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    While it is perfectly understandable to focus in on that condition in the

    body which is causing the most immediate pain and suffering, to do so

    risks falling into the trap of the allopathic medical establishment, i.e., to

    treat the symptoms of the disease instead of the underlying condition

    causing it. There is only one disease, and that is toxemia, or

    lipo-toxemia(lipo=fat), a toxic condition of the blood and tissue, arrived

    at over a period of time due to improper dietary and lifestyle choices. All

    the listed chronic diseases, 400 or so, are symptoms of toxemia. Where

    the symptoms of the toxemia appear in the body is a function of the

    unique makeup of each person. Early indicators are excess weight, a sinus

    condition, bags or folds under the eyes, and a multiple-day transit time of

    food through the intestines, or chronic constipation. I think of the analogy

    of a cube of water slowly freezing in the refrigerator. The cooling of the

    water is the toxemia, and the first place the crystallization appears is the

    first disease symptom. It is human nature to call attention to the first

    visible manifestation of the condition, and make much of it, but as the

    cooling continues, other crystallizations will appear until the cube is

    frozen solid. If you have a disease anywhere, you are toxic, and it is only

    by relieving the underlying toxemia that the offending symptom will

    ultimately disappear for good. Depending on one's participation in the

    cooked, high fat & protein and complex carbohydrate diet over the years,

    the buildup of toxemia can take years to manifest. The two most

    prominent manifestations are cancer and cardiovascular disease, western

    civilization's big killers. Diabetes runs a close

    third. The low fat raw vegan diet, espoused by Dr. Doug Graham., is the

    best way to begin reversing the toxic buildup, not because the fruit and

    veggies are healing in and of themselves, but because unlike all other

    foods, they sustain the body without leaving toxic residue after they are

    consumed. It is the body that heals, not foods. Thus, unencumbered by a

    current day's toxic contribution, the body can, and will, begin to deal with

    yesterday's, or last week's or last month's, toxic residue and eliminate it

    from the body. When enough toxic residue has been eliminated, the

    diseased condition begins to lessen, and we call it a healing. This is a

    slow process and can take years of uninterrupted space, which few of us

    grant to the body. Introducing pharmaceutical medicines to effect a "cure"

    is, in reality, a temporary substitution of symptoms and only adds to the

    toxic buildup in the body. The type of steady, everyday effort that it takes

    to effect a true healing is unglamorous and non-dramatic. It is comprised

    of what we don't allow in our bodies, the restraint on our desires for oral

    stimulation at regular intervals. It is a slow, steady, plodding process of

    holding our immediate wants in check for the present in favor of good

    health in the long run, not one of humankind's strongest traits. If you can

    develop this ability, then there is hope for you, and you can begin to heal

    your condition.

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  • 4.24.2009

    Ben from 30 Bananas a day

    A member from typed this superb post.

    In the field of health, I think a lot of information and advice is given

    without enough context. Saying that unheated unprocessed chocolate is

    healthy is like saying eating grass-fed beef is healthy. Sure, its much

    healthier than what people eat, but its not our ideal food. I think its great

    advice for people who are deficient in nutrients, but NEED to have their

    chocolate, or meat, or what have you.

    The media will send out health advice targeted at the standard American.

    Thats why most people think whole grains, beans, soy, and dairy are

    healthy foods. They are healthy as a REPLACEMENT for candy, processed

    meats, white flour. It works off the assumption that no one wants to

    drastically change their diet to improve their health. Thats why you will

    see lots of hype about superfoods and supplements. These things offer us

    easy superficial fixes to complex underlying problems.

    The medical field works the same way. You are prescribed a drug because

    it is assumed that a lifestyle change will be too hard for you. The doctor

    will mention trying to be more active and eating better. Of course he or

    she knows that if you increased your exercise and vegetable consumption

    will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, but he's going to give you

    a beta-blocker or a statin. He's being practical. People are too lazy.

    And sure, cacao is high in magnesium and antioxidants. But guess what?

    Its also high in caffeine, theobromine, and other toxic compounds.

    Healthier than milk chocolate? You bet. Health food? I think not. They

    just don't mention that part.

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    Spiritual Practices

    from the book, " Racing along the razor's edge" by Swami Ramakrishnananda, one of

    Amma's ( disciples.

    Life for many people, is a constant struggle to find solutions to innumerable problems

    that cause suffering. According to the Indian scriptures, ignorance about one's own

    Self is the cause of all sorrows. We are the Supreme Consciousness, but we take

    ourselves to be a complex of the body, mind and intellect. In truth, whatever happens

    to the body, mind and intellect, the eternal Consciousness which enlivens it is not at

    all affected.

    We often, focus on meeting the needs of this complex because of our mistaken

    identification with the body and mind. This identification creates a lot of desires in us.

    We could not possibly fulfill all our desires, but this longing is ever present. These

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  • unmet desires often cause sorrow.

    It must be pointed out that all the happiness we get from external objects is nothing

    more than borrowed happiness.

    The purpose of the different spiritual practices that are recommended by great

    Masters like Amma is to find out how to derive happiness from our own Self rather

    than from impermanent external objects.

    Many people are very busy, but they somehow find an hour or two to walk or do some

    exercise everyday on the advice of their doctor. They know that if they don't, they

    will have serious health problems. However busy one may be, he or she will not

    neglect their exercise.

    Likewise, meditation should become an important part of our lives. Amma always says

    that meditation, japa ( repetition of a mantra or God's name) and other spiritual

    practices are as valuable as gold. These spiritual practices give us spiritual growth as

    well as material prosperity. They also help us to maintain our mental and emotional

    health. Therefore, the time we spend in meditation and other spiritual practices will

    never be a waste.

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    Alkaline=no problems

    As humans, a normal pH of all tissue and fluids of the body (except the

    stomach) is slightly alkaline. The most critical pH is in the blood. All

    other organs and fluids will fluctuate in their range in order to keep the

    blood a strict pH between 7.35 and 7.45 (lightly alkaline). This process is

    called homeostasis. The body makes constant adjustments in tissue and

    fluid pH to maintain this very narrow pH range in the blood. To be too

    acidic in the body can have far reaching consequences. For example, if

    the blood becomes too acidic the body will balance the pH at all costs.

    This can lead to common symptoms with include but are not limited to

    heart burn, acid reflux, indigestion, weight gain, difficulty losing weight,

    poor metabolism, mineral deficiencies, constipation, fatigue, brain fog,

    frequent urination, hypoglycemia, hormonal imbalances, sore muscles

    and the list goes on.

    eat daarrrrk greens


    whats better? eating as much organic as you can get your hands on!

    move to a location where its possible or just become another target of

    big pharma agenda! ;)

    cooking food creates powerful toxins. it changes mental state. id eat a

    melon grown in a ddt sprayed field before i ate certified organic rice and


    proteins putrify, fats rancidify, carbohydrates become caralmalized. all


    -durianrider: see below for his vid w mr. armstrong

    People just ain't hungry enough for the good stuff and then they go and

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  • make up lame excuses or give up their control to their location. Me? I`m

    controlling my location, I`m controlling my emotions and my choices. I'M

    IN CONTROL! My advice is if you can`t afford it, you MUST afford it! Find

    a way.DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. If in your heart you know it`s the right

    thing to do but society says otherwise, just do it anyway! If the harshness

    of society is getting to you, then remember that you`re in control of what

    `gets to you`. Shift your focus! Focus on depression or leaving a positive

    impression?! Are you gonna burn out or burn brighter?Get enough sleep,

    listen to positive mental attitude tapes DAILY. Program yourself champ, or

    society will program you!

    Godspeed on your journey. All the best.


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    quote collection 2

    "excuses are just that; excuses. Excuses are self-imposed limits

    preventing you from taking a risk, trying something new, and potentially

    being your greatest yet."

    "I am in divine guidance. I am always at the right place at the right time.

    Everything I do is orchestrated for my higher growth, my higher

    consciousness, and my higher evolution."

    "If there is anything we wish to achieve, it is to have each of you

    boundless and free, knowing that every thought you entertain somehow

    determines your experience. If we could get you to live 100 percent of

    the time according to what you want, we would feel that this has been a

    most successful year."

    "move into intuition and operate there completely out of trust"

    "This is not easy. It was not meant to be easy. You did not come here to

    have an easy assignment. You are renegades, and you have been

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  • renegades. If we could give each of you a minute's worth of your

    multidimensional memories, you would know what we are talking about.

