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Transcript of Vetstreet - Covetrus Software Services focused on improving the relationship between veterinarians...

  • Optimize your practice’s performance1

    Vetstreet Optimize your practice’s performance

  • Optimize your practice’s performance2

    At Vetstreet—the leading provider of integrated veterinary marketing solutions—we are 100% focused on improving the relationship between veterinarians and the pet owners they partner with in caring for pets.

    You became a veterinarian for one simple reason: You love animals. Your clients share that same love for their pets.

    Our commitment to you

    Strengthen your online presence

    Grow revenue

    Improve compliance

    Increase patient visits

    Build client loyalty

    Reach more clients

    Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance2

  • Optimize your practice’s performance 3

    Improve compliance

    Postcard reminder: With multiple unique design options, our postcards keep you top of

    mind with clients.

    Email or text reminder: Sending automated emails and texts

    offers a convenient way to remind your clients and helps ensure

    your practice is part of your clients’ pet health plan.

    HealthyPet® magazine: Educational, informative, and geared specifically toward pet owners, this healthcare

    reminder magazine features a customizable 4-page cover wrap with

    messages and coupons, as well as your logo and staff photo.

    Our Premier Reminder System offers three great communication tools that will have your clients visiting your practice more often. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

    Vetstreet Premier Reminder System




    — Wendy S. Myers for Vetstreet

    “You should expect a 70% response rate once clients receive first, second, and third reminders.”*

    3Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance

  • Optimize your practice’s performance4

    The first thing a prospective client will check when seeking out a veterinary practice is its online reputation. Reviews on social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google+ are overtaking word-of-mouth as the best source for practice recommendations. Is your reputation at risk?

    Vetstreet’s unique Social Engagement Solutions program lays the foundation for building a stellar practice reputation. It starts with Thank You Emails and includes:

    Social Engagement Solutions

    • Smart surveys • Reviews

    • Social sharing • Customization & personalization • Targeting list of services, codes,

    and descriptions

    Increase patient visits

    Source: Local Consumer Review Survey

    79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

    Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance4

  • 5Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance

    Vetstreet’s Social Engagement program is a multi-faceted online marketing and management tool that allows your practice to work through a single dashboard to update your business listings and respond to reviews on multiple sites like Google+, Yelp, Facebook, and others.

    Social Engagement

    Our reputation experts will partner with your practice to monitor and manage your practice’s online reputation. We’ll determine the best responses to reviews, craft custom replies to every review on your behalf, and alert your practice when each new review is posted.

    Review Management

    Vetstreet experts make sure that your practice’s listings on top social sites are optimized. This service helps customers find your practice online and ensures that your practice’s list of services, hours of operation, and phone number are correct.

    Social Media Optimization

    Strengthen your online presence

    79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

    Source: Placeable

    of consumers lose trust in brands due to inaccurate

    local business listings.


    Source: TripAdvisor

    of consumers say that a business’s response to

    reviews helps them decide whether they are going to patronize that business.


  • 6 Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance

    It’s easy for things to get lost in an inbox. With Vetstreet’s personalized emails and texts for Appointment and Healthcare Reminders, your practice’s messages will get noticed. Pet owners receive automatic reminder emails and texts that are branded to your practice.

    Appointment & Healthcare Reminders

    Easy and effective

    • Automated: You can keep working while your clients keep their appointments.

    • Ready-to-use: Email templates are designed to grab attention in crowded inboxes.

    • Personalized: Clients receive messages addressed specifically to them and their pets.

    • Convenient: Clients can confirm an appointment with one simple click or text.

    Value to your practice

    • Your staff has fewer calls to make about unconfirmed and missed appointments.

    • Your clients remember to keep their appointments.

    • Your business revenue grows.

    Reach more clients

    Sources: Connect Mogul, Velocity

    Most text messages are read within 3 minutes, with a 45% response rate.

  • Optimize your practice’s performance 7

    — Scott Denhart, Office Manager, Eastown Animal Hospital, Des Moines, IA

    “Our practice had been looking into options for text messaging, and when Vetstreet launched its program we were one of the first to sign up. Compliance has increased across the board, particularly in wellness care and parasite prevention. We’ve updated our reminder codes so clients receive texts not only about making appointments for exams and vaccines but also about picking up things like heartworm and flea & tick preventives.”

    Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance 7

  • 8 Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance

    Complimentary Partner Programs

    Vetstreet’s Complimentary Partner Programs provide unique opportunities for your practice to increase client traffic and revenue through targeted marketing. We partner with top animal health companies to provide your clients with exclusive product offers.

    Grow revenue

    These programs educate and engage your clients by:

    Encouraging return visits to your practice

    Increasing compliance

    Driving purchases of products/services

    Enhancing client engagement and excitement

    Educating clients on the importance of routine preventive care

  • Optimize your practice’s performance 9Vetstreet - Optimize your practice’s performance 9

  • Optimize your practice’s performance10

    Be your clients’ #1 resource for pet health information, and ensure your practice is top of mind in case of emergency.

    Value for your clients Value for your practice

    Pet ID cards

    Pet ID cards provide a valuable resource and keepsake for your clients. For your convenience, Pet ID cards are completely automated and sent by Vetstreet on behalf of your practice. Clients who carry Pet ID cards maintain a constant connection with your practice.

    • Practice information always handy

    • Accurate pet health information easily accessible for traveling, boarding, and emergencies

    • Convenient way to show pet photos to friends and family

    • Personalizes the veterinarian–pet owner experience with a show of thoughtfulness and generosity

    • Provides a valuable resource for loyal clients

    • Drives office visits with vaccination schedules and exam dates

    Build client loyalty

  • Optimize your practice’s performance 11

    — Laurie Schmidt, Indianapolis, IN

    “Our vet gave us Pet ID cards, and with nine pets they are just wonderful! They help me remember all the different due dates. For the dogs, it’s great to keep the cards in my purse and when we go to the groomer or any place that needs proof of vaccination we have these cards to show. It‘s also nice that they are personalized with each pet’s photo. I love these cards and love our vet for giving them to us!”

    — Laurie Schmidt, Indianapolis, IN

  • Optimize your practice’s performance12

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