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  • Value of Specifying Grouted Field Personnel Certification

    Gregory Hunsicker, P.E. May 2012 PTI Convention - Nashville

  • Course Objective

    Quality of materials and

    workmanship are critical to the performance of grouted post-tensioning. Individuals who complete the training will have a sound working knowledge of all aspects of installation and inspection of all grouted post-tensioning systems

    D. Van Landuyt, P.E., TXDOT

  • Course Objective

    PTI Certification Workshop: Level 1 & 2 Bonded PT Field Specialist

    3-day workshop specifically aimed at field personnel involved in the installation, stressing, grouting, and inspection of bonded post-tensioning multi-strand and bar systems used in bridge and building construction.

    Baseline of Knowledge

  • Course Objective

    Benefits: Durability of PT construction Improved productivity Enhanced safety Risk reduction Improved profitability &

    competitiveness Code & specification compliance

    PTI/ASBI M50, PTI M55 Professional development Better value for the owner Consistency Focus on Preplanning QC and Record Keeping Best Practices Discussion

  • Attendees

    Field personnel Installers and Inspectors

    Owners Engineers Managers Large projects Experienced and new personnel

    Experience level differentiates Level 1 and 2


  • Specifying the Certification

    M50 Specification Example Several DOTs and other Owners already specify requirements for certification

    7.1 Supervision Post-Tensioning Operations Direct Supervisor of Post-Tensioning Operations shall be

    certified as PTI Level 2 Bonded PT Field Specialist Foreman of each installation and stressing crew shall be

    certified as PTI Level 2 Bonded PT Field Specialist Foreman of each grouting crew shall be certified as PTI

    Level 2 Bonded PT Field Specialist and ASBI Certified Grouting Technician

    At least 25% of each crew shall be certified in PTI Level 1 Bonded PT Field Installation

  • Course Description

    Day 1 Introduction to Post-Tensioning Post-Tensioning Systems &

    Components Materials and Properties Installation Tendon Stressing

    Day 2 Grouting Field Demos

    Day 3 Corrosion Protection Construction Documents Safety Troubleshooting Review Certification Exam

  • Course Description

    1. Introduction to Post-Tensioning Basic Principles of Post-tensioning Definitions Bonded vs. UnBonded Internal and External Tendons Applications of Post-tensioning

  • Course Description

    2. Post-tensioning Systems and Components

    Terminology and components Proper handling, storage, and

    protection of components Establishing and identifying job site

    responsibilities Traceability

  • Course Description

    3. Material Properties and Testing Stressing Forces Strand Production and Properties Elongations and Tolerances Sampling Testing Friction Tests, MOE, etc Grout Testing

  • Course Description

    4. Installation Tools and equipment unique to the

    installation of post-tensioning systems

    Field placement tolerances Duct assembly & installation

    requirements Grout Vent Locations Anchorage installation processes Methods and techniques for

    installing prestressing steel Importance of protecting the

    prestressing steel prior to grouting

  • Course Description

    5. Stressing Proper use of stressing equipment

    and related tools to properly prepare, stress, and finish bar and strand tendons

    Understand jacking force versus hydraulic gauge pressure

    Proper marking and measuring procedures

    Allowable times between stressing and grouting


  • Course Description

    6. Grouting Overall grouting operation and how

    to use equipment Written Grout Plan Hot Weather / Cold Weather Procedures for checking for

    blockages Proper mixing procedures related to

    grout types Repairs

  • Course Description

    7. Corrosion Protection Identify levels of corrosion protection Identify the characteristics of grout

    that contribute to PT durability Identify the possible ways to protect

    post-tensioning anchorages Identify ways to provide temporary

    corrosion protection of tendons during construction

  • Course Description

    8. Contract Documents Identify all of the pertinent

    construction documents utilized in post-tensioned construction

    Extract needed information from these documents and apply it to the construction of the project

    Identify types of documents Calibrations Charts QC Records

  • Course Description

    9. Safety Understand hazards associated with

    different operations Safe material handling and storage Avoiding Issues

  • Course Description

    10. Troubleshooting Identifying and repairing common

    issues Avoiding issues by utilizing best


  • Course Description

    Student Manual

    Best Practices Current Specifications

  • Course Description


    Filling out Stressing Records Strand Properties Grouting Procedures Reading Plans and Specs Jobsite Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Course Description

    Field Demos

    Install, Stressing, Grouting Compare different types of

    equipment and materials Grout testing Discuss common issues / tips

    and tricks

  • Course Description

    Exam 60 question Multiple Choice

    Exam Closed Book


    Professionals within the post-tensioning industry

    Variety of Backgrounds CT40 PTI Committee

  • Certifications

    Level 2 Bonded PT Field Specialist Prerequisite: None Exam minimum score: 80% Work experience: 1500 hours in PT

    500 placing + 500 stressing + 500 grouting

    Level 1 Bonded PT Field Installation Prerequisite: None Exam minimum score: 70% Work experience: None

    Valid for 4 years Recertification by online exam

  • Upcoming Courses

    Level 1&2 Bonded PT Field Specialist

    May 23-25, 2012 - Gainesville, FL July 18-20, 2012 - Chicago, IL September 12-14, 2012 - San Jose, Calif. October 10-12, 2012 - Austin, TX

    Special Requests All of the five nationally recognized PTI Training and Certification programs

    can be presented at your location by proven industry experts. Train and certify your employees or other group and eliminate travel-related expenses. We bring the experts to you.

  • Value of Specifying Certification

    Consistent and Current Training to Latest Specifications

    Best Practices Focus on Durability of PT

    construction Owners know what to expect

    Contact Gregory Hunsicker or

    Miroslav Vejvoda for more information [email protected] [email protected]

    Value of Specifying Grouted Field Personnel CertificationCourse ObjectiveCourse ObjectiveCourse ObjectiveAttendeesSpecifying the CertificationCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCourse DescriptionCertificationsUpcoming CoursesValue of Specifying Certification