    You would know in the deepest portion of your being that time and time

    again, in different guises and different collections of form, you have gone

    where change needed to be anchored. You have gone many times, busted

    the paradigms, liberated yourselves, and moved beyond where you

    thought your identity was. This is the Divine Plan: merging the self."

    "It is very important to observe how you deal with events. Different

    events are brought to you so that you can observe them. There is an

    order that you operate within that part of yourself cannot see. Sometimes

    when part of yourself is operating without vision or seeing, events occur

    to get you back on track. Be aware that, in this new chaos of

    consciousness and confusion and shifting of uncertainty, there is a divine


    "Your assignment is to carry information and to evolve yourself to the

    highest capability within the human form."

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    2 good sites..:..Frederic's | Chris's site

    these are a collected bags of love from Chris; he sprinkled these on

    Frederic's postings

    No problem "keeping calories up!" During my first few years of raw I

    actually was haunted by this silly fear! Coming from a hard-core

    bodybulding mentality (most young men have this lol) and never

    wanting to lose any hard- earned weight, I was constantly haunted with

    the possibility of missing a meal or losing "weight". I soon discovered,

    however- well maybe not so soon- it took almost ten years to get off the

    emotional ego trip of literally being a big stuffed body mass of garbage-

    that calories are NOT calories are NOT calories. Put it this way: 300

    calories of oranges provides so much more physical "energy" (energy does

    not come from food anyway, but that is another lecture!) than 900

    calories of cooked cereal, as a comparison. That is right. There is so

    much residue of unused and unassimilated "crap" in the oatmeal, for

    example, or even cooked quinea or brown rice cereal, that your cells only

    actually get a much smaller percentage of actual nutrition that you can

    use. To keep things simple, cooked food is like monopoly money with a

    tiny bit of real money thrown in. You need to eat about six times more to

    get an equal amount of nutrition- if that. So when a person complains

    about not getting enough calories, what they should do is consider that

    those EXTRA calories are simple garbage bulking up their cells as their

    body tried to store it (It cannot eliminate it fast enough). To make a long

    story short, when I finally came to terms with the silly calorie issue (and

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  • the protein myth also), I started to really become full of energy and not

    just "full of garbage" as I was when I was force feeding. Most people are

    force feeding and they do not even know it! Their body craves nutrition

    but they eat cooked, so the body gets almost nothing but continues to

    become stuffed with empty calories. When they decide to eat raw, they

    feel "less full" but I will bet you that they can perform better- MUCH

    BETTER- in any athletic event. It is that simple, folks. I wrote a blog right

    here on the same subject last week. PS- Just like Frederic said- use

    bananas! I remember actually coming to tears the first day I had a lunch

    of just five bananas. I was sitting in the car waiting to get to the bank

    drive- up window and had just gone shopping for food, so I took bananas

    that were ripe and started eating them. After the fifth one the food

    enzymes triggered my brain that I had had enough (they did not taste

    sweet anymore) and tears came - OF JOY! I felt so enlightened and

    blessed to have "stumbled across the truth" in this manner. It was so

    remarkably simple. Now, almost ten years later I use green smoothies

    (who does not like them? I have never met a single man woman or child

    who did not gobble them up-but then again I make a mean green

    smoothie!) every single day as my main "calorie" meal. Of course I do not

    care about calories but for those of you newbies who are afraid of losing

    weight- just be patient. And change your perception. You are not living in

    the real world. Sorry to be so harsh but it is the truth. We are all so

    afraid of becoming deflated when in actuality we are- for the most part-

    too BULKED UP ( our cells are so full unassimilated garbage) to begin

    with. America is the biggest country in terms of body mass. No wonder

    everyone is so sick and tired all the time! Do not wory. Follow Ferderic's

    advice- do a little experimenting on your own- realize and embrace the

    healing crisis that will ensue- get on a QUANTIFIABLE fitness program -

    and just BE PATIENT. You will soon begin to live like a god. That is what

    raw vegan done right will do for you.


    I gather that you are very new to raw. Please do not worry- everything

    will change as your body gets on the right track! I, too, experienced the

    same pangs of hunger when I first started this wonderful journey of

    ancient correction to the diet! But to not like smoothies- well you have

    not tasted a good one yet that's all. In any case, I too work nine to twelve

    hours per day on my feet with hardly anything but water, a single fruit

    and of course my quart of smoothie. Three days a week I have intense

    appointments and lectures as well as demos that are stressful since I

    have to "be on" for challenging groups of people. I never get cold in the

    winter (n fact where WAS the last winter- I do not even remember it!),

    and I can work in the garden or field all day with just water digging eighty

    two-foot by 12 inch holes no problem. When I was 19 and in the best

    shape of my life (so I thought), I could not climb the bleacher steps at

    speed for more than four flights until I got out of breath. Now I can do

    almost ten times that with only a few weeks of break-in training and I

    actually enjoy it. I am also able to do more chin ups, pushups and heavy

    squats with a barbell than most 25 year old marines, and I have been

    100% raw since 2001 (95% since 1999). I never suffer from headaches or

    stomach aches or any of the maladies that so many others are hindered

    by, and my close friends and clients also have similar benefits. My mom

    who is 72 is on zero meds and people mistake her for my sister. The only

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  • reason I am telling you this is to give you confidence that you are on the

    best track, and that your hunger pangs and resistance to the green

    smoothies (which is not ABSOLUTELY TO THE DEATH NECESSARY but a

    super convenient way to get calories and nutrition for ANYone not just

    raw enlightened people) is just natural and will pass. The real point is

    that you must sometimes "make' yourself do things that you "do not like"

    in life in order to get further along. If everyone did what they wanted

    (esp when we are all so OFF course) then the result would be chaos. The

    main problem with is that what feels good is bad for us and what feels

    bad is actually good for us. At least at the start- where you are.

    Eventually your body mind and soul will get back on track to "Paradise

    Health" (an old term) and believe it or not, you will CRAVE many of the

    things that you may not have cared for before! Be patient and use your

    mentality (as the Frank Sinatra song says!) "Step up to reality" your

    rewards for "putting up" with a little discomfort will pay off BIG time! Just

    remember to be creative with the basics, but do not avoid them!

    pic more stuff from Chris to

    come :)

    Did you

    know that human mother's milk is less than five percent protein? Did you

    know that 1500 lb bulls got that way from eating grass and no animal

    products at all? Did you know that the trusted "Food Pyramid" posters are

    not educational materials but advertisements from industry? Did you know

    that osteoporosis is a disease not of calcium defficiency but of protein

    excess? There is not enough room here to even partially debunk the

    protein myth! You can certainly gain "weight"or "size" by eating low

    octane, non- foods, but why would you? To add REAL FUNCTIONAL

    HEALTHY MAGIC MUSCLE to your frame, why argue with ten million years

    and all of nature's biggest srongest beasts? We are physically, chemically,

    and physiologically designed to consume plant fuel. This is not a

    debatable issue, but a misunderstood one. And, of course, "protein" is big

    business! Just lift the weight. Just lift the weight. JUST LIFT THE

    WEIGHT! And stop reading "Muscle & Fiction".

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  • 4.17.2009

    252 years old teh secret revelead here in the goji berries

    Goji Berry & Li Qing Yuen History...

    Lycium(gojiberri son!) has been considered a major antiaging herb for over2500 hundred years. It was described as a superior herb in the SpiritFarmer's Herbal. Tao Hong Jing (456-536 AD), a Taoist master andphysician, wrote in his famous herbal classic "Commentary on the SpiritFarmer's Herbal," that "Lycium tonifies Jing and Qi and strengthens the YinTao within a human."

    There is an incredible Chinese story in which Lycium plays a major role. Thevery widespread knowledge of this story in Asia has made Lycium evenmore popular in China in the past century. One man, Li Qing Yuen, is said tohave lived to be 252 years old. His life span has been verified by modernscholars. Born in 1678 in the mountainous southwest of China, he ran awayfrom home at the age of eleven with three travelers. These travelers were inthe herbal trade. Together the boy and his three teachers traveledthroughout China, Tibet, and Southeast Asia, encountering many dangeroussituations, but all the while studying the herbal traditions of all the variousregions.

