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  • 1. Vladimir Proppcharacters have a narrative function,they provide a structure for the text

2. Vladimir Propp was born in 1895 in Russia. Hewas a media theorist who analysed over 100folk tales and realised that certain charactersappear repeatedly in all the tales. His theory is useful because it avoids treatingcharacters as if they are individuals andreminds us that theyre merely constructs.Some characters are involved just to progressthe narrative. 3. These recurring characters are ones such asthe: Hero (or heroine) Villain The gift giver The sender The false friend The helper The damsel in distress. 4. Most folk tales and Superherofilms contain the majority of thecommon Proppian characters,most notably the heroes andvillains, This is because therewould be no need for a superheroif there was nothing to fightagainst/ for. 5. Star Wars VI: Return Of The Jedi Hero Luke Skywalker Damsel in Distress Princess Lela The Helper Han Solo The Villain Darth Vader The Sender Obi Wan The Gift Giver - Yodahttp://matttrailer.com/star_wars_episode_vi_return_of_the_jedi_1983 6. In different genres such as comedy films, Proppiancharacters still occur but not all of the same ones appear.In the trailer for the hangover, there are the heroes suchas the 3 main protagonists and the villain who is MrCheung who kidnapped their friend Doug. Doug in thiscase would be the Damsel in Distress which is strangebecause in most cases the damsel in distress in usually afemale as they are seen as the more dependant gender.Also Dougs wife would be the sender in this case as theyare getting married so he is sent on a stag party.http://www.cinemagia.ro/trailer/marea-mahmureala-the-hangover-3185/ 7. Friday 13th (2009) In Friday 13th the clearProppian character type isthe Villain who is themurderer of the film. Thereare also a set of victims whowould make up the DamselIn Distress roles. This isdifferent towards othergenres as there isnt a clearhero or knight in shiningarmour seen in the film,instead the villain is seen aspowerful and unstoppable.This helps create fear in theaudience. 8. The characters which appear most in filmtrailers no matter what genre are the heroesand the villains. This is due to the fact that itmakes the film involve some form ofcompetition which makes the film moreinteresting for the viewer to watch. It alsofollows tradition from books and fairy-tales.There is usually a damsel in distress of somesort, but it isnt a necessary component.