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Values & Confidence Workshop KATE O’REILLY // @CLEVERKATE #unleashed // #40forward

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Slides from a confidence and values workshop led as the first part of a four-part series given at CoCo Minneapolis by Kate O'Reilly to support Google for Entrepreneurs' #40forward initiate, which aims to rethink the gender gap in startups and entrepreneurial communities. Two exercizes were done within the session to better connect the attendees -- another goal is to create a supportive, ongoing community that meets regularly and communicates daily for better progress.

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  • Values & Confidence Workshop KATE OREILLY // @CLEVERKATE #unleashed // #40forward
  • Iggy Azalea First things first, Im the realist.
  • Hi, Im Kate. My ears arent even. KATE OREILLY // @CLEVERKATE #unleashed // #40forward
  • The conversations and language around beauty, bodies, brains, accomplishments, power, assertiveness have to be clear and smarter and more direct. We have to own our power and embody it. If youre loud, be loud. If youre smart, say it it out loud. If you do amazing things, talk about them. If your daughter doesnt want to dress like other girls, or is assertive, or puts herself out there, support her. But support yourself, too. Make your reality something that resonates with her. If you work 3 or 4 jobs to support you and your family, talk about what that means and why youre doing it. ! -Nancy Lyons // @nylons
  • Okay, so lets do that. (Like, right now.) KATE OREILLY // @CLEVERKATE #unleashed // #40forward
  • I am __________________. Say one true, positive thing about yourself aloud. Do not say sorry. Do not make a hotdish.
  • Mayonce. Beyalbright. OMG LOL BBQ did she really put Beyonc & Madeleine Albright on the same slide!? Damn right I did. Think of who you admire and use them as a beacon.
  • Lets break that down. This slide was *thisclose* to being an R. Kelly lyric.
  • Calm good sleep, regular yoga, drama-free relationships, being organized, managing noise ! Tradition making things from scratch from my Grandmothers recipes, carrying on special family practices, recalling my parents values and deciding which ones I would carry on ! Honesty honoring commitments, being on time, being kind & clear in difcult situations, clearly stating my needs ! Happiness simple and real: music, nding beauty, dancing, laughing, being curious, helping people succeed ! Stability well-managed nances, routines, stocked cupboards, being prepared ! Community solid and supportive friendships, working family relationships, donating time and funds selessly to those who are struggling, spending money locally
  • Six* ways to gain confidence and better define your values that you can do today (or tomorrow). ! ! ! ! ! *Choose one. All six at once will make you crazy.
  • Six things you can do to gain confidence today: ! Get enough sleep. Sleep solves ALL THE PROBLEMS. I schedule sleep. On my phone, at 9:20PM, a reminder goes off: Time to wind down. Every night. ! Eliminate jealousy as an emotion. Want something for yourself? Go get it. ! Wear only clothes (AND SHOES) that make you feel amazing. If someone says you look great in a color: believe them and wear it more. ! Break up with one person that weighs you down. Actively/or fade away. Be kind and be done. ! Go to a restaurant and order the first thing that looks good. Then put the menu down and talk to the person across from you about real things. ! REPORT BACK TO ME ON TWITTER, by email , or in person!
  • Frances Hocutt // @franceshocutt Competence builds confidence.
  • Thank you. Call and write often. @cleverkate // [email protected]