    As Li Qing Yuen became older, he became a practicing herbalist, and waswell known for his amazing vigor and excellent health. Then one day, whenhe was around fifty years old, while out on a hike, he met a very old manwho, in spite of his venerable old age, could out-walk Li Qing Yuen. Thisimpressed Master Li very much because he believed that brisk walking wasboth a way to health and longevity and a sign of inner health. Li Qing Yueninquired as to the old sage's secret. He was told that if every day heconsumed a "soup" of Lycium he would soon attain a new standard ofhealth. Li Qing Yuen did just that and continued to consume the soup dailyuntil he was over one hundred and thirty years old !

    Naturally, he was greatly revered by all those who knew him and he hadmany disciples who followed him. Even at this very old age, his sight waskeen and his legs were strong, and he continued to take his daily vigorouswalks. One day, he was on a journey through treacherous mountains. In themountains he met a Taoist hermit who claimed to be five hundred years old.Humbled by the great illumination of the old Taoist, Li Qing Yuen begged theTaoist sage to tell him his secrets. The old Taoist, recognizing the sincerity ofLi, taught him the secrets of Taoist Yoga (also known as Nei Gong, "the InnerAlchemy") and recommended that Li consume a daily dose of PanaxGinseng combined with Polygonum (Radix Polygonum multiflorum).Ginseng is well-known in the West; Polygonum multiflorum is not yetwell-known here, but is highly prized in the Orient as a longevity herb, in thesame class with ginseng. He continued to consume his Lycium soup daily.

    It is said that Master Li also changed his diet so as to consume little meat orroot vegetables and limited his consumption of grain. Instead, he livedmainly on steamed above-ground vegetables and herbs. He lived to be 252

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  • years old, dying in 1930, reportedly after a banquet presented in his honorby a government official. He had married during his lifetime fourteen timesand lived through eleven generations of his own descendants, of which hehad almost two hundred during two and a half centuries of life.

    Though Li Qing Yuen's case is rare, in that it has been reasonablyauthenticated by both Eastern and Western scholars, tradition is rich in theOrient in the lore of Taoists living to ages unimaginable by us. It is wellknown that among the Chinese population, the Taoists far outlived all otherpeople. Many lived to be centurions and few died prematurely. The Taoist artof longevity, known as the "Art of Radiant Health" is one of the great legaciesof the East. And Lycium has played a major part in Taoist health practicesince ancient times. Though it is a common herb, it is one that the Taoistsconsider to be transcendental.

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    Raw\Vegan only pics

    The most important times to take really good care of yourself is whenit is most difficult to do so.



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  • one of my faves u gotta read this text

    yeah those are correct that ur going to read. ur mind will expand 3,2,1...

    How would you describe your nutrition program?

    100% raw vegan. organic every chance i can get. dr doug graham has

    helped me with my ultra endurance eating plan to pump out 320mile solo i ate 32 bananas, 3kg of grapes and a pound of local

    dates. plus some greens. cycled 173km. (thas 105 mile;he prob didnt

    even have to try that hard for that. he rides anywhere from 5-950 miles a


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  • he goes on to say: I am a raw vegan. i burn over 16000 calories in a 24

    hour race and still manage to get enough calories to win these races

    against riders doing pills n red bulls each lap..

    i think society is becoming more aware. i know that more people know

    about veganism than ever before. and each time someone asks me where

    do i get my protein from?' i just say 'check out '!!!!!!!!!!

    sums it up by: What are your strengths as an athlete?

    ultra endurance. ability to eliminate time and distance remaining is key.

    once i ran a marathon 9 hours after coming 2nd in a 24 hour solo xc

    race...focus on the metres in front of you,,not the miles..

    What advice do you have for vegan athletes who are just starting out?

    google up dr doug graham and read his stuff. its gold! eat enough carbs,

    get enough sleep. hydrate or die.. before hard races, workouts etc watch

    that dvd transmutate your negative feelings about society

    in positive forces for good. show your friends, family, sporting club etc

    that vegans can still mix it up!

    patting a real live animal friend gets you in touch with your heart felt

    emotions...cos at the end of the day, if the heart says no to killing etc, so

    should you.

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  • all the worlds problems stem from people trying to acquire uneccessary


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    Vegan + raw vegan bodybuilders/superjockz

    see nore athletes @@@@@@

    Name: Avi R. Lehyani

    Age: 48

    Height: 72"

    Weight: 200 Lbs (91Kg) .Compete weight: 193 (88Kg)

    Birthplace: France

    Current Residence: Israel

    Sports:Bicycling, WeightLifting

    Why did you become vegan?

    Reasons were ethical, health and responsability towards the environment

    in that order. I Tried to become vegetarian already at age 13 but pressure

    from family and even family doctor did their thing and I reverted to meateating shortly thereafter. At age 20, my then girlfriend, herself a

    semi-vegetarian, convinced me to do the right thing. I kept consuming

    eggs and dairy until a few years later (I then lived in VA), when after

    conversing with one of the PETA founders, I understood that was no need

    for dairy to keep strong bones, as I thought at the time, a victim of the

    dairy industry propaganda. I never turned back.

    I have since "given up" all processed foods including cane sugar and I bake

    my own bread so at least I know what is in it for sure. I have to add that

    my family background drove me to behave ethically from early age. In

    fact my father, himself an ordained rabbi and ritual slaughterer always

    did his best to educate his children about "God" and of course the

    creation, so we always appreciated the living things around us.

    A couple of things I like to remember are that when I asked him once why

    he just "did" chicken, his reponse was that slaughtering cows was too

    painful for him. Also when on a visit to the processing plant where he

    mostly worked, I witnessed a very harrowing event; the processing line

    always being kept as fast as possible for obvious reasons, my father had

    to work hard to keep up. I then, saw him run to the plant manager and

    ask him to stop the line , he was frantic and had a hard time explaining

    the reason for his request. He had missed one of the chicken and the poor

    thing was now going to be scalded and defeathered alive. He was told

    that there was no way the process was to be interrupted for one lousy

    chicken, and that they just had to add the unlucky one to the non-kosher

    pile. He was so distraught, he broke down in tears, he couldn't stand the

    thought of such a painful death "even" for a chicken.

    I believe that even though, my parents, at start, did not approve, they

    actually were the catalysts for those decisions. Today, they realize the

    validity of my choices and they themselves try to reduce their intake of

    animal products to a minimum.

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  • When and why did you become interested in fitness?

    This is interesting because originally, as a kid, I was very disconnected

    from any kind of sports. I was a short, chubby bookworm that was more

    interested in the etymology of words than the number of pushups I could

    perform. That changed the day, when at the age of 13, during a physical

    education session, I was to jump up in the air, swivel my body around and

    fall back softly on my feet and then roll forward on a matress. I was so

    scared of screwing up that on the landing part I forgot to straighten my

    feet and so I fell on my knees. Everybody laughed, including the coach.

    From that point on, I decided that NOONE would ever laugh at me for

    lack of fitness. I took up bicycling and judo and slowly improved my

    fitness and self confidence to where I also found the need to increase

    overall strength and physical size. In France, at that time (1975) lifting

    weights was still an obscure, misunderstood activity, as it was said to

    stunt growth, to be dangerous and nowhere near any little jewish boy

    should be found. I eventually located a small (very small indeed) gym

    where I learned the basics . Eventually at the age of 17, I started olympic

    weightlifting and that was when I finally fell in love with iron and the

    amazing feeling of being stronger than the average Joe. At age 19, I

    moved to Israel where I found it much harder to keep lifting for lack of

    infrastructure but I always tried to keep fit. I had to give up olympic

    weightlifting but I always managed to improvise and used everything from

    furniture to concrete blocks in order to keep up. Eventually (in1984) I

    moved to the US, and finding a proper training facility was no longer anissue. I am now back in Israel, doing the thing I dreamed about for a long

    time. I own a small gym where health and strength are the prime movers,

    muscle size come as a side effect of that. Of course being a vegan and

    still remaining the strongest guy around makes people incredulous, so I

    don't usually go around trumpeting those facts. I have managed to slowly

    induce doubts into my members' mind concerning their unrelenting belief

    in "meat for muscle" dogma. I hope to make my mark eventually as I

    participate in national powerlifting meets. I am the masters contender for

    BenchPress and Deadlift for the 90k category. I am planning to improve

    my performance enough to beat the above 90Kg current champion . We

    shall see.....

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    14 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • Current #'s. ("Raw")

    Bench Press: 172.5Kg (380 Lbs) Note: I lifted as much as 430Lbs before a

    shoulder injury in 1998.

    Squat: 192Kg (422 Lbs)

    Dead lift: 240Kg (528 Lbs)

    Rack lift:(below knee) 380Kg (836 Lbs)

    How would you describe your nutrition program?

