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Presented by Or Sereiparinha Phan Chhunlong Student from Panhasastra University of Cambodia (PUC)

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  • 1. Presented byOr Sereiparinha Phan Chhunlong

2. VPN 3. Introduction What is VPN? Virtual Private Network is a type of private network that uses public telecommunication, such as the Internet, instead of leased lines to communicate. 4. VPN & Non-VPN Virtual Private NetworkNon - Private Network Advantages of private and global internet Privatization is done by leased line Cost inefficient Completely isolated network from world Unsecured connection Costlier 5. How VPN Works ? 6. Tunneling What is Tunnel? VPN technology Maintaining a logical network connection The process of placing an entire packet 7. VPN Tunneling Protocol Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Widely support among Window users PPTP is faster Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Data integrity Developed by Microsoft and Cisco Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Multiple related protocols Complete VPN protocol solution 8. L2TP PPTP - IPSec 9. Types of VPNs Remote access VPN To establish secure connection Client software Intranet VPN Link corporate headquarters remote offices Reduces WAN bandwidth & Connect new sites easily Extranet VPN Link customer, suppliers, partner of interest to corporate intranet Over a shared using dedicated connection 10. How it work ? 11. Firewall Firewall ? Provides network security Prevents attacks and secures your data Two approaches to using firewall with VPN server VPN server in front of the firewall VPN server behind the firewall 12. Server in front & behind firewall 13. Server in front & behind firewall 14. mVPNWhat is mVPN? Mobile device with access to network resources and software application on their home network 15. Advantages & Disadvantages AdvantagesDisadvantages Security issues Solution relies on an ISP Product & Solution from different vendor, compatible due to issues with VPN technology standardSecurity Reliability Cost Saving Scalability 16. 5mn Before Demo ?