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Extracts From - South-Indian Images of Gods and Goddesses - By Krishna Sastri - 1916 edition

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  • 1.VISHNU49FIG. 3T. Parthasarathi teaching the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna ;Pushpagiri.

2. VISHNU 71his soul may becomepure and depart in peace. The gift ofSaligrama stones to Brahmanas is considered one of the mostmeritorious acts and is as highly prized as the presentationof gold itself. Strictly religious people never sell or pur-chase Saligramas but only acquire them by gift or by transfer.Of the sectarian Vaishnavas of the South, viz., the Srl-Vaishnavas and the Madhvas, the latter show greater respectto the Saligrama stones than even for sculptured images ofVishnu.