    I am not a person inclined to culinary quests, I keep my diet to the most

    simple ingredients. My staple foods are whole wheat bread, brown rice,

    oats, and beans. I consume very little soy as I find it very hard to cook

    and the whole phytosterol controversy makes it suspect for the moment. I

    do not consume oils per se but I will always include fat containing foods

    like tahini, olives, avocado, nuts etc. I don't concern myself with calories

    except making sure I eat enough for the day. Vegetables are a must and

    always in quantity but I don't really look for the much more expensive

    organic kind.

    So in other words:

    Carbs 65%

    Protein 20%

    Fats 15%

    Atkins is probably turning in his grave right now :-)

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    15 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • How would you describe your training program?

    I am not a bodybuilder so I concentrate on strength. I consider proper

    training, a workout that is going to utilize the body as a unit and not as

    unconnected muscles. So there is almost never the so-called isolation

    exercises like preacher curl. Yet a few times a year I will perform

    extreme cheat speed curls partially using legs and trapezius with as much

    as 100kg. So in other words, Squat, Deadlift, BenchPress, Standing

    military press and pullups (or pulldowns) are the "founding fathers". Of

    course I will add other significant exercises like barbell bent-over row,

    cable row, pull over, flyes, upright dumbell rows, heavy shrugs etc.. so I

    don't develop a lack of balance within the different muscles.One thing I

    am sure will get a lot of eyebrows raised is my being adamant about not

    doing any direct abdominal work. For most practical purposes, I consider

    it completely useless ; after all I am not trying to be an acrobat or beat

    the world record for sit-ups. Still squats and deadlifts will get the

    abdominal region in line with the rest .To those still unconvinced aboutmy contentions I tell them to do some heavier pull-over work, that will

    stretch and exert their sixpack way beyond anything they can achieve on

    a matress or other abs contraption.

    A usual weekly workout schedule will be as follows:

    Day 1 Squats or Deadlift

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    16 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • Day 2 Rest

    Day 3 Bench Press(Incline or flat) + Heavy flyes

    Day 4 Back (cables and free weight)

    Day 5 Rest

    Day 6 Shoulders (Military press + Standing -dumbells or barbell- rows)

    Day 7 Rest

    I will sometimes add short workout sessions on "rest" days for Shrugs stiff

    legged or high-rep bench press sets, the type of things I can't include on

    regular workout days because of the high intensity workload.

    What kind of supplements do you use if any, and why?

    I tried creatine a few times and I can say it helped. Also, I tried a NOx

    formulation with no true effect except the permanent sensation of blood

    pumping through. I am not a supplement fan as I consider that if its not

    naturally in your food, then it's not meant to be ingested but of course I

    won't negate any possible aid that might help the athlete get to the next

    stage as long as the research proves its efficacy as well as its safety.

    When asked by members what kind of supplement they should take, I just

    tell them to eat more. I think that for most people, especially newbies,

    the addition of protein powders of any kind is unnecessary. This said I

    realize that some will have difficulty to manage additional meals in an

    otherwise busy schedule and the easily prepared protein drinks can be


    What are some common misconceptions about veganism?

    We all suffered the ignorant stares, comments or even taunting from the

    "real people" (from the "Beef ,real food for real people" campaign) and I

    am not going to expand on that.I will say though that, generally the most

    common question would be " But where in the hell do you get your protein

    from ??" To which I retort politely that protein although important is way

    overrated, especially by newcomers. I do say to them, also, that the

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    17 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • energy that makes the muscle contract and push the weight comes mainly

    from carbs or fats not protein.I finally add that lentils have 26% protein,

    beans have 22% even the lowly bread is up to 12% protein, so how much

    do you really need?

    I believe that vegans use proteins and other nutrients more effectively

    than meat eaters and that daily requirements for those should be

    elucidated in a scientific study using vegans and non-vegans as 2 distinct

    groups .

    What do you think the most important aspect of fitness is?

    Self confidence, increased strength, healthier life.

    What do you like best about being vegan?

    Having become a vegan in a fairly early stage in my life has given me

    more of an impetus to educate first myself of the positive consequences

    of such a decision but also become an effective advocate so others might

    realize the full ramifications of their daily food choices.

    What do you like best about being fit?

    Always forgeting that I am approching fifty.

    What are your strengths as an athlete?

    Challenging myself, always.

    What advice do you have for vegan athletes who are just starting out?

    Ignore the sceptics comments.

    Eat more .

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    18 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • Find a workout partner

    Always strive for improved performance (Rep and weight).

    What advice do you have for people who are thinking of becoming


    Learn proper nutrition- your local supermarket is geared toward

    meat-eaters and it can be daunting task to figure out a vegan balanced


    Learn the effect of animal products/foods on your body, on your soul and

    on the environment as these three aspects of your choice' repercusssions

    will mutually reenforce each other so you will have a better chance ofstaying the course.

    What motivates you to continue to be a successful vegan athlete?

    Results in health, performance and peace of mind.

    How has the website helped or inspired


    I once thougth that I was the only vegan weight lifter. It helped me learn

    that others went through the same difficulties, uncertainties but

    eventually also the same satisfactions as I did.

    at 00:06 4 comments:


    Who says you have to eat meat? NFL pro bowler

    Tony Gonzales &moar

    ESPN interviews vegan atheltes

    When you're a Pro Bowl tight end, it's difficult to change your routine.

    Difficult, and maybe crazy. If you're in the midst of a Hall of Fame career,

    why change anything? As Tony Gonzalez discovered, sometimes change

    comes to you.

    Sitting at home one day in May 2007, Gonzalez suddenly lost all feeling in

    his face and felt a terrible pain in the back of his head. He initially

    thought he was having a stroke, but hospital tests confirmed he had Bell's

    Palsy instead. Many doctors prescribe a diet consisting entirely of raw

    fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds -- no animal products or processed

    foods -- as a way to improve digestion and combat the condition. A few

    months later, Gonzalez got another health scare, when doctors warned

    him of a low white blood cell count, raising the possibility he had

    leukemia. In the end, a mix-up with another patient's blood had caused

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    19 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • that diagnosis. Still, with two scares in a span of a few months, Gonzalez

    became more attuned to his health and to what he put into his body.

    Not long afterward, Gonzalez was on a cross-country flight when he

    struck up a conversation with the man next to him in first class. When

    lunchtime arrived, Gonzalez's seatmate ordered the salad with shrimp,

    hold the shrimp. Come dessert time, the man turned down the flight

    attendant's offer of milk to go with his cookies.

    "So I asked him, 'Are you a vegetarian?'" Gonzalez recounted. "He said he

    was a vegan. Not eating meat I could understand, but I asked him why he

    wouldn't even drink the milk. He said that we're the only animals on Earth

    who drink milk after being babies."

    Josh Umphrey/Getty


    Tony Gonzalez is proving

    that even football

    players can compete at a

    high level on a strictvegan diet.

    A few years earlier, or maybe even a few months earlier, Gonzalez might

    have nodded politely and ended the conversation right there. But that

    year, he'd started to seriously ponder his long-term health and the dietary

    choices he was making. The health scares had opened his eyes. But more

    than that, Gonzalez wondered what life would be like after football. He

    wanted to stay in shape and live well after his playing days were done.

    When the man recommended "The China Study" as a must read, Gonzalez

    devoured it. The 2005 book by Cornell professor and nutrition researcher

    T. Colin Campbell claims people who eat mostly plants contract fewer

    deadly diseases than those who eat mostly animals. The book got its

    name from diet studies and blood samples drawn from 6,500 men and

    women in China. Gonzalez has since met with Campbell and now plans to

    write his own book about dietary choices from the perspective of a

    246-pound football star.

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    20 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • For Gonzalez, now 32, getting from Point A to Point B took a great deal of

    thought and self-doubt. Conventional wisdom held that eating steak and

    drinking a gallon of milk a day would make you big and strong and

    prepare you for the rigors of NFL life. Gonzalez followed that path,

    pounding steaks and milk, as well as pizza, hot dogs and burgers --

    whatever it took to pack on the pounds. He especially loved macaroni and

    cheese, with an emphasis on cheese, piled as high as possible. You

    couldn't argue with the results. In his first 10 seasons with the Kansas City

    Chiefs, Gonzalez had made the Pro Bowl eight times, establishing himself

    as the best tight end in the league.

