Using YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ for Job Search

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This last presentation in our series on using social media for job search covers YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. Find out how you can create and promote video resumes. Use Pinterest to build online portfolios. Try Google+ for networking with colleagues. Presented by Jackie Buck and Brooke Roegge on July 17, 2012. View this webinar on YouTube at

Transcript of Using YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ for Job Search

  • 1. Using YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ for Job SearchBrooke Roegge and Jackie Buck SPHRMinnesota Department of Employment and Economic DevelopmentJuly 17th, 2012

2. IntroductionYouTube: Creating a video resume Promoting your video resume Other ways you can find work via YouTube 3. Creating a Video Resume 4. Creating a Video ResumeA video resume should supplement your real resume, not replace it. 5. Creating a Video ResumeBefore starting, ask yourself:How does the video resume differ from the paper resume?What extra information does it offer?Are you prepared for the risk of going viral? 6. Creating a Video ResumeTechnical tips:Capture good audio (no background noises or echos)Have decent lightingRecord segments until youget them rightEdit out mistakes(using Windows Live MovieMaker, iMovie, more) 7. Creating a Video ResumeTraditional Creative 8. Traditional Video Tips 9. Traditional Video Tips Keep it professional (dress, appearance, content) 10. Traditional Video TipsBackground should be clean and simple 11. Traditional Video Tips 60-90 seconds long 12. Traditional Video TipsLook into the camera and speak clearly 13. Traditional Video Tips Write out and practice what you want to say ahead of time(dont read a script or use cue cards) 14. Traditional Video Tips 15. Traditional Video TipsKeep the special effects to a minimum 16. Traditional Video Tips Be mindful of your body language 17. Creative Video Tips 18. Creative Video TipsSing about why they shouldhire you 19. Creative Video TipsