Visual Unity Global • Web Seminar • #4 • Corporate Overview

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• Download the native PowerPoint slides, or view this presentation on • Here is the forth presentation from our '14 seminar series. • In this presentation we provide an overview of Visual Unity Global and our service portfolio. This year our marketing department stepped-up its game once again, and completely redesigned our corporate presentation to better communicate the stellar capabilities of our vuMedia™ platform, and adjacent services.

Transcript of Visual Unity Global • Web Seminar • #4 • Corporate Overview

  • Confidential 2014 Page1 LosAngeles OttawaSaoPauloMunichPragueMoscow IstanbulDubaiBangkokHongKongNairobi VisualUnityGlobal CorporateOverview GabrielDusil ChiefMarketing& Corporate Strategy Officer
  • Confidential 2014 Page2 VisualUnityGlobalCorporateOverview DownloadtheRecordedVideoPresentation ortheNativePowerPointSlides,here:
  • Confidential 2014 Page3 End-to-endOTTPlatform &MultiscreenSolutionProvider OTT &Broadcast Products Services
  • Confidential 2014 Page4
  • Confidential 2014 Page5 Computing Entertainment Communication
  • Confidential 2014 Page6 Multiscreen Development Broadcast Services BridgingBroadcasttoMultiscreenSolutions WeService Traditional Broadcasters WeEnable Multiscreen Delivery WeBridge Content totheInternet
  • Confidential 2014 Page7 Awards&Achievements
  • Confidential 2014 Page8 TechnicalPositioning Technical &MarketPositioning MarketPositioning Thought leadershipin online videoservices Multi-cultural & Multi-lingual solutions BigEnoughtoDeliver, SmallEnoughto Listen Successful reference accounts 22+ yearsBroadcast &15+ yearsInternet Videoexperience Awardwinningmobile deliverytechnology Trueend-to-end,& modular videoplatform FlexibleDeliverables: In- house,cloud,orhybrid
  • Confidential 2014 Page9 OTT& Multiscreen Solutions PlatformSolutions CloudServices ProfessionalServices Design,Build&Support ProjectManagement Consulting SystemIntegration SaaSPaaS
  • Confidential 2014 Page10
  • Confidential 2014 Page11 Contribute ConsumeCreate DeliverManage CDNAgnostic SaaS PaaS
  • Confidential 2014 Page12 Broadcast Web Film Video Image DB Audio Disc Scheduler Live VoD Metadata Transcode Profiles Bitrate Frame Rate Dashboard Analytics Report ManagementRelationship Recommendation Search Rate LinkShield GeoIP DRM Gateway Payment Ads Adaptive Optimized Live Streaming Tiered Storage Portal Player Apps eShop Responsive STB Social Secure Library Search Create Contribute Manage Deliver Consume SaaS PaaS
  • Confidential 2014 Page13 Consulting OTT architecture Design,Build&Support Broadcast Design Media Management ProfessionalServices SystemIntegration End-to-End Implementation Software Development Service Level Agreements Software Maintenance ProjectManagement Project Planning Troubleshooting Best Practices Risk ManagementCompliance Advisory Services Severity Management Best-in-class Partners Optimization Interfaces StandardizationMonitoring Installation Training
  • Confidential 2014 Page14 Clients
  • Confidential 2014 Page15 Partners
  • Confidential 2014 Page16 Award-winning Platform & Solutions Turnkey Broadcasting OTT & Multiscreen Multiscreen Solution Provider 60+ staff 30% in-house developers OTT & Internet Video Expertise Media & Broadcast Products & Services CorporateOverview Years Broadcast Experience 22+ Years of Internet video experience 15+ Global Offices 11 Million USD 13 Revenue 6.4 OTT = Over the top content. These are services that use an internet connected device to an existing ISP service to deliver content
  • Confidential 2014 Page17
  • Confidential 2014 Page18 VisualUnitybridgesthegapbetweenlinearbroadcast, ITandIPTVtohelpclientsreachandengageaudiences onanyscreen.Since1991,theteamhasbeendesigning anddeliveringturnkeybroadcastandcomplex multiscreensolutionsworldwidefromHDoutside Broadcast(OB)vehiclesandmajorplayoutfacilitiesto liveinternetstreamingandVideoonDemandservices. VisualUnitysaward-winningvuMediaTM platform helpsbroadcastersandcontentownerscontrolhow theirbrandandassetsaremanagedandmonetizedin themultiscreenenvironment.Highlyscalableand flexible,vuMediaTM deliversacutting-edgeliveviewing experienceontheweboranymobileorconnected deviceallofwhichcanbedeployedintoexisting workflowsandbusinessprocesses. VisualUnityisanOTTPlatformandMultiscreen ServiceProvider,enablingglobalclientstodeliver premiumqualityvideocontent.Ourclientscan measure,analyzeandoptimizetheirlibrariesover timeandachieveoptimalbusinesssuccess.Our vuMediaplatforminspireclientstodeploytheir contentacrossmultipledevices,screens,and platforms.VisualUnityhelpsclientsmanage,deliver andmonetizetheirdigitalassets. NaHrebenechII1718/8,Prague4,14700,Czech Republic Tel:+420271742111 Fax:+420271742112 WhoisVisualUnity?