    When he switched to a meatless diet, he wondered whether the move

    would backfire on him. At first, it looked like it might. In the first few

    weeks of his new regimen, he lost 10 pounds. His strength quickly

    dropped, and Gonzalez found himself unable to lift the heavy weights he'd

    hoisted with ease in the past. Teammates started telling him he looked

    skinny. "You're going to get your butt kicked" was another common refrain.

    "It was a trial by error," he said. "I had to educate myself on how to do it

    the right way."

    After reading up on vegan-friendly recipes, Gonzalez found the right

    balance. Though he had more than enough money to buy any foods he

    wanted, Gonzalez still wasn't thrilled with the prospect of spending

    through the nose on groceries. Instead, his grocery bills stayed about the

    same, but the check at restaurants got slashed with no $50 porterhouse

    steaks on his plate. Gonzalez says he now focuses on produce when

    constructing his meals. He loads up on berries, bananas and mangoes,

    fresh vegetables and milk alternatives like rice milk or hemp milk, then

    blends them into what he calls "power smoothies."

    He gained back most of his lost weight, settling in around 246 pounds. His

    strength quickly returned. When the season started, he was shocked at

    how good he felt. In the fourth quarters of games, he found himself

    sprinting past tired defenders. He became more alert during team

    meetings. On the day after a game, he'd skip into the gym, while

    teammates looked sore, beat up and worn out.

    "People were still making fun of me, because I think they wanted to make

    themselves feel better," Gonzalez explained. "I'd be ordering salad,

    potatoes, veggies. I think they felt guilty. Unless you've been in a cave,

    you know what's healthy and what's not healthy. But most of them still

    keep eating what they've been eating, because they think that's the only

    way to get enough protein and compete at a high level."

    As the season progressed, Gonzalez's numbers picked up. Playing in his

    11th season, Gonzalez made 99 catches (the second-highest total of his

    career), racking up 1,172 yards (the third-highest total of his career). In

    the previous three seasons, he'd dealt with an arthritic foot that got so

    bad he could barely walk the day after a game. The foot condition had

    forced him to give up basketball, a sport Gonzalez loved, having played

    varsity ball alongside the Sacramento Kings' Shareef Abdur-Rahim at Cal.

    Coincidence or not, the foot condition improved dramatically over the

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    21 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • course of an offseason, to the point that he started hitting the hardwood

    again. Playing basketball in turn gave Gonzalez another good way to

    boost his training, which he says helped improve his agility.

    More surprising than his improved health, he says, was the reaction of

    some of his friends, especially ex-players.

    D'Marco Farr was a bruising NFL defensive lineman for seven seasons

    before injuries forced him into early retirement. Seven years after

    leaving the league, Farr told Gonzalez he still didn't feel 100 percent,

    carrying extra weight and still suffering from aches and pains. When

    Gonzalez told him about the changes he'd felt since going vegan, Farr

    jumped on board. He has since spread the word to other ex-players,

    including Lincoln Kennedy, a three-time Pro Bowler who retired at well

    more than 300 pounds.

    Gonzalez has become something of a spokesman for healthy eating. When

    he retires, he wants to travel around the league speaking about the value

    of healthier diets. He's excited about the prospect of his first book on the

    subject. Gonzalez wants to reach out to younger players, too. He

    recently spoke to a group of 300 college football prospects at USC, where

    he counseled the group not to fall into the trap of scarfing down fatty

    foods just because that's the norm for aspiring players trying to pack on


    "In this league, you think you're invincible, that you'll last forever," he

    said. "Then you look at some of the numbers, that the average football

    player dies young. I'm sure there are other reasons, but eating unhealthy

    foods and carrying around all that extra weight can't help.

    "I realized football's not going to last forever. To me this isn't a diet. It's a

    complete lifestyle change."


    The mixed martial arts fighter

    For all the health and performance reasons an athlete might consider

    when switching to a meatless diet -- cutting out animal fats, introducing a

    broader range of vitamins and nutrients -- occasionally you'll find an

    athlete who makes the switch for entirely different reasons. In Mac

    Danzig's case, it takes awhile to fully digest the idea.

    At a ripped 5-foot-9, 155 pounds, Danzig is a rising star in mixed martial

    arts. He fights under the direction of the Xtreme Couture gym in Las

    Vegas, training with some of the biggest names in the sport. To succeed in

    mixed martial arts, competitors must wield explosive strength, the kind

    typically linked to high-protein foods. When your job is to clobber other

    men into submission, a meaty diet seems like a given.

    "I believed what everybody said," Danzig confirmed, "that you need animal

    protein in your diet if you're going to train hard and win."

    [+] Enlarge

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    22 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • AP Photo/Ryan Remiorz

    Mac Danzig doesn't seem hindered by

    his vegan diet. Just ask his bloodied

    and battered opponent.

    That path butted up against beliefs he'd held since childhood. Raised by

    his single mom in western Pennsylvania, Danzig loved animals and has

    owned pets throughout his life. A nature lover from a young age, his

    mother would take him camping and hiking any chance they could get.

    He'd go to his grandmother's house in the woods and watch the birds, so

    much so that he learned how to identify them, cataloging each bird in a

    guidebook. While other kids watched cartoons, the precocious Danzig was

    watching "Nova," "National Geographic" and any other nature specials he

    could find. When he finally switched to an all-vegan diet four years ago,

    he did so for ethical reasons, primarily his love of animals and his

    concern for the environment.

    He'd always wanted to go vegetarian, but he and his mom had never

    thought they'd had the resources to do it. His surroundings also made that

    kind of lifestyle change seem impossible.

    "Western Pennsylvania was the same as a lot of Midwest areas," Danzig

    said. "There were regular grocery stores, Denny's -- that was about it. No

    one around us was doing anything like that, going vegetarian or vegan. So

    it didn't happen."

    In 1999, right before he started training to become an MMA fighter, Danzig

    got a job at an animal sanctuary. The people who owned and operated

    the place were vegans and showed him that a meatless diet could be

    healthy and affordable if done the right way. But there was another side

    to their education.

    "They just seemed like these fanatical vegan people," he said. "They kind

    of wore it on their sleeve, and I wasn't into that. I said to myself that I'd

    want to do it one day. But with my training about to start, I didn't think

    the time was right. I thought, maybe after I have a successful career, I

    could try it then."

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    23 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • Danzig dove into his training, determined to make a career out of his love

    for MMA competition. First he took up jiu-jitsu, then submission

    grappling. In 2002, he moved to California to train more seriously and

    compete full time. He found early success, rising to the rank of

    lightweight champion and winning the King of the Cage competition. To

    further advance his career, he entered the UFC-sponsored reality series

    "The Ultimate Fighter," which he also went on to win, raising his celebrity

    status in the sport.

    As his career evolved, so did his diet. He'd already cut out all dairy

    products years ago, as they'd given him health problems, all the way up

    to debilitating ear infections, sinus problems and even vertigo. He then

    stopped eating mammals entirely. But poultry and fish remained staples

    of his diet. In 2004, he took the next step, cutting out poultry and fish

    and going entirely vegan. His role model was strength and conditioning

    instructor Mike Mahler. Danzig followed Mahler's diet down to the smallest

    detail. If this famed fitness guru could do it, that was proof enough for

    Danzig that he could do it, too. Danzig won his first fight after the switch,

    giving him further inspiration.

    "I felt really good for that fight," he said. "I didn't have any problems with

    strength, didn't feel weak. I had cravings for about a month, then they

    stopped. I haven't had any cravings since."

    Though Danzig at first feared a meatless diet would hurt his performance,

    he now says it has helped him recover faster from fights and workouts.

    Rather than heavy weightlifting, Danzig's training focuses on plyometrics

    (rapid muscle stretching and muscle contracting), calisthenics and various

    cardiovascular routines. He hasn't lost any strength, he said, and his

    endurance has improved, allowing him to work out longer and recover

    more quickly.

    In the meantime, Danzig has continued to build up his career. Fighting in

    UFC 83 in April, he battled jiu-jitsu expert Mark Bocek for 14 minutes

    before forcing his opponent to submit to a choke hold. The fight was

    Danzig's first since winning the finale of "The Ultimate Fighter" and

    moving to the lightweight division.

    Other challenges remain. Though his training partners and fellow

    competitors have respected his dietary decisions, some MMA fans have

    lashed out at Danzig.

    "I've noticed a lot of negative things said about me, saying 'Who does he

    think he is?'" Danzig explained. "So many people who are vegetarian or

    especially vegan, really wear it on their sleeve, like they're part of some

    exclusive club. That's not my style."

