Visual COBOL helps deliver the goods for OM Logistics

Visual COBOL helps deliver the goods for OM Logistics

Transcript of Visual COBOL helps deliver the goods for OM Logistics

Visual COBOL helps deliver the goods for OM Logistics

How modernization made the difference for OM Logistics

Improved developer efficiency by 30%

Leverages the latest industry-standard IDEs

Mobile application developed to access COBOL systems

Easy-to-use tools to develop, maintain and modernize applications

About OM LogisticsINDUSTRY: Logistics and transportation

CORE APPLICATION: OM Track & Trace Application


OM Logistics is India’s only leading

multi-modal logistics company with

single-window integrated logistics

services, covering all elements of

supply chain management.

The organization manages the flow of

goods from origin to end user via road,

air, rail and warehouse. With a focus

on ‘just-in-time’ deliveries, the service

must be highly organized and fast,

which requires significant IT support.

Its logistics service caters for

500 clients in the corporate and

multinational automobile industries,

including Hero Honda, General Motors

and Yamaha.

OM Logistics has previously worked

closely with Micro Focus to create its

bespoke OM Track & Trace Application.

This COBOL-based Enterprise Resource

Planning (ERP) system supports the

company’s core business modules

including accounting, reporting,

warehousing, HR and payroll, and

consignment tracking.

OM Logistics’ outdated character-based, command

line development technology was difficult to

modify. It needed a more productive application

development toolset with modern, industry-

standard usability that would enhance its

investment in powerful COBOL-based applications.

OM Logistic’s clients expect consignment tracking

technology, and so modernizing their mobile

app was also on OM’s list. With the additional

requirement to re-use and enhance their mission-

critical applications on a new business platform,

OM Logistics realized that Visual COBOL was the

suitable solution.

Unloading the challenges

A smooth journey to modernizationCHOSEN TECHNOLOGY: Visual COBOL for Eclipse, COBOL Server

PREVIOUS TECHNOLOGY: Micro Focus Server Express

With Visual COBOL for Eclipse, OM

Logistics can now create and develop

enterprise class applications that run

on many platforms, including Unix,

Linux, JVM and the Cloud.

By re-using rather than rewriting, OM

Logistics’ existing COBOL business

rules now take advantage of modern

technologies, such as PHP. These

renewed business rules enable a fast

but low risk approach to innovation.

Re-using existing code has improved

customer applications, including an

immediate ‘virtual connect’ upgrade.

OM Logistics now has the ability

to move towards mobile and Cloud

development. Visual COBOL’s

flexibility provides OM Logistics with

the power to reinvent applications.

Greater developer productivity gains

and the ability to easily deliver higher

levels of performance, capacity and


Signed, sealed, delivered

We recognized that Visual COBOL would help us move towards mobile and Cloud development. I estimate its use has improved development efficiency by around 30%.

“We now have a new, more flexible and cost-effective platform for development and we can support new interfaces and technologies quickly and easily. It was a win-win situation for us moving to Visual COBOL.”

Mr S.K. Goel

Vice President of Information Technology, OM Logistics

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