forum

     Re-review Talent Squad Budget – prior to Training #3

     ALP Choreography & Ballet program workshop with Stacey Umeh

     Updating/preparation workshops for FIG & Advanced Judges for NL 6

    o Delays in getting access to the Intermediate Judging course materials required

     Allocation of WAG TC tasks out to Committee members – March 2015 Agenda Item

    4.0 Coming up  WAG NL 6-10 QC #1 14-15th March

     Elite Control Test #1 (Qualification event) 21st March

     WAG NL 7-10 QC #2 27-29th March

     Elite QC #1 28th March

     Elite Control Test #2 (Qualification event) 4th April

     Elite Challenge #1 10-11th April

     NL 6 QC #2 & #3 11-12th April

    5.0 Items to Note  Discussion with Ruth Gibbons regarding

    o Communication with Clubs. Need to use all mediums to maximize engagement.

    o Clarification/question over dates for Australian Classic. Dates confirmed with Liz

    Chetkovich since.

  • WAG Coaching Coordinator

    MARCH 2015 Report

    Talent Squad training session 2 22ND February 2015 HBF Stadium 12.00pm – 3.30pm This was a great session although we had to combine 2 groups as we didn’t have the hall until 1pm. That was ok though as 2 coaches combined and helped the other out as we went around. The girls had a range of drills and progressions that will help them in their up and coming season. The same gymnasts attended and I could even see an improvement in them from last year. Thanks again to Ben for helping with the rotations of Groups and to Josh, Stacey, Claire and Skyla for doing a great job on their apparatus. Next Talent Squad will be April.  

  • WAG Judging Coordinator’s Report

    March 2015 Education .

     .Advanced course held on the 7th-8th March with 22 candidates. 15 judges passed and all received the 85% required to judge at Australian Championships. 6 judges have done a re-sit of the theory of which a further 4 have passed. 3 judges still to gain accreditation.

     A good turn out of judges to support the TC Open training/Control test.

     All FIG and Advanced judges have been advised that they must update prior to judging any NL 6 Qualifying competitions due to the changes with the ALP.

     NL 6 workshops to be held on Sunday 8th March and Tuesday 10th March. Any judges not