Voyage: A Spiritual Travelogue of a Noble Soul

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Sh. Devinder Kumar( Addressed as 'Bauji' by his friends and associates) took to spiritualism almost a decade ago. After intense meditation and hard penance under the guidance of a spiritual teacher he was able to have vision of his soul and later on traversed on his way to the abode of almighty God after the realisation of his tenthe(spiritual) opening or DASAM DWAR. He narrated his all the various experiences in Punjabi to one of his friends which was published as "SAFAR" a few years ago.This document VOYAGE is the English translation of the same by me.

Transcript of Voyage: A Spiritual Travelogue of a Noble Soul

Voyage:a spiritual travelogue of a noble soulBy Sh. Davinder Kumar Ji

Translated By : Prof. Parminder S. Bhogal

Published By : Basant Singh, Santokh Singh #167-Partap Nagar, Amritsar (also available online at :


Translator's Note Translation of any text is a complex job. Apart from the languages, a sufficient familiarity with the cultural & thematic background of the text to be translated is also required. About a year ago, I had a chance meeting with Bauji as all his associates and friends address him. He has been so kind in holding my hand and in guiding me to get initial experiences of spiritualism through meditation. This was altogether a new dimension being added to my life. I was equally impressed by the unassuming and simple persona of 'Bauji' and the selfless mission on which he has been set by the Almighty Lord Himself. A few years ago, his associates had published a brief account of his mystical experiences all along the path up to the Almighty's Abode, in Punjabi language. According to him, through focused meditation & intense penance, the soul is able to travel from this mortal world right up to the Abode of God and be fused into the eternal light that HE is. One day during our meeting Bauji asked me to translate the above mentioned Punjabi text into English language for the benefit of all those who can't read Punjabi. I was surprised and submitted before him that I was the least competent to undertake the translation of such a text as I was still not much exposed to the world of mysticism. But he said that I must go ahead with a clear and dedicated mind and all the mysteries of the spiritual journey, as narrated by him, will go on unraveling themselves before me and find appropriate expression. It happened just like that and it is now before you. I hope that I have been able to do justice to the job that was entrusted to me by the noble soul. Readers may like to know that I am a student of social sciences (Politics) and my only other experience of translation (amateur) so far is the Punjabi translation of great African leader Nelson Mandela's voluminous autobiography Long Walk To Freedom ( Published by Punjabi University Patiala) which is originally in English. My special thanks to S. Kanwarjit Singh Sandhu (PPS), Mr.Raman Soni, Prof. (Mrs.) Anjali Soni & Mr. Sunny for all their co-operation and valuable inputs.March, 2011, Ludhiana. Prof. Parminder S. Bhogal [email protected]


Introduction Ever since my childhood, I have been inclined to visit religious places and be in the company of saints and ascetics. I always longed to come across an enlightened soul who would, one day, bless me with true knowledge and guide me on to the path of the abode of Almighty. Years later, in the year 2000, I ultimately came across a personality who is indeed in communion with God. This blessed soul has achieved an intimate enlightenment originating from the tenth (spiritual) opening of the human body. He has now taken it on himself as a mission to guide people to that ultimate truth and meditation of the holy syllabic sound (SHABD'). Whosoever comes to him for seeking the divine knowledge, he guides him/her to the path of truth, irrespective of the caste or religion and without any consideration. No one is asked to bow before him nor does he take on him any titles like 'Guru' or 'Baba'. He is in a government job and runs his livelihood from the salary that he gets and serves the people coming to him as SANGAT (people gathered for religious or spiritual purpose). He himself has remained in penance for about fourteen years and whatever knowledge and light the Almighty has bestowed upon him, he devotedly bestows the same to one and all who come to him looking for it . There are 2025 persons who have taken to the path of spirituality and at least ten amongst these have had the experience of vision of the threshold of Almighty's abode as well as the ultimate truth of their own souls. Here I am attempting to narrate the account of experiences of his vision while in deep meditation, as dictated to me by him.

Your Friend Basant Singh


Palace of God

Shiv Loke Yog Maya Mandal Tap MandalAxis of Eternal Light

Vishnu Loke Brahm Loke Yug Loke Yama Loke Pitr Loke Swarga (Paradise)

Narak (Hell) Mritu Loke Patal Loke

Just as stars are countless, in the same way all the various celestial regions (KHAND), circles (MANDAL), and cosmoses (BRAHMAND) created by the Almighty are infinite and eternal. Just as one has to pay toll while entering a city; similarly, by His order, while traversing through each of the circles one has to pay through HIS devoted meditation (SIMRAN). Here I am attempting to describe these circles created by the Almighty as directed by HIM. This is not at all an attempt to count these. I can never even dare to think about such an attempt.