    Instead, Danzig is content to be, as some friends call him, a nature boy.

    When not slapping submission holds on opponents, he's passionate about

    backpacking. He has developed his second career, Mac Danzig

    Photography, and specializes in taking pictures of natural landscapes. And

    he's sticking to his convictions, both inside and outside the octagon.

    "What I'm doing might be just a drop in the bucket," he mused. "My whole

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    24 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • philosophy is not that it's bad necessarily -- we are omnivores, with the

    ability to survive on both. But in this day and age, I don't want to

    contribute to the meat and dairy industries if it's not necessary. That's not

    just for the animals. It's for the Earth, too."


    Ultramarathon running is already tough enough. A typical race can cover

    100 miles or more, often in scorching heat, blistering cold or at dizzying

    elevation. As one of the leading ultramarathon runners in the world, Scott

    Jurek has had to deal with all of those challenges and more, vaulting

    scorpions in the desert, even meeting an occasional bear on the trails.

    [+] Enlarge

    Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty


    Scott Jurek is proof that

    athletic endurance

    doesn't have to be

    compromised by a vegan


    But Jurek adds another degree of difficulty to the mix. As a strict vegan,

    he goes through his grueling training regimen on a diet consisting of

    fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. This seems completely impossible

    when you consider Jurek's typical calorie intake during peak training

    periods: 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day. Despite all that calorie loading, he

    packs just 165 pounds on his super lean, 6-foot-2 frame.

    "For breakfast it's a dense, caloric smoothie," Jurek explained. "Then

    you've got lots of fruits and almonds. People assume it's all carbs. But

    there's also fat -- avocados, rich monosaturated fats, almonds, olive oil."

    He's just getting warmed up.

    "For protein you've got beans, lentils, combining whole grains. Tofu and

    tempeh. Then for carbs: whole grains, breads, cereals, fruits and veggies,

    whole foods, unprocessed foods. There's three main meals, then lots of

    smaller snack foods and mini-meals throughout the day."

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    25 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • Jurek's background didn't seem to portend a vegan diet years later. Born

    and raised in Minnesota, Jurek lived on meat and potatoes, regularly

    going out for hunting and fishing expeditions. After competing at Nordic

    skiing in his younger days, he ran his first ultramarathon in 1994.

    As his ultramarathon career progressed, Jurek began phasing out meat

    from his diet. In 1999, Jurek read "Mad Cowboy," the investigative book

    about the beef industry that prompted Oprah Winfrey to famously declare

    she'd never eat another burger. He became a vegetarian that year. Then,

    just before taking on the 100-mile Western States Endurance Run, he

    went vegan.

    "I had my doubts, sure," Jurek recalled. "Am I going to be strong enough,

    have enough protein? There were all those common disclaimers, how it

    would affect my performance. When I went on to win the race, I realized

    it was all just this mental barrier. After performing well on [the vegan

    diet], I never really doubted it afterwards."

    Neither did Jurek's rivals. Not after he went on one of the most dominant

    runs in the history of his sport, including seven straight Western States

    victories. Instead, he often gets feedback from other distance runners,

    with everyone from beginners to high-level competitors telling Jurek that

    he inspires them to train harder and to seek out alternative diets.

    Still, Jurek says he never tries to impose his personal choices on anyone

    else. Nor does he see his vegan eating as a way to enhance performance.

    Like Danzig, Jurek says his diet does help him indirectly, in that it helps

    him recover from the pounding that his sport dishes out. A lot of people

    excel at ultramarathon running while living on unhealthy diets, he says.

    "But where are they going to be in 20 years?" Jurek asked. "For me, it's

    about optimizing health. It's about lifestyle and longevity. Then you think

    about what vegetarian diets can do for the mass population, in terms of

    lower consumption of resources. When you look at the numbers, it's

    pretty staggering."

    Traveling around the world, while competing everywhere from Death

    Valley to Greece, Jurek has learned how to maintain his vegan diet

    wherever he goes, without skimping on taste. So, Scott, any tips to pass

    along to others thinking about going veggie, or even vegan?

    "It's really not that hard once you get things down," he said. "You just

    have to be a little creative. Sometimes you may not find a great

    vegetarian protein source in a restaurant -- no tofu, for instance. So you

    can do something like add chick peas to salad. Ethnic foods are good,

    too. Mexican beans, Asian tofu, Indian lentils. [To] some people it's this

    weird diet. But most grocery stores have a plethora of foods. Just keep

    variety in your diet, and you'll be good."

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    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    26 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • its not made by vegans. just details on humans vs rest of animal kingdom.

    science/biologists say;

    -DNA of gorillas 9899% identical 2 humans +they were nice enough to

    give us this- chart; our diet must b = 98-99% same as theirs?eat fruitloops

    the end

    at 23:29 No comments:


    Life Is Truly Magical Indeed!!

    on: March 19, 2009, 11:09:32 PM copied from,3861.0.html another

    good place

    I just wanted to share this because it provides me with inspiration and

    confidence in my goddessness:

    After graduating from college and completing a year of national service in

    Atlanta, I moved back north to live at home with my family. I did not

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    27 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • want to leave Atlanta, but I was fearful to live on my own without the

    safety net of being in school or some type of program. So I moved back

    home in september and after a month I was like " I can't take it anymore."

    My spirit was very low and I could see the light that I worked so hard to

    develop begin to dwindle. I knew that my spirit was in the wrong

    environment, I even passed on my dream job making a great salary

    simply b/c my spirit was unhappy, a lot of my familly could not

    understand this, some even expressed anger and looked at me as if I

    thought that I was too good to work b/c I could pass on such a good job

    as if i were throwing away a pair of brand new shoes simply because they

    weren't my style. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and I went on the

    computer one night and purchased the cheapest plane ticket that I could

    find. 3 1/2 months later I moved back to Atlanta without a job or a

    secure place to stay, I simply had a modest amount of money and a good

    friend that let me stay with her until I got on my feet.

    As soon as I got to Atlanta, I instantly felt my spirit perk up and thank me

    for the move. With Dejuhuty's mental science manual in hand I decided to

    work my magic and attract a job that is in alignment with my life's

    passion and purpose. For 3 weeks I applied to jobs and I didn't hear from

    anyone. So to keep my self from stressing and becoming negative I told

    myself daily affirmations practically all day like "the perfect job that is in

    alignment with my life's purpose is on it's way and it's arriving in divine

    order." I also called on my spirit guides and angel guides to reveal my

    life's passion and purpose to me. During this time I also began

    volunteering at a place that I would have liked to work at - a homeless

    assistance center. Volunteering at the center really made my spirit smile

    and it prevented me from stressing about not having a job, a lot of money

    or a secure place to stay. Also, during this time I made it a point to write

    every single night all that I was thankful for; for it is very easy to have a

    lacking mentality when you are out of work, money and a home.

    Expressing my gratitude for the day made me realize that all that I ever

    need is provided for. It also helped me enjoy the things that I usually miss

    in the midst of attempting to live life, things like the feel of the sun on

    my skin when its really windy and freezing cold outside or the beautiful

    sound and tone of the cashiers voice at the local supermarket or simply

    my ability to remain positive and to enjoy this experience that I asked for.

    Lastly, during these 3 weeks I walked a lot and it was freezing cold, but

    these walks really helped me gain peace of mind. I would sometime just

    get up and start walking at 8:00 at night without a destination.

    Anyways, long story short, within 3 weeks I got a job that is in alignment

    with my lifes passion and purpose Man F a recession. I totally forgot

    that I had applied. The position is with a local newspaper. writing is a big

    passion of mine and Ive always had a desire to become a journalist, but

    my insecurities in my talent deterred me from progressing; I guess this

    was my spirit and angel guides way of telling me that I am a writer and

    that this is what I was sent here on earth to doSo, I go for my first

    interview and after the interview is over, the interviewer tells me to take

    a fortune cookie left over from their staff luncheon; so later that night I

    read the fortune cookie and it reads: Travelling south will bring you

    unexpected happiness (no coincidence that I just moved down south).

