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Viet Au


Who we areViet Au (VA) is humble trusted business partner. We are here to work with our partners who are the high-fliers in their respective industry. VIET AU The borderless success The company name means Vietnam and Europe. There are hundred ways of explaining it. At our Viet Au, we are trying to building up a culture amongst staff, clients, and partners there is BORDERLESS of Vietnam and Europe. VIET AU The borderless business partner We have the experience to bridge the success from Europe to Asia as we are what we are today, a borderless business partner who look beyond a limited scope of roles and solutions to make an tailored offer to our partners.

VIET AU The borderless vision Our vision is to create the local champion by which all of our partners in the projects will benefit.2

Our ActivitiesOld people here always say only old friend can do business together but this will take years to engage. It requires much of both passion and patient. That is why we are very different in our approach to get the deal done here. Enable us to talk Conduct the same language Studies 1 with our partners Bring local and international partners through network of 2 senior executive

Industry NetworkingFind a right business model the current context

Solution Sketching 3Implement the Business business model 4 facilitating through setting up companies/JV/M&A

Financial advisory and Deal 5 business following-up servicing


Where we areSingapore is inarguably one of the business business hub of Asia. Meanwhile, Vietnam, with its deeper integration into the world economy, has her attractiveness of business resources which are ready for success-proven business to growth here.

VA Vietnam

Industry Research Team Project Developer Team Business Facilitating Team Project Legal TeamVietnam

VA SingaporeSingapore

Financial Advisory Team Project Advisory Team Legal Advisory Team Marketing Team


Ongoing projectsAgriculture Projects PORK Dong Nai Integrated Supply Chain for Pork Quality for international export BLACK TIGER SHRIMP Soc Trang Largest Supply from VietnamPARTNERS in FEED

PANGA Mekong Delta Sustainable Panga Supply Chain CHICKEN/EGG




Ongoing projectsEnvironment Energy


Real Estate


Contact Us

VIET AU VA Vietnam Floor 17, 19-25 Nguyen Hue, district 1 Hochiminh City, Vietnam Tel: +84. 8. 3821 7324 Fax: +84. 8. 3821 7319

VIET AU VA Singapore 8 Eu Tong Sen street, #15-93 Central Building Singapore 059818 Tel: +65. 6536 8286 Fax: +65. 6536 0811


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