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Presentation by Darren Westlake, Co-Founder of Crowdcube

Transcript of VFB 2013 - Seed and Startup Funding - Crowdcube

  • 1. The problem Q1 2013 showed the lowest ever level of use of external finance by SMEs SME Finance Monitor, Aug 13 Access to finance is a major barrier to growth for more than one in five small companies FT, Mar 12 Less than one in five SMEs have attempted to raise finance in the last year with 40 per cent of applications rejected RealBusiness, Sept 13

2. The solution What is Crowdcube?Crowdcube is the worlds first and leading equity crowdfunding platform giving entrepreneurs a new way to raise investment; and..enabling everyday people to invest in exciting start-up and high-growth businesses in exchange for equityFully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 3. The solution 4. Success so far16 millionStage of Growthfunded so far>50,000 members2,800By Category180,000average investmentaverage deal1.9 million biggest deal250,000 largest single investmentSuccessfully funded deals80+ 5. Case studies 6. What are the benefits? New way to raise finance Financial return UK wide investor reach Armchair Dragon Easier to promote Support friends and family Cost effective Participation Marketing effect Lower/spread risk Crowd feedback Simple to invest 7. Thanks! Questions? @Crowdcube www.crowdcube.com