Vacation to Bahamas Island

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  • Shimmy to Calypso All the Way to the BahamasPosted by Charlie Brown - Guest Blogger on 30th, October 2012Shimmy to Calypso All the Way to the Bahamas!Imagine this: white, powdery sands, clear turquoise waters, cool breeze, swaying palm trees, warmsmiles and Jazzy, relaxing Calypso music. Makes you want to jump on the next plane and go on a self-proclaimed holiday, right?The beautiful Bahamas, with its two thousand islands, rolling hills and mountains coupled with friendlylocals and then delectable local dishes from the freshest seafood plus subtropical climate; its hard notto fall in love with this country.Exploring the BahamasThe SeasWhen you think of the Bahamas, you immediately think of its beautiful stretches of beaches. Therefore,upon arriving in the country, ones first instinct is to hit the beaches right away.The Grand Bahama Island is without a doubt the most popular island destination in the Bahamasbecause of its caves and cays, reefs and white-sands beaches.If you wish to see the countrys best example of its ecosystems, then the Grand Bahama Island is whereyou should certainly go.Bahamas Vacation Getaway | Holiday To The Bahamas
  • Dominican Republic Travel TipsThe Lucayan National Park in the Grand Bahama Island showcases all of the archipelagos 6 types ofecosystems.You can go inside the islands famous limestone cave considered as among the longest underwatercaves of its type in the world, or you can loll by the beach and enjoy the view.For water sports, you can go diving, snorkeling or sailing.If you wish to swim with dolphins, head to Nassau where you will find Paradise Island. WithinParadise Island is Blue Lagoon Island, a private island that offers close encounters with dolphins intheir natural habitat.You and the kids will definitely enjoy swimming with the dolphins and playing with the sea lions.Top Island Destinations | Holiday To The BahamasCaribbean All Inclusive TripsLand AdventuresAfter your encounter with the dolphins and the sea lions, why not get to meet some more animals butthis time, on land?In Nassau, there is the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre. Located in Western NewProvidence, this tourist hotspot is home to the islands famous marching flamingos. The flamingos are
  • trained and march to the orders of their trainer during a show.After your close-up with the flamingos, explore the zoo where you will see various animals, reptilesand birds.Museums, landmarks and shops are also worth a visit in Nassau.The Grand Bahama Island meanwhile is the perfect spot for bird watching. Bird enthusiasts will have afield day watching both resident and migratory birds. Among the resident birds are barn owl, great blueheron, mangrove cuckoo and blue-gray gnatcatcher.Migratory birds include a variety of warblers and orioles plus Eastern kingbird and Pectoral sandpiper.You may also come across some of Bahamas endemic birds such as the Bahama swallow, Bahamayellowthroat and the Bahama woodstar.Junkanoo FestivalJunkanoo is the most popular festival in the archipelago. Its a parade of sorts where locals and touristsshimmy to the beat of the bongos of Calypso music, with good helpings of Soca and Rake & Scrapemusic for good measure.The festival takes place twice per year, in most towns in the Bahamas. Junkanoo is enjoyed everyBoxing Day which is the day after Christmas Day and New Years.Bahamas Vacation Getaway | Holiday To The Bahamas
  • Island Hopping CaribbeanIn the Grand Bahama Island however, Junkanoo is also celebrated during summer.Colorful and elaborate costumes and dances that tell a story are only some of the highlights of thefestival. The start of the festival is signaled by lively street dancing that starts at about two in themorning and lasts up to ten of the same morning.Charlie is a free lancer writer and content builder of and has writtenmany articles for travel blogs.