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For Vehicle testing we offer all instruments and after sale support and services. OEM Technological Instruments offers you the best technology for your R&D and Testing applications. Please Feel Free to contact Us for any Inquiry. Mobile : +91-9810533190 Tel: 0120-4370020 E-mail:

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  • Complete On-Road Vehicle Testing ByOEM Technological Instruments Quick Contact Mobile : +91-9810533190 Tel: 0120-4370020 E-mail:
  • Multi Channel Data Acquisition Systems MODULAR Based & MULTI-CHANNEL UNIVERSAL DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM for recording Analog, Digital (Counter) and High Speed CAN with high Sampling rate.
  • Data Logger for Racing We offer extremely compact & lightweight Data Acquisition Systems for racing and on road testing Application.
  • GPS/5th Wheel & Non-contact Speed Sensors Our speed Sensors allow carefree non-contact speed sensing over ground at a very competitive price. With Ground speed sensor the road surface is scanned with a 24 GHz radar beam. The internal processor creates a high precision TTL- output signal with 100 pulses per metre from the raw Doppler signals.
  • Inertial Navigation/Gyro Systems The navigation/ gyro system is developed especially for the dynamic testing of vehicles. The ADMA-G continuously measures both the acceleration and position in all three axes and the pitch, roll and heading angle of a moving vehicle. The system can also be used for the dynamic calculation of speed.
  • Steering Robots & Steering Measurement Steering Robot products are designed to apply inputs to a vehicles steering system for testing its transient handling behavior on the test track. It allows a wide range of steering inputs to be applied with high precision and repeatability, to enable high quality data to be gathered quickly. It can also be used for steering system testing
  • Sensor Analog The Sensors measures acceleration, forces, angle, linear measurement, rotational speed, pressure temperature etc of the component and has a voltage output.
  • Sensor Digital Digital sensors create a pulsed signal depending on changes of the magnetic field around it or in the measured voltage level. By counting the pulses or measuring the time in between them, speed rpm or driven distances can be recorded.
  • Wheel Telemetry & Arc-free Rotary Transmitters Wheel Telemetry System is a highly integrated and extremely miniaturized microprocessor package which allows accurate measurements to be taken from rotating components. Previous technology used relatively complex, bulky, measuring systems, our new fully digital telemetry technology available for the measurement of torque on drive shafts and other rotating components.
  • THANK YOU FOR ANY INQUIRY PLEASE CONTACT :OEM Technological Instruments Mobile : +91-9810533190 Tel: 0120-4370020 E-mail: