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  • 1. (now even awesomER!)

2. THE MAIN IDEA. THE MESSAGE: -We stick to original idea: REVIVAL-Make the building BREATH-Symbolize new era for the region.-We do that using 4 different scenarios all of them with similar interactivity 3. THE MAIN IDEA. THE MESSAGE:4 scenarios together tell the story: #1 Building the building #2 X-Ray the building to see life grow orenable life #3 The building breathes #4 The future of the now living building 4. OTHER GENERAL ASPECTS VISUAL/SOUND: -Users have a recognizable presence on screen(silhouette or a surrogate 'avatar)'. -Schematic visuals with high contrast. -The sound effects will be based on visuals. No music other than ambient noise/FX etc. INTERACTIVITY: -As users walk into the interactivity area an avatar with certain characteristics is assigned. -It reacts like the silhouette on yesyesno example & moodwall. Besides, when there are collisions between avatars, there are various effects differing in each scenario. 5. HOW TO PRESENT THE INTERACTION -Clear difference between the non- interactive and the interactive area, for example a stage of 50 cm high: U-turm operation room -Advantages: *Easier for video tracking (higher than the rest of the people) *People know that's where you interact, & start playing with the installation when walking in. *People who don't want to interact know how to stay away from the game. *Easy to control amount of people etc. 6. HOW TO PRESENT THEINTERACTION 7. SCENARIO #1: BUILDING-The building starts old, dirty and broken.- A Color is assigned to the user, this color is visible on the silhouette.- Depending on the color(s) of the interacting users, they can either clean, repair or destroy the building even more! 8. SCENARIO #1: BUILDING 9. SCENARIO #2: X-RAY -The avatars are divided in two groups.-They mask the building with X-Ray view, so we can see inside how it's flled of life.-When two of the same kind collide, they paint some X-Ray view mask.-When two of different kinds collide: they erase the mask or make the building bleed. 10. SCENARIO #2: X-RAY 11. SCENARIO #2: X-RAY 12. SCENARIO #3: BREATHING -The building is pulsing.- The user will either be an O2 or CO2 molecule (represented on the silhouette).- Depending on the molecules of the interacting users, they can either increase or decrease the speed of the pulse.note: needs some expansion. Maybe we should change it to the users have colors and by collisions they create molecules of CO2 or O2 and then they have certain effects (increase or decrease pulse or make building cough etc.) 13. SCENARIO #3: BREATHING 14. SCENARIO #4: THE FUTURE-Avatars have random colors (6 different for example)-Depending on the color combination, the collision generates things from different categories.-Symbolizes the outcome of ideas and creativity generated by people meeting in a cultural-creative enviroment like the new U-turm 15. SCENARIO #4: THE FUTURE 16. A STEP FURTHER: COLORS-In scenario #4 we'll use 4colors: Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace Yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy Red symbolizes: action, confdence, courage, vitality 17. A STEP FURTHER: COLORS-Each color combination represents a different category:Music: Blue-Yellow Cinema: Red-Yellow Literature: Blue-Green Technology: Yellow-Green Science: Green-Green History: Yellow-Yellow Theatre: Red-Red Photography: Blue-Blue Painting: Red-Green New Media: Blue-Red 18. A STEP FURTHER: CONTENT -Creative with the collision effects. -Instead of simply showing a picture, show a vulcano-like eruption of letters of a Shakespeare's sonnet coming out of a colliosion; Or show a a 'don quijote' walking around, or represent the art of war by having an angry chinese man kick your ass. O refer to a famous painting by making the characters of it come alive... 19. A STEP FURTHER: TECHNIQUERequired hardware on the square: - People - A video camera - A computer with Quartz Composer - A Beamer - The U-TurmThe video camera records the people that are on the stage, the video signal is then send to the laptop which processes the data using Quartz Composer. The rendered image is send to the beamer which projects the image on the U-Turm. 20. A STEP FURTHER: TECHNIQUE The workfow of Quartz Composer: Silhouette's are generated by using Motion Detection/Video Tracking. Then there is a 'collision' check, to see if any silhouette's are colliding. After this check the fnal image is rendered.