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Voyage Planet -Voyage Management Systems IEEE Projects And Application Projects Available at Migrant Systems,chennai

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  • 2. OVERVIEW OF PROJECT 2 Travelers around the world are planning their leisure at least once a year and they need assistance and guidance from a travel agent to find out a suitable package. Voyage Planet assists the agents in organizing the enquiries with the work load distribution, facilitates the travel agents on planning the client schedules, and helps to make reservations on vehicle, flight and hotels. Voyage Planet allocated the vehicle reservation from source to destination and hotel reservation at the destination place. These also assist the agents in finding the suitable hotels to the clients based on their economy and other requirements. It also stored details about hotels, vehicles, and drivers. In addition to this Voyage Planet reports the tour operator with his trip plan sheet. It is planned with report provision for their enquiries and finance for quick decision making.
  • 3. DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT 3 HARDWARE ENVIRONMENT System : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz. And Above Hard Disk : 40 GB. Monitor : 15 VGA Colour Ram : 1GB SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Operating System : Windows 7 Technology : Java/Servlet Web Technologies : Html, JSP, CSS Web Server : Apache Tomcat5.5 Database : MySQL Tool :Eclipse Helios
  • 5. DATA FLOW DIAGRAM 5 Level 0 Level 1
  • 6. 6 Level 2
  • 7. USE CASE 7
  • 10. MODULES Users of the system are authenticated by using this Login Module. All the employees created in Voyage Planet can login into the system. There are two types of users available in this system. An admin and the Employee. 10 Login Maintenance User Maintenance This module maintains the Employee with their personal details. These Employee can be of maintain by Admin . They should be add Employee, delete Employee and update Employee use Edit &Delete option. This Employee details are stored in these t_employee_master table.
  • 11. 11 This module maintains the vehicles with their owner details. These vehicles may be of two types, contract vehicle or company own vehicle. They should be add, delete and update vehicle use Edit &Delete option Vehicle Maintenance Hotel Maintenance Hotel Maintenance module maintains all the different kind of hotels available in the tour locations with their cost details and contact details. They should be add, delete and update Hotel use Edit &Delete option used by admin Plan Maintenance This module maintains the plans with their complete Schedules. These plan may be of two types, luxury or Economic, it contains plan name,no of days ,locations etc., We altered and change these plans depends upon the customers,But basically we have it different plans prepared by voyager.
  • 12. 12 Enquiry Maintenance This is the core module for voyage planet which is having the centralized control of tracking all enquires. This will display the enquires to the employee which was allocated by the auto assign module. By using this module employee can re assign or work on the assigned enquiry. This module additionally does three major activities, i) Trip Scheduling Enquiry available in the system after assign to employee will be in OPEN status. Once the employee is confirming their arrival then trip schedule on each day of the tour will be planned. This will cover the date of stay on each day. ii) Vehicle Allocation During enquiry number of persons planned for the tour is identified, and based on the number of persons available for tour and the need of the client available vehicles in our system will be allocated for an enquiry.
  • 13. 13 iii) Driver Allocation A Driver will be allocated in the system in this module. The available un allocated drivers between tour start and end date will be allocated to an enquiry. iv) Hotel Allocation Based on the number of persons rooms will be booked in different hotels. Client will stay at different tour locations based on their tour plan. Rooms will be of different types like single bed room, double and family suit. Based on the client requirement rooms will be booked. Auto Assign Module Auto assign module runs every one hour with the help of Windows Scheduling and map the not assigned Enquiry to an employee in round robin fashion. This Auto Assign module is planned to develop using core java program. In this model we assign the enquires to the employee in that allocated vehicel, hotel for particular customer
  • 14. Report Module will provide all different kind of reports which will ease management decision making. Trip sheet of the customer that contains customer details such as source and designation schedules and hotel booking at designation place. That trip sheet should be maintained by drivers of the particular customer 14 Report
  • 15. TESTING A test case normally consists of a unique identifier, requirement references from a design specification, preconditions, events, a series of steps (also known as actions) to follow, input, output, expected result, and actual result. Clinically defined a test case is an input and an expected result. Can be implemented with the same characteristics, and satisfies the needs of stakeholders. UNIT TESTING Unit testing is usually conducted as part of a combined code and unit test phase of the software lifecycle, although it is not uncommon for coding and unit testing to be conducted as two distinct phases. Test objectives All field entries must work properly. Pages must be activated from the identified link. The entry screen, messages and responses must not be delayed. 15
  • 16. 16 Features to be tested Verify that the entries are of the correct format No duplicate entries should be allowed All links should take the user to the correct page INTEGRATION TESTING Software integration testing is the incremental integration testing of two or more integrated software components on a single platform to produce failures caused by interface defects. The task of the integration test is to check that components or software applications, e.g. components in a software system or one step up software applications at the company level interact without error.
  • 17. REPORT 17
  • 18. CONCLUSION 18 In my project is based on reduce the manual effort using enquiry automation, maintaining hotel, driver, plan details and also maintain status update about the clients. It assists the agents in organizing the enquiries with the work load distribution, facilitates the travel agents on planning the client schedules, and helps to make reservations on car, hotel, and vehicle. This also assists the agents in finding the suitable hotels to the clients based on their economy and other requirements. It should be developed as voyage management system for Kamu Voyage. Further new aspect for project will be updated effectively by the next versions. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT E-mail notification Mobile alerts using smart phones Secure storage of password by encryption Optimized as well as more complex searches
  • 19. BIBLIOGRAPHIC 19 [1] Patrick Naughton, Herbert Scheldt. Java 2: The Complete Reference, third edition. The McGraw-Hill Companies, 1999. [2] Java Server Pages, Hans Bergsten, Shroff publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd. [3] Java Servers and Servlets, Peter Rossbach, Hendrink Schreiler, Low Price