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MY late night work for college work so its costs...... really presented nicely and 75% we understanding through visuals. It includes each letter description of V -VOCABULARY,I- ILLUSTRATIVE........JUST see n visualize it...Ease to Understand the TIP=Topics,Issues,Portions.

Transcript of VISUAL AIDS [ V.A.]

  • are an important factor in a successful engineering presentation & as a speaker, one should give careful consideration to ones approach to Visual Aids. 75%-What we see comes to us visually. V- Vocabulary I- Illustrative A- Abstract S- Simple I- Image analysis U- Understandable D- Dictative A- Arouses interest S- Slides L- Lucid
  • Visual Aids can make Ideas clear , concise and understandable. It clears all facts & details. We can easily get clear idea about what the matter is. It clarifies Doubts, an Ease-to-understand. By seeing the Photos one easily understands its mechanism. V.A.s can make ones Speech more explanatory, easy and interesting. It helps the Orator to make his speech more interesting and possible to take into view and direction get through the speech fluently.
  • Saves ones TIME & Efforts in narrating and interpreting complex ideas. The verbal conversation needs much time, focus, deep exploring of ideas, is boring & tiring. So V.A.s allow good Impact, Effect on mind & saves Time & Efforts. V.A.s can make addition to your Personal Credibility and Impression. Your listener gets impressed if you utilize time and energy obviously on making speech interesting, understandable in a apt manner. Upgrades your credit and its a Success.
  • Handouts are permanent records. They help a person to remember things. Once its given, is difficult to draw audiences attention. Distributing in a Lecture is preferable as its of an hour or two.
  • A VIDEO is a great Visual Aid and Attention grabber. As due to Audio, speaker is speechless. If its an exciting one, speaker seems boring. Always show Short video clips.
  • o Slide projectors o PowerPoint presentations o OverHead Projectors {OHP} o Computer Assisted presentations. Computer Assisted are most advanced & technologically sound but less reliable due to technical breakdowns, which are not uncommon today. The more u SEE , The more u KNOW