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  • Block your calendar for a day with John foppe First time in India at Mumbai -- John Foppe 13th Dec 3013

  • Born without arms but didnt let his condition stop him.Trained approx 40,000 professionals across the globe.Versatile personality with many admirable qualities.Author of Whats your excuse About John FoppeHelps people achieve their goals.

  • Our Past EventsJohn GrayJack CanfieldNik HalikFeb 2013 Mar 2013 Sabira MerchantJune 2013September 2013

  • UPCOMING EVENTS John Foppe Sidra jafri Sabira Merchant

    13th December 2013

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  • Get Motivated - detailsThe Hilton 20013th Dec 2013VenuePaxDate

  • The CityMumbai

  • VenueThe Hilton

  • SpecificsPre EventTicketingGet Motivated

  • In this workshop..Realize the power of human mind.Understand the relevance of goals in your life.Dont let your condition become a problem.Understand the concept of Managerial courage.Translate your visions in to outcomes.Learn handy tips to get people engaged.Examine your expectations.Explore your options.Calculate the estimated time you would require to achieve your life goals.

  • VIP Ticket7 P.M to 9 P.M | 13TH December 2013 The Hilton , Mumbai

    VIP class:- Rs.11,999/-(Front row seating/Group Photograph with John Foppe/MAP)

  • 7 P.M to 9 P.M | 13TH December 2013 The Hilton , Mumbai

    Gold Class :- Rs.4,999/-(Workbook/Workshop)

    Gold Ticket


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