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  • 1. Video PodcastingEDUC 515

2. Questions so far 3. Agenda Questions Linking les Adding plugins to blog Video Podcasting screen capture Vlog it Video Cue Video Podcast Assignment Final Class Assignment 4. Launch FireFTPCopy URL of leAdd Media Button Paste the File URL Link is embedded in Post Publish Embedding Podcasts 5. Plug-InsAdding a plug-in to your blogs gives you theability to do more.Podpress - allows you to embed podcast les in your blog posts. 6. Dinner Break 7. Screen Captures Ability to create short tutorials for your students to 8. Assignment Using Jing, create a screen capture podcaston how to write a blogpost. Needs to include:Narration Music At least one Sound Effect.Then Upload and embedin your blog. 9. Video Podcasting Vlog IT VideoCue 10. Assignment ReCreate your introduction Podcast in to a Video Podcast. Needs to include:Video of you Music One Still ImageTitleLower Third Graphic 11. Final Project Standards Based Blog Post which includes the following:Standards: NETS and ContentPodcast (audio or Video)Link to 3 different websitesAn assessment pieceRubric.