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Vécsey Zsadány (elnök, ALEAS Simulations, inc.) előadása az AmCham Hungary által szervezett "FLOW is Good Business - Egy magyar gondolat világsikere" című rendezvényen (2012. november 27., Hotel Kempinski, Budapest).

Transcript of Vécsey Zsadány előadása - AmCham FLIGBY program

  • 1. Balance between challenges and skillsBlended Learning Leading changeStrategic thinking Increased performance Enhancing self esteemPersonal feedbackLeadership Being in the zone CaliforniaMotivating others Clear goals PositiveCreativity psychologyLeading teams CskszentmihlyiInteractive learningFLOW is Good BusinessInnovation Serious gamingOnline simulation Making of meaning Competences Entrepreneurship Sonoma Valley Skill development Multimedia2012 ALEAS Simulations, Inc. California

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