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  • Venus Factor - Fat Loss for Women - Fat Loss Recipes PREVIEW

    BreakfastWhole Wheat Vanilla Pancakes cup whole wheat flour1 Tablespoon sugar teaspoon baking powder teaspoon baking soda teaspoon salt1 egg cup vanilla yogurt cup water1 Tablespoon oil (canola, grape seed or rice bran oil) teaspoon vanilla extract

    Directions:Whisk together the whole wheat flour, sugar, baking powder and soda and salt in one bowl and make sure there are no lumps. In another bowl whisk together the egg, yogurt, water, oil and vanilla. Combine the wet and dryingredients and stir until moistened. Use a very scant cup per pancake cooking on a griddle over medium high heat. Cook for 1---2 minutes or until bubbles form and flip,cooking until golden brown.

  • Apple Pancakes cup spelt flour tsp aluminium free baking powder tsp Celtic sea salt (finely ground)1 cup rice or almond milk tsp cinnamon1 apple, thinly sliced

    Mix all the ingredients together except for the apples. Spoon ---1/3 cup of batter into a frying pan. While the pancake is cooking on the first side place a few thinly sliced apple slices into the pancake that is cooking. When goldenbrown flip the pancake and cook the other side.

  • Peach Melba Breakfast Shortcake1 frozen whole wheat waffle cup Cottage cheese cup Fiber One cereal (your choice)3 peeled fresh slices or canned peach slices cup raspberries

    Directions:Toast waffle. Top with cottage cheese, cereal, and fruit.

    Fruit Smoothie1 cup Fat Free milk cup Plain Yogurt tsp. Vanilla extract1 cups fresh or frozen strawberries, thawed cup canned unsweetened pineapple chunks cup nonfat dry milk powder4 ice cubes2 Tbsp. Sugar

  • Apple Pecan Pancakes1 cups soy milk cup soft silken tofu1/3 cup solid vegetable shortening1 cups all---purpose flour2 tsp. Baking powder1 tsp. salt1 tsp. Cinnamon2 medium apples, peeled, cored, and quartered cup pecans, coarsely crushed EVVO, for frying Nondairy margarine, as a condimentMaple syrup, as a condiment

    Directions:Put the soy milk, tofu, vegetable shortening, flour, baking powder, salt,cinnamon, and apples into a food processor and pulse until the ingredients areblended and the apples are finely chopped. Fold in the pecans. Heat a griddleor large frying pan coated with a thin layer of vegetable oil over medium heat.Pour cup of the batter onto the hot griddle. Cook until bubbles appear thenflip the pancake and cook it until it is lightly browned. Serve immediately withnon dairy margarine and maple syrup.

  • Whole Grain Raspberry French ToastTopping: 3 tbsp. Raspberry fruit spread1 cup frozen raspberries tsp. Ground ginger

    (French Toast - Normal)2 eggs cup skim milk1 tsp. Vanilla tsp. Ground cinnamon3 slices of whole grain bread

    Directions:In small saucepan, heat fruit spread and raspberries over low heat until warm,stirring occasionally. Remove from heat. Stir in ginger. In shallow bowl, beategg, milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon with wire whisk until blended. Spraygriddle or skillet with cooking spray; heat griddle to 375 degrees or skillet overmedium heat. Divide each slice of bread into egg mixture, turning to coat bothsides; let stand in egg mixture to oak 30 to 60 seconds. Place on griddle; cook4 to 6 minutes, turning, until golden brown on both sides. Top each servingwith fruit spread mixture.

  • Sausage & Cheese Muffins4 ounces turkey sausage or crumbled turkey bacon5 large eggs cup (2---oz.) shredded reduced---fat cheddar cheese green bell pepper, chopped onion, chopped1 can (12---oz.) sliced mushrooms, drained

    Directions:Preheat the oven to 350F. Coat a 6---cup non-stick muffin pan with cookingspray, or line with paper baking cups. In a medium non-stick skillet overmedium---high heat, cook the sausage, pepper, and onion for 5 minutes oruntil the sausage is no longer pink. Spoon the mixture into a bowl and coolslightly. Stir in the eggs and mushrooms. Evenly divide the mixture among theprepared muffin cups. Sprinkle with the cheese. Bake for 20 minutes or untilthe egg is set.

  • Lunch/Dinner

    Ziti with Spinach, cherry tomatoes, and gorgonzola sauce

    4 ounces of whole wheat Ziti, cooked tsp. EVOO1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved tsp. Salt1/8 tsp. Crushed red pepper1 garlic clove, minced6 Tbsp Fat---free half and half3 Tbsp. Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled1 cup fresh spinach

    Directions:Cook pasta according to box. Heat EVOO in a large skillet over medium heat.Add cherry tomatoes, salt, crushed red pepper, and minced garlic to pan; cook 1 minute, stirring occasionally. Stir in half---and---half and gorgonzola cheese; cook 2 minutes or until slightly thick, stirring constantly. Stir in spinach and pasta; cook 1 minute or until spinach wilts, tossing occasionally

  • Chicken Cesar Pita lb. Boneless skinless chicken breast halves, cooked, cut into thin strips3 cups torn romaine lettuce or mixed greens cup Grated Parmesan Cheese cup Fat---free MIRACLE WHIP DressingWhole Wheat Pita

    Directions:Mix chicken, lettuce, cheese, and dressing. Place evenly into pita.

