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Voting responses from both CaBA startup conferences. For each question, the first slide is the Yorkshire response, the second slide is London response.

Transcript of Voting north and south

  • 1. Interac(ve discussion Chairman Alistair Maltby The Rivers Trust Ca tchment B ased A pproach Partnerships f or Action
  • 2. 1/12. Who are you? 1. Catchment partnership lead / host 2. Partner in a catchment partnership 3. Would like to be in a catchment partnership 4. Providing support to catchment partnerships 5. Another interest / role in CaBA Yorkshire
  • 3. ou l An ot he ri to be nt er es t /r ol ei .. . C. .. Ca .. . a a to in ... Le .. tP p at ch m en tn er sh i Catchment Su pp or t lik e aC tP ar n in g d Pr ov id W ne ri ch m en o be in a Partnership pport to a Partnerships erest / role in Pa rt Ca t Partnership 56% London 17% 19% 8% 0%
  • 4. 2/12. What type of OrganisaEon are you from? (One answer only) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Rivers Trust Wildlife Trust Groundwork Environment Agency Central Government Local Government Community Group Academic Other NGO Private Sector Yorkshire
  • 5. O ctor Ri ve W rs ild Tru lif s t En G eT vi r ro ou rus Ce nm ndw t nt en o ra t A rk lG g Lo o en ca ve cy l G rn Co o me m ve nt m rn un m it en y t G ro A up ca de O m th i Pr er c iv N at G e O Se ct or st rust ork ent Agency overnment ernment ty Group 43% London 15% 13% 10% 6% 1% 5% 3% 3% 1%
  • 6. 3/12. Experience of Catchment Management (One Answer Only) 1. Ran a full Defra Assessed Pilot 2. Ran a 5K / un-assessed Pilot 3. Not involved in a pilot but catchment management is what we do 4. Some prior involvement in catchment management 5. Catchment management is a new acEvity for us Yorkshire
  • 7. (One Answer Only) 25% Defra Assessed Pilot / un-assessed Pilot ed in a pilot but management is what 20% 11% 5 K a Ra n a fu ll De fr a As se ss / ed un N ... ot -a ss in es vo se lv d ed So P. in .. m a e pi pr lo io tb ri u. nv Ca .. ol tc ve hm m en en tm ti ... an ag em en ti s.. involvement in management management is a new us Ra n 19% 18% London
  • 8. 4/12. Do you need training to help you deliver the Catchment-based Approach? (One Answer Only) Yorkshire 1. Yes, we need training in all aspects of catchment management 2. We would like training in some specialist areas 3. We dont need any training
  • 9. Catchment-based Approach? (One Answer Only) 57% need training in all of catchment ement uld like training in some st areas nt need any training London 17% ou ld g in in do n tn lik ee d e an tr a y in in ng ni tr ai ne ed e W W e w w e Ye s, tr a g in i.. . a. . 13%
  • 10. 5/12. How would you like training to be organised? (One Answer Only) 1. Training organised centrally based on user requirements, delivered around the country, and open to all catchment partnerships 2. We would prefer to organise our own training, but would like to oer this to other catchment partnerships too. 3. We will do our own internal training 4. We really dont need training Yorkshire
  • 11. 61% centrally based on user ivered at strategic locations y, and open to all rships o organise our own d like to offer this to other rships too. n internal training ed training London 19% ... tr a do n t n w n ro ly ou re al do W e ill w e W ee d or ga o ef er t pr ou ld w e W in te r. . . ... l.. ce nt ra se d an i or g ng ai ni Tr 1% 0%
  • 12. 6/12. What subjects in parEcular would you like to have training opportuniEes for? (Top three) 1. OrganisaEonal & administraEve e.g. governance & nance 2. Fundraising 3. CollaboraEve working in general 4. Specic stakeholder engagement & facilitaEon methods 5. Media & communicaEon 6. Water Framework DirecEve interpretaEon 7. Catchment science e.g. geomorphology, hydrology, specialist ecology 8. Survey methodologies 9. Data handling & visualisaEon e.g. GIS, mapping, data analysis 10. PracEcal river works / implementaEon of improvements Yorkshire
  • 13. rative matters like 57% London 49% 47% 44% 42% eneral gement & facilitation 41% 38% 31% 27% g ki n or w M ed i a & at iv bo r la Co l O rg an isa tio plementation of e na l & ad m in ion e.g. GIS, in . .. co Ca m tc m hm un ic en at ts io Da ci n ta en ha ce nd su lin ch g .. & vi su al is a. .. is. .. ve interpretation s geomorphology, ogy 32%
  • 14. 7/12. The policy framework establishes a steering group made up of naEonal representaEve bodies to support the catchment-based approach. (One Answer Only) 1. Content with the steering group and have aliaEon with a representaEve 2. Content with the steering group but do not have aliaEon with a representaEve 3. Not content with the steering group 4. Not aware of the steering group Yorkshire
  • 15. ch. What do you know about the group? (One Answer Only) 41% he steering group and with a representative he steering group but iliation with a London 18% ... . st ee rin st .. th e w ar e of th e ith ot a N N ot c on te nt w th e st ee rin ... ith w te nt Co n te nt w ith th e st ee rin ... 8% th the steering group he steering group Co n 14%
  • 16. 8/12. The steering group has idenEed mapping / GIS / data / IPR as a shared issue amongst catchment partnerships and has created a Catchment Data Users Group to work up a shared soluEon that will work for all catchment partnerships (One Answer Only) 1. We recognise this issue and support the idea of a shared soluEon 2. We recognise this issue but do not support the idea of a shared soluEon 3. We have not come across this issue but like the idea of a shared system 4. We have not come across this issue and dont support a shared system Yorkshire
  • 17. (One Answer Only) 67% his issue and support the d solution his issue but do not ea of a shared solution ome across this issue but a shared system ome across this issue and a shared system London ro ss ... ac no t ve ha W e W e ha ve no t co m e co m e ac ss ue is i th e re co gn is e W 0% ro ss ... b. . . a. ss ue is i th e re co gn is e W 8% 6%
  • 18. 9/12. Defra has provided funds for the steering group to provide central support to the partnerships unEl the end of the nancial year, including the helpdesk, forum and the learning workshops. (One Answer Only) 1. I expect to use the forum and ahend the learning workshops 2. I like the forum but dont think I will ahend the learning workshops 3. I am not sure I will use the forum but am interested in the learning workshops 4. I dont think that I will use either Yorkshire
  • 19. (One Answer Only) 53% e forum and attend the ps ut dont think I will attend shops l use the forum but am earning workshops I will use either London 16% us ... w ill us e tI ill th a Iw Id on t t hi n k ts ur e no m Ia 1% th ... t. .. do n bu t th e ik e Il Ie xp ec t to us e fo ru m th e fo ru m ... 7%
  • 20. 10/12. What other centralised support do you think will be needed in the future? (MulEple Answers) 1. A framework to integrate with second cycle WFD, and future river basin planning cycles 2. Networking and learning between catchment partnerships 3. RepresentaEon of CaBA partnerships with government & its agencies 4. Training opportuniEes for catchment management 5. Fundraising & distribuEon of funds 6. FacilitaEng acEviEes where there are economies of scale from catchment partnerships working together 7. CommunicaEon about CaBA 8. Networking with naEonal organisaEons & sectors e.g. Ofwat 9. Something else 10. I dont think that central support is needed Yorkshire