    So, I get called back for a second interviewNow at the first interview, I

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    28 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • was told that the position was an administrative position, I was cool with

    this, for, even though I wouldnt be writing for the paper, it would be a

    good experience simply to be in a writing environment where I could

    network and learn the ropes of the writing industry. So, I go to the second

    interview and the only question the interviewer asks me is, how are your

    writing skills? Because the position is an expanding position and it will

    require you to do some writing and blogging for our website? Boy was I


    Then it gets better, a week after I received the job I receive an email

    from an old coworker. She asked me if I had got a job this week. Turns

    out my old co-worker is really good friends with one of the individuals

    that interviewed me. The interviewer emailed my old coworker and heres

    how the message went (my old co worker sent me the email):

    Interviewer: do you know Dreamsun?

    Old Coworker: Yes, she's awesome. Why?

    Interviewer: We're thinking about hiring her.

    Old Coworker: Do it. Don't think twice. Do it now. Seriously.

    Interviewer: There's something about her ... Im glad to hear your

    thoughts. I'll let you know.

    Now, is that a great email or what? I am floating on cloud 9. Oh, and I got

    my first own apartment in a beautiful neighborhood that is convenient to

    all of my needs. These occurrences have provided me with so much

    confidence in the FACT that I am capable of attracting all that I desire out

    of life and I know that a lot of my growth has to do with frequenting

    dherbs so I just want to thank bro. D and the whole dherbs community for

    being a catalyst of my growthNow all I gotta do is get my hands on that

    love manual and start opening up that heart chakrastory coming soon lol

    Love...Freedom...Bliss Here I Come

    a reply that i liked

    Reply #5 on: March 20, 2009, 08:01:24 PM

    lol. you had me tearing up!!! Just because I have seen theprogression in you from college til now its been greaT!!!!!

    Sometimes people are destined for certain environments. Its

    like your soul or spirit yearns to be in a certain atomosphere.

    Ever go somewhere and you are instantly lifted? (i made

    that stand out, i think one doesnt necessarily have to move

    right away; it can also b about cutting out certain

    situations/thoughts/people giving that energy+positivity aka

    lift, but those are surface level because the real


    things,etcetera can b hightened and more possible in certain

    locations/places.) Then thats a place where you are meant to

    be. Newark energy wise was not the place for you! Atlanta

    was. Look what happened you find a job you like, you do

    volunteer work, and you have the ability to be you!

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    29 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • Some people fast to clear their minds, you walked! im sure all

    that walking cleared your mind and energy and put you in line

    for good things

    Life IS truly magical!!!

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    Thinking Yourself Into Sickness, Disease, and Injury

    by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

    If you are sick and/or dealing with a certain disease or pathology or a few

    of them, you may not be aware of this, but you actually played a role in

    making yourself sick. Whatever your condition of health is, you thought it

    into existence. As thoughts create destiny and reality, they also create

    health conditions. Most healthy people have a healthy frame of mind and

    thinking whereas sick people have a diseased frame of mind and thinking.

    A mind full of healthy thoughts will get you good health whereas a mind

    full of unhealthy thoughts will get you poor or bad health.

    Sickness, pathology or disease begins in the mind. The mind is a magnet

    that attracts things good and bad, positive or negative. What you

    concentrate on over and over constitutes mental programming and this

    mental programming generates thoughts and thought activates attraction.

    When you continually and habitually think about a thing, you are

    activating forces that bring these things into physical manifestation. Our

    brain becomes magnetized with our dominating thoughts which we hold

    and foster in our minds. Thoughts are magnetic! They attract things (e.g.

    forces, people, circumstances, etc.) to us which harmonize with the

    nature of our dominating thoughts.

    This is why we have flu season every year. It's no accident the media

    starts promoting flu propaganda in the beginning of the year and during

    the Winter season. The media starts inundating our collective feeble

    mind-state with stories of the flu and then shortly after they start

    promoting flu vaccines and shots. It is the collective fear of the flu and

    belief in the flu that attracts the flu to many people. Folks are not

    actually attracting or catching the flu as the flu doesn't exist. How can

    you catch a disease when you've never caught health? It's like the

    stupidity of catching a cold when you've never caught a hot or a warm.

    It's so funny to me. People always catch sickness or disease but they

    never catch a cure or healing. People get sick because they unwisely

    believe in sickness.

    Flu is just a name, a patented medical name, owned by the

    Rulers/Masters and the effects of what is called the flu is nothing but the

    manifestation of the breakdown of the defense or immune system from

    all that holiday junk food binging (which is greatly mucus-forming)

    starting with Halloween and ending with New Year's. This is why the

    so-called flu never fails! It's comes on the heels of heavy pigging out on

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    30 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • lifeless foods three months in a row followed by media-based flu scares

    and flu vaccine promotion.

    The media puts the fear into your head and then your mind entertains

    that fear and constantly. Entertaining fear creates thoughts, FEARFUL

    thoughts, and these fearful thoughts attract the very thing you fear or are

    afraid of. This is how this whole thing works, people! It's really no secret.

    People are attracting the so-called flu with their thoughts and belief.

    And because the so-called flu deals with a compromised defense or

    immune system, what breaks down the defense or immune system

    greater than fear, worry, stress, and negativity? These things alone make

    you sick. They are no good for health. They offer no incentive or

    dividends whatsoever. But if you look at most people in society, they are

    full of fear, worry, stress, and negativity and these same people are sick

    as hell. It never fails. There is a direct correlation to the state of the

    mind and human health.

    Let's take a look at sexually-transmitted disease and how people's

    thoughts create these. Long before you physically contract and manifest

    the STD you unconsciously projected out the attraction for it. Every STD

    condition is the result of your subconscious mind and emotional state of

    being. Whether you know it or not, if you have a STD, you attracted it.

    The person who comes into your life and who transmits the STD to you

    fulfilled an unconscious contract or contractual agreement you put out

    via vibration. This is why medical doctors tell you that you have

    "contracted" a venereal or sexually-transmitted disease. It's a contract,

    an agreement between two persons to perform certain duties for a

    consideration (usually sexually pleasure for one person and the STD for

    the other satisfying the guilt or need for punishment complex).

    Sexually-transmitted disease manifests in the genitalia area of the First

    or Root chakra for males and females and the Second or Sacral Plexus

    charka of females. Sexually-transmitted diseases in females are almost

    always rooted at the Second Chakra in the belly area, underneath which

    lies the female reproductive chamber (ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes,

    etc.). Every chakra or energy center has a demon. The demon of the

    Second Chakra is GUILT. The demon of the First Chakra is FEAR. When

    there is a conscious or unconscious fear and feeling of guilt pertaining to

    sweetjoy or the sweetjoy act, vibration is created. Nothing creates more

    fear and guilt about sweetjoy than religion.

    For the religious-minded person who believes sweetjoy and/or sweetjoy

    while unmarried is a sin or sinful act, he/she will undoubtedly attract the

    vibration of punishment. Our thoughts really do create our reality. The

    thought of sin attracts sin to us. So after we sin (if we are religious), we

    automatically CONVICT ourselves and are thus GUILTY (in the eyes of our

    God and in our own mind). We'll, in a court of law (and remember we're

    dealing with law in the form of Law of Attraction), what follows a

    conviction? Is it not PUNISHMENT?

    Sexually-transmitted disease is the form of punishment that people

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    31 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • attract to themselves in response to their self-conviction of guilt. In

    Western religion, God is associated with punishment and in most cases

    that punishment involves pain, torture, suffering, and humiliation. And

    people with STDs suffer from pain (inflammation of the genitals,

    especially while urinating), self-torture (beating themselves up for having

    sweetjoy; regret), self-inflicted suffering and humiliation (usually via

    sense of embarrassment and shame).

    Since most sweetjoy in the U.S. today takes place in the lower chakra

    realm which deals with the material and is lust-based, it can be said that

    sweetjoy takes place for or is predicated upon three things (1) survival

    purposes, (2) pleasure/self-gratification purposes, and (3) power


    The First Chakra is concerned with survival. The Second chakra is

    concerned with pleasure (especially sexual pleasure). The Third chakra is

    concerned with power and will. The demon for the First Chakra is FEAR.

    The demon for the Second Chakra is GUILT. The demon for the Third

    Chakra is SHAME. Fear, guilt and shame negative feelings that attract

    situations and circumstances that result in more fear, guilt, and shame.

    Metaphysician Louis L. Hay associates most sexually transmitted diseases

    with "mass belief in sexual guilt and the need for punishment; public

    shame; belief in a punishing God; and rejection of the genitals."

    The person who transmitted the STD to you satisfied your subconscious

    request for the need for punishment, humiliation, torture, suffering, etc.

    and usually resulting from your thoughts; but it was the thoughts that

    brought about the manifestation of the physical act which brought about

    the physical consequences.