    Grilled Fish with Asparagus5 medium lemons, divided cup KRAFT Sun---Dried Tomato Dressing4 firm---textured fish fillets (1 lb.), such as cod, tilapia or salmon1 lb. asparagus, trimmed

  • Directions:Squeeze juice from 1 of the lemons; mix with the dressing. Pour half of thedressing mixture into large resealable plastic bag. Add fish fillets; seal bag.Marinate in refrigerator at least 15 min. Cover and refrigerate remainingdressing mixture for later use. Meanwhile, preheat grill to medium heat. Cuteach of the remaining lemons into 4 slices. Remove fish from marinade;discard bag and marinade. Place 8 of the lemon slices on grill grate; top withthe fish. Brush with some of the reserved dressing mixture. Cover grill with lid.Grill fish 5 min.; turn over. Add remaining 8 lemon slices and the asparagus togrill. Grill an additional 5 min. Or until fish flakes easily with fork and asparagusis crisp-- tender, brushing with the reserved dressing mixture. Remove fish,lemon slices and asparagus from grill. Discard lemon slices under fish. Serveremaining lemon slices with fish and asparagus.

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    2 lbs. Sweet potatoes(3 large) peeled and cubed3 egg whites, beaten3 Tbsp. Maple syrup1 tsp. Vanilla extract

  • Topping: Cup chopped pecans1 Tbsp. Brown sugar1 tbsp. butter, melted1/8 tsp. Ground cinnamon1/3 cup dried apricots, chopped1/3 cup dried cherries, chopped

    Directions:Place sweet potatoes in a big cooking pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil.Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 15---20 minutes or until tender. Drain andplace in a large bowl; mash. Cool slightly. Stir in the egg whites, syrup andvanilla. Transfer to an 8---in square baking dish coated with cooking spray.Combine the pecans, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon; sprinkle over the top.Bake, uncovered at 350 degrees, for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with apricots andcherries. Bake 5---7 minutes longer or until a thermometer reads 160 degreesand the fruits are heated through.

  • Beef Stir fry2 cups instant brown rice, uncooked cup lite soy sauce2 Tbsp. Light CATALINA Dressing tsp. Ground ginger1 lb. Beef flank steak, cut into thin strips2 tsp. cornstarch1 pkg. (16 oz.) frozen stir---fry vegetables, thawed, drained cup Dry Roasted Peanuts

    Directions:Cook rice as directed on package. Meanwhile, mix soy sauce, dressing andginger until well blended; set aside. Toss meat with cornstarch. Spray largenon-stick skillet with cooking spray; heat on medium---high heat. Add meatmixture; cook and stir 3 min or until meat is cooked through. Add vegetablesand soy sauce mixture; cook and stir 3 min. or until sauce is thickened andvegetables are heated through. Spoon over rice; top with peanuts.

  • Grilled Salmon

    4 (6 ounce) skinless salmon fillets tsp salt tsp. Black pepper1 tsp. Ground cumin

    Directions:Combine tsp salt, tsp black pepper, and cumin, stirring well. Rub spicemixture evenly over both sides of salmon. Place salmon on grill rack coatedwith cooking spray; grill 4 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily whentested with a fork or until desired degree of doneness.

    Chicken Alfredo

    2 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts1 pkg. Whole Wheat fettuccine Sauce:1 can evaporated skim milk6 oz. Parmesan cheese--- low fatPepper to tasteOptional: Mushrooms, Broccoli, shrimp

  • Directions:Cook chicken in skillet. Cook pasta according to box. Warm milk; add cheeseuntil melted and thickened. Add pepper. Place chicken in sauce and pour overnoodles.

    Desserts Apple Crisp5 apples cup raisinscinnamon,clovesfat free granola

    Directions:Pour boiling water over the raisins and let sit for five minutes. Core and cut theapples (I use McIntosh when available) into thick slices and place in a casseroledish. Add raisins and mix. Sprinkle on cinnamon (about teaspoon) and apinch of ground cloves. Bake covered in 350 F oven for 30 --- 40 minutes. Atthis point the apples should be tender, but not mushy. Add enough granola tocover the apples and put uncovered casserole back in oven for about 15minutes or until granola is browned. Serve warm with soymilk or an icecreamlike substance. Or serve cold with warm soymilk or warm custard.

  • Strawberry Waffle Cakes4 low---fat whole grain or whole wheat waffles2 cups sliced fresh strawberriesFat free whipped topping in a can

    Directions:Toast the waffles according to package directions. Place one waffle on each of4 plates and mound cup strawberries on top. Spoon about 2 Tbsp. Ofwhipped topping over each and serve.

    Raspberry Apple Crumble4 medium, tart apples, such as Granny Smith cup orange juice2 Tbsp. Raspberry preserves2 Tbsp. Quick cooking oats2 Tbsp. All purpose flour2 Tbsp. Brown sugar2 Tbsp. Wheat germ tsp. CinnamonPinch s