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Idealist Consulting explores the basics of Vertical Response.

Transcript of Vertical response 101

  • 1. Vertical Response 101

2. Presenter: Cat MonaghanSolutions Analyst 3. Agenda Introduction Creation of email campaign Q&A 4. Introduction Email marketing solution Freestanding or SF integrated10K emails/month free for NPOs 5. Vertical Response Pricing(beyond 10K/month)Number sent Price per emailPrice per 1,0001-1,0000.01275$12.751,001-2,5000.01105$11.052,501-25,0000.0102$10.2025,001-50,000 0.0085 $8.5050,001-100,000 0.00722 $7.22100,001-500,0000.00638 $6.38 6. Sending email with VR3 basic steps:Create email youre sendingCreate list of people youre sending toSchedule and send email 7. Create email in VR3 Options:Use VRs native email wizardWYSIWYG editor (for modifying existing HTML code)Freeform HTML (for importing existing HTML code)Text only 8. Create contact list in VR3 Options:Create Query and List within VRLink to Salesforce CampaignImport list of contacts directly from Excel csv 9. Typical integrated VR ProblemsNo global unsubscribeNo general list mgmtApp is slow and sized oddlyData storage within SF can be an issueVR is owned by one SF user 10. VR Analytics in SFStandard: Sent, Opens, Clicks, Bounced, UnsubscribesSocial shares: FB, LinkedIn, TwitterTop performing clicks in emailSyncs back to the SF record:- Updates will appear on the VR Email History Lead & VR Email HistoryContact sections of your Leads & Contacts page layout.-For Campaigns mailing lists, the Campaign History and Email Opt-Out fieldwill be updated.-For Mass Email mailing lists, the Email Opt-Out field will be updated. 11. Questions? 12. info@idealistconsulting.com800.889.8675