Valley Living February 2016

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Valley Living February 2016

Transcript of Valley Living February 2016

  • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2016

    Valley HealtHMontrose Press VOL.3, ISSUE 2

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    Funding a Healthy Today and Tomorrow



    Montrose Memorial Hospital WELCOMESDr. Matthew Smolin, MD, FACC, CardiologyBoard Certi ed

    Medical SchoolNew York Medical College, Valhalla, NY

    Internship/ResidencyFitzsimons Army Medical Center, Aurora, CO

    FellowshipWalter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC

    Of ce17 North Mesa, Montrose, COPhone: 970-252-1020

    Now Accepting New Patients

    800 South Third Street, Montrose, CO 81401970-249-2211

    Over 100 Physicians Choose to Practice Here




    The Heart of the Matter7 Heart Smart Health Tips pg. 6 Just do it for your heart. pg. 4


    pg. 7

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    Valley Health is a publication of the Montrose Daily Press. It publishes monthly on the first Friday.

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    816 S. 1st Street, Montrose (970) 249-2533

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    Our Of ce has been a Family Tradition for 36 Years

    We CaterTo Cowards

    Get this sweetheart of a deal...Become a New Patient today!

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    Hospital Happenings

    Year in review and moreAs we re-

    flect on our New Years resolutions, take time to remember that good health is the foundation for a happy life and know that we at Montrose Memorial Hospital are dedicated to our commu-

    nitys wellbeing. We emerge from 2015 with a record of success and are strategically planning for the coming years. A few highlights from 2015 include:

    Reducing existing debt through increased cash reserves

    Proceeding with updates to our facilities

    Initiating new philanthropy, community partnership and engagement strategies

    Successful recruitment of physicians and advanced practitioners for our region

    While we have much to feel good about, its important to keep an eye on the future so we continue to meet the upcoming challenges as we live in a time of great transition for healthcare. A local, independent nonprofit hospital is a treasure worth pre-serving and the Board of Direc-tors and executive leadership of Montrose Memorial takes this stewardship responsibility seri-ously.

    The hospital recognizes that community and regional collabo-ration are essential to keep the healthcare system vibrant for our region in the current health-care climate. We have actively built, and continue to strengthen and expand a network of profes-sional and organized partner-ships. This network bolsters not

    only Montrose Memorial, but also focuses on strengthening the regional healthcare providers by providing additional resources while allowing us all the indepen-dence to better meet the needs of local populations.

    We are one of 29 owner mem-bers of the Western Healthcare Alliance (WHA), and also a member of WHAs Community Care Alliance (CCA) for rural and community hospitals. WHA membership benefits Montrose staff with access to an active peer-exchange and to state-of-the-art WHA programs on cost-reduction and quality care. Through our work and leadership role in WHA and CCA, we have recently formed an additional collaboration with neighboring hospitals in Delta, Gunnison and Aspen, and physi-cian clinics in order to increase communication and care in a patient-centered approach. This approach has demonstrated to be very effective in rural communi-ties which have unique challenges based on how and where we live. Our participation with our neighboring healthcare provid-ers represents a commitment to greater communication between providers in the care continuum, especially for our patients with chronic illnesses. By improv-ing how we work together with other hospitals and care providers across the spectrum of care, we hope to improve care, reduce the likelihood of duplicated services, and reduce costs for our patients.

    Montrose Memorial is more than just a hospital. We are a com-munity-based integrated health system that is well positioned for 2016 and the years to come. We believe it is important to continue developing mutual-benefit allianc-es with other quality providers to ensure the future of healthcare for our region.

    Steve Hannah, MHA is the CEO of Montrose Memorial Hospital. To learn more, visit l

    Dear pharmacist

    Protect yourself from heart attack

    Dear Pharmacist,My brother, father, and uncle

    all died of a heart attack in their early 50s so Im getting nervous. How can I help myself now? G.H., Decatur, Ill.

    I commend you for your enthu-siastic quest for wellness. After writing this column for 14 years, one point I cannot stress enough: Inflammation is the primary underlying factor contributing to cardiometabolic risk.

    When I say inflammation, Im not referring to swollen fingers I mean full body (systemic) inflam-mation. Think of it as a fire driv-ing up your insulin (bad), messing your hormone balance (bad), in-creasing pain-causing compounds called cytokines (bad) and squeez-ing off blood flow to your major organs like the brain and heart.

    Health care today emphasizes medications to treat symptoms of heart disease rather than trying to put the fire out.

    One example is with cholesterol reducing drugs. Fine by me, but medication alone doesnt put out your smoldering systemic fire. Same thing with insulin resis-tance, detected easily in a blood test. Take all the blood sugar reducing medications you want to, they wont put out the fire (inflam-mation) either.

    This is covered entirely in my Diabetes WIthout Drugs book, where I help you avoid becoming a number junkie, a person who chases down numbers with medi-cations. The assumption is that it equals good health! It doesnt.

    To adequately reduce your risks, I recommend proper diagnostic test-ing first. The way we measure blood pressure is wrong. The British are ahead of us. They do 24-hour moni-toring as standard procedure.

    Thats excellent because one of-fice pressure wont tell you whats going on centrally, in the brain and heart, it only measures peripheral pressure. You never want your CRP to go over 3 mcg/ml because this

    blocks the angiotensin II receptor, cranking out enormous amounts of oxidative stress (think fire).

    The B vitamins reduce CRP so a B-complex is a good idea. Addi-tionally, consider potassium, 3 to 5 grams per day (absolutely ask your doctor). Physicians sometimes pre-scribe beta blockers. As a general rule they dont do anyone a favor, and are known to increase diabetes by about 5 percent a year.

    More simple stuff. Vitamin B6 is a natural calcium channel blocker, mild diuretic and it improves insu-lin resistance. Awesome, consider-ing its 10 dollars a month if you take 100-200 mg per day.

    Also alpha lipoic acid, about 200mg three times daily. It improves endothelial dysfunction, and in-sulin resistance; used with Acetyl L-carnitine, its a one-two punch. Youll need a little biotin on board to prevent depletion from the alpha lipoic acid.

    My suggestions are intended to shine a flashlight of hope. I hate when people are told Lets wait and see. Wait for what? A heart attack?

    If you like how I think, its be-cause I attend medical seminars of-fered by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Find a doctor at their website ( where they speak this language. Just click on Find a Practitioner or call 800-228-0622 for more infor-mation.

    Suzy Cohen has been a licensed pharmacist for 25 years and is a functional medicine practitioner for the last 15. She devotes time to educating people about the benefits of natural vitamins, herbs and minerals. In addition to writing a syndicated health column, Dear Pharmacist, Suzy Cohen is the author of many different books on natural health. All of the opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessar-ily represent the viewpoint of the Montrose Daily Press. l

    Steve HannaMontrose Memorial Hospital

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    Mindfulness and heart healthBY KENDRA DORR

    Taking a few minutes to relax each day could help you lower your risk of heart disease. Mindfulness is a practice often using deep breathing, quiet thought or long moments to focus on something s