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Transcript of Voc Rehab & 4+ Program Updates ... Voc Rehab –Local School Plan • Please connect with...

  • Voc Rehab & 4+ Program Updates 10.8.2019 Vitals for Transition Zoom

  • Voc Rehab new consent form

    Starting July 1, 2019, Voc Rehab must now have signed consent from parents BEFORE providing any Pre-ETS with students.

    ◂ This includes ALL students, even those that were worked with last year.



  • Local School Plan

    1. Ask your VR counselor or district for a copy of the plan

    2. If it’s not created yet, ask if you can be part of the process.

    3. Bottom line: how does that impact your students?



  • . Voc Rehab – Local School Plan

    • Please connect with your Voc Rehab counselors - each school has a VR Local School Plan

    • Do you know what days the VR Counselor is in your district?

    • Updated list of VR Counselors for 2019-2020 year on MSF website


  • Local School Plan – continued…

    • Do you know what PreEts services VR is providing for your students?

    • Are your VR Counselors invited to attend IEP meetings for select students?

    • Check with Special Ed Teachers on status of signed consent for VR services

    • Collaborate with VR Counselors on any assessments they can share with the IEP team!


  • VR – IEP Statement

    ◂ Page F under the Activities Tab, ◂ Select LINKAGES and use this statement:

    ◂ ***** should connect with IVRS staff to receive pre-employment transition services while in high school.


  • VR – IEP Statement

    NEW this Year: Once student/parent have signed consent, add this instead:

    ◂ **** and parent/guardian have signed consent with Voc Rehab on xx/xx/xxxx to receive pre-employment transition services while in high school

    (can also mention VR in Courses & Activities on Page B too!)


  • . What are 4+ Programs?

    Participation in a 4+ programs is an IEP team decision.

    4+ programs are intended to give students vocational and life skills that will increase independence in adulthood.

    The student remains on the home district special education roster so the school pays for the tuition, fees, and special education support.


  • . What are 4+ Programs? (con)

    There are multiple 4+ options for students in Iowa, yet each program has its own unique design.

    Districts do not have to support specific programs, so obviously location to districts is an important consideration.

  • ◂ Determine if the services that the student needs, based on their IEP, can be met within the local district

    ◂ Can the COS be changed to give additional vocational classes in their area of interest? (CNA, welding, etc)

    ◂ If the student’s schedule does not accommodate these classes, can they return for an additional semester or two?

    ◂ Could the student benefit from an STW program to learn employability skills and job exploration?

    The IEP team determines if unmet vocational needs cannot be met through high school programming.

    When to consider 4+ programs


  • 4+ Program key points

    IEP team recommendation ◂ Conversation

    should begin no later than the start of their junior year - - and document in “OTHER.” 

    Criteria: ◂ Completed

    necessary credits but has unmet vocational needs/goals

    ◂ Good attendance

    ◂ Mandatory study times

    Guidelines ◂ Use Transition

    Rubric ◂ Has adequate

    independent living skills

    ◂ Has socially responsible behavior


  • 4+ Program Responsibilities


    District’s responsibilities (document in IEP in OTHER!)

    • Pays for tuition, room & board or mileage, books, and

    in some cases, tools, but then they belong to school

    • Graduation date is MOVED to the completion of 4+


    Remember… 4+ are NOT a scholarship program!

  • 4+ Program Responsibilities


    Student/parent responsibilities (document in OTHER !)

    • High School Book fee

    • Dorm Deposit

    • Basic supplies

    • Weekend meals/transportation

    NOTE: The IEP team recommendation does NOT

    mean automatic acceptance into the 4+ program!

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