    Many times people have sweetjoy with a person and afterwards begin to

    worry and stress over if the person gave them something or if they caught

    something from the person doing the sweetjoy act. They begin to hope

    and pray that they didn't catch or contract something and in doing this

    they amplify what they don't want and thus attract it. In effect, without

    knowing, they are actually asking the Universe (macrocosm) and the

    Subconscious Mind (microcosm) for the disease as the Universe and

    Subconscious Mind does not understand the words "not," and "don't," So

    when you concentrate on what you don't want you are in effect asking for

    and attracting to you via Law of Attraction what you don't want and the

    Universe and Subconscious Mind only knows how to deliver.

    Many people are shocked that a person they thought was cool, clean,

    hygienic, decent, etc. or whom they greatly connected with, "gave" them

    a sexually-transmitted disease; but we resonate with the people or

    partners who will perfectly fulfill our fears, guilt, and shame. So maybe

    he or she was attractive, seemed dignified, was accomplished in some

    area of life, was charming, financially well-off, etc., but that wasn't the

    point. This person came into your life for the specific purpose of fulfilling

    your fears, deep-seated guilt, and shame (need for humiliation).

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    32 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • We attract people who vibrate on the same frequency or resonance as we

    do. We are all subject to the Law of Attraction just like we are subject to

    the Law of Gravity. There's no escaping this.

    The Law of Attraction operates to pull or draw in whatever it is that we

    fear or resist as the subconscious world of vibration does not understand

    the words "not" and "don't." When we focus of what we don't want, don't

    like, or what we fear, we are amplifying that vibration and that's what

    we'll attract. It's the law!

    The above is very important in over-standing how we think ourselves into

    sickness and disease.

    I have clients who will ask me, "Djehuty, I got bad nerves! What do you

    have for bad nerves?" Most people are conditioned and inclined to take

    something outside of self for their answer(s) never realizing that their

    much sought after answers for every question or problem of life lies

    within. But society has programmed them to look for all their answers

    outside of self in the form of a pill or herbal capsule, government, a

    lawyer, a doctor or psychiatrist, religion (priest, rabbi, or imam); money,

    school, etc.

    Before I even speak on an herbal formula for nerves, I simply ask these

    people to name off all the people in their life who "gets on their nerves"

    and a whole papyrus full of so-called friends, family members and

    co-workers/associates drops down.

    My advice to the people with nerves problems is to cut-off every person

    who gets on their nerves. People who get on your nerves change your

    vibration to the vibration that will keep people who get on your nerves

    coming into your orbit and life. The wise and healthy thing to do is to get

    rid of these people. They are nothing but energy leeches, psychic

    vampires who rob you of your vital energy or life force and these people

    give you absolutely nothing of good in return. They are draining you!

    "Djehuty, my stomach hurts all the time!" Well, that's because there's

    something in your life that you can't stomach but evidently you keep

    dealing with it ("digesting it") and since the body speaks in metaphor your

    stomach begins speaking to you or giving you signals in the form of

    stomach problems.

    "Djehuty, I have a problem with my eyes!" That's easy! What is it you are

    not trying to see the truth of? What do you fail to see that you really need

    to see?

    Just look at all the negative sayings and expressions folks use almost

    daily that attract sickness, disease, injury and drama/problems into our


    "Get on my sweet joy nerves!"

    "I can't stand him!" (feet)

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    33 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • "Makes me sick to my stomach!"

    "Gives me a sweet joy head-ache!"

    "I hate facing him!"

    "I'm not trying to see her!" (eyes)

    "She got my back to the wall!"

    "I'm shouldering too much responsibility as a single mother!"

    "You're a pain in the neck!"

    "He gets under my skin!"

    "She makes my blood boil!"

    "You're going to give me a heart-attack!"

    "I'm tired of taking this Sweet joy!" (colon)

    "Taking this crap puts a frog in my throat!"

    "I know I'm getting screwed up the sweet joy with this deal!" (rectum)

    "There's so much I need to get off my chest but I just can't ... I need my

    job!" (lungs, breast)

    "I know it's true but I ain't trying to hear that right now!" (ears)

    We have to be conscious of the words we use or we will attract to us

    disease, sickness, or injury into these specific areas of our body. Even

    when we are afflicted in certain areas or parts of our body, it's still a good

    thing because a message is being conveyed if we'd only listen. Behind

    every physical ailment or problem is an emotional crisis, a metaphysical


    Metaphysics can help us to get to the root of our physical health

    problems. A mere physician can only "treat" a physical ailment by

    suppressing the problem with chemical drugs (which greatly toxify the

    body). But the metaphysician can help us heal and cure ourselves of any

    medical condition because the metaphysician knows that disease first

    exists on the energy level.

    As your words can change your life, they can also improve your health.

    When folks ask me how I'm doing, I never hesitate to tell them, "I'm on

    top of the world!" "I'm great!" "I'm well!"

    I don't say "I'm okay!" That's mediocre in nature to me.

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    34 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • "I'm alright!" Just alright?

    "I could be doing better!" Then why aren't you?

    "I've had better days!"

    Off the bat I know the mind-state of such individuals who respond like

    this. Usually you will get a conversation of "doom and gloom" from these

    individuals which can be quite depressing. I always make sure my greeting

    or introduction is an inspiring and motivational one. I refuse to listen to

    negativity so I take over and speak motivational, inspirational,

    self-empowering and positive words. These people will do either two

    things listen or leave, which says a lot. Some people may just be "down."

    Others may want to relish in their victim, "woe is me," mode.

    Just as we speak disease, sickness and injury into our lives, we can also

    speak good health and optimism into our lives. We simply have to

    reprogram ourselves and replace certain negative words with positive

    ones. We also have to start concentrating and thinking about want we

    want rather than what we don't want. Thoughts are things and have

    attracting power. Healthy thoughts attract healthy people, things and

    circumstances into our orbit and life.

    We have to recondition and reprogram ourselves and the system that

    brainwashed and conditioned us is not going to help us as it's not to their

    advantage if we lead healthier and positive lives. Healthy and positive

    lives and attitudes threaten crime which is bad for politics and

    government (courts, law enforcement); threatens religion (lack of sin and

    thus lack of need for repentance or salvation); threatens the

    pharmaceutical industry (lack of disease and thus lack of profits due to

    drug sales); threatens psychology and psychiatry (lack of mind problems

    and mental patients), etc.

    Certain people, corporations, and institutions benefit from our not being

    healthy and happy.

    Start using YOUR mind for YOUR own benefit TODAY!

    This article is compliments of Dherbs.Com and Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

    Additional articles by the author @

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    Germ Theory


    Modern day society is very conscious about germs. We are all taught from

    the very beginning to always wash our hands and practice many other

    daily outer hygienic practices along with keeping our living environments

    sanitary and clean. This is great. Working with food everyday, there is

    also a code of hygiene and sanitation that goes with the production of

    Condensed Wisdom: 04.09

    35 di 39 06/02/2015 20.57

  • food. This is also proper. With the high consciousness of cleanliness that

    is present with society you would think that that no one should fall victim

    to what was the result of a germ that entered their body and started

    reeking havoc. However, this is not the case. The pharmaceutical industry

    is doing well in the production of antibiotics, drugs, vaccines, and

    Robitussin (smile) that are either supposed to eliminate the germ that is

    causing problems in your body or bring it under control. Now let me begin

    by saying I am no biologist, nor do I think I need to be one in order to

    bring some light to this subject. I am just an observer of life where I

    strive to live as close to Mother Nature's laws as possible in an

    environment that doesn't respect Mother Nature.

    It my strong belief that most if not all diseases are the result from

    improper dietary hygiene and not germs from someone else or some other

    mysterious entity. There is a saying that sums it up perfectly; "You don't

    catch a cold, you eat one." First and foremost, by taking this approach, if

    you fall victim to disease, you and you alone are taking full responsibility

    for your present diseased condition and not passing that responsibility to

    a mysterious germ entity that was passed to you by your neighbor, your

    cousin, or even your mate. I personally like the idea of taking full

    responsibility for anything that may harm me whether it is disease,

    misfortune, uneventful circumstances, and so on. Too often in our

    society, we do not take full responsibility for the events that happen in

    our lives, yet we are the playwright, director, and actor/actress for what

    happens in our lives.

    Germ Theory proposes that microorganisms naked to the human eye that

    originate outside of the human organism is the cause for many diseases.

    Let us examine the food we eat and how