Voyage There may not have been as wretched and sinful a person as myself. The story of my life is a story of complete change, a change of heart or metamorphosis after having experienced the climax of sinful extremes. In the year 1988 at the age of about 39-40 years I turned and began to explore such metaphysical issues, what is spirituality; what is God: What is this eternal light (JYOT)? What are all these countless life forms (AAND) cosmic regions (KHAND) and universes (BRAMAND)? From where have all these come and into what are these diffusing? Who am I, a puppet made up of five basic elements plus a soul? Who is the ultimate force behind all this? It is a voyage that starts from the mortal world and reaches up till the abode of Almighty. Ordained by the Almighty God, here I am narrating the same experiences as HIS own dog and nothing else. Various people get varying experiences, and no one's experience can be negated. However here I am narrating my experiences about the path that led me to the abode of the Almighty God. From 1988 1992, I remained in search of a worthy spiritual teacher (MURSHAD) who would lead me to an ultimate syllabic 'sound' (word) upon which I shall focus my meditation rather than focusing it on his(teacher's) own self , and also who would wean me away from worldliness (MAYA) and absolve me of the fear of death. During all these four years I meditated on the MOOL MANTRA (as given in Guru Granth Sahib), 'RAM-RAM', 'ALLAH-ALLAH' and 'WAHEGURU'. However I was clear about the ultimate fact that the Supreme Power of my quest is in the form of a light and is beyond the cycle of life and death. All the religious books that I had studied, irrespective of the differences of language and expression, convey the same message. While all agree that Almighty God is formless, some describe Him in the form of a light, some as holy flame (JYOT) while some others as a holy lamp (CHIRAG).


I thus prayed that I meet my worthy teacher (GURU or MURSHAD)who, instead of putting his own self in the focus of my meditation, may lead me on to the true path and bless me with a word of meditation, through which I be able to obtain knowledge of the DASAM DWAR or the tenth (spiritual) opening . At last in 1992 my wandering ended as one fine day I ultimately met my spiritual teacher or guide who said that he was just a fellow traveler and not a guru. He then steered me to the 'word' (SHABAD) which indeed was to be my guru and was to lead me to the tenth (spiritual) opening of the body. The knowledge that was imparted by Lord Krishna to Arjun in the sixth chapter of 'Geeta', the same was given to me by this spiritual teacher in a simple straight forward way and without any presumptions. Along with this he also delineated a 'code of conduct' for me to follow for the rest of my life. This code of conduct must get incorporated into one's nature as its integral part and should become the beacon of one's routine life. It is like various restrictive/preventive measures advised by a doctor along with a therapeutic prescription. This 'code of conduct' is as follows: For men, all women except one's wife are to be treated like one's mother. Similarly for women all men except one's husband are to be treated like her father. Livelihood must be earned honestly and conscientiously. The elders are to be respected and cared. Shun falsehood, deception and duality of character. Elders as well as youngsters should be given due regard. Women, irrespective of relation, are to be respected. Needy must be helped as per one's capacity. Nobody should ever be humiliated. Love all and serve sincerely with love and humility. Everyone should maintain one's own decorum of faith6

(MARYADA) and should respect the decorum of other's faith as well. Sun gaze meditation ( Suraj Abhyas ): I was so fond of Sun gazing in my childhood that I would often do it quite a long over. When I met my spiritual mentor and told him about my Sun gazing habit, he directed me do the same like this: Look at the Sun for a few moments, bow before it (NAMASKAR) and then sit aside with eyes closed for some time (may be ten minutes or so) in complete silence, keeping one's focus of mind at the nose tip. One should therefore do Sun gazing every day for a few moments ( as per one's capacity & keeping the safety of eyes in mind) one and a half hour after the Sun rise, and one and a half hour before Sun set and sit aside with closed eyes, silent, focused and composed. When I repeatedly went through this practice, I was able to have the vision of my soul present right in front of me. Laryngeal meditation (Kanth Abhyas): When the spiritual teacher leads to the ultimate syllabic sound (DHUNI) or word then one should meditate on the same from the larynx (KANTH) which is the center of throat. While thus meditating one's focus should remain on DASAM DWAR or the spot of tenth opening. It is not a physical opening but a spiritual one only (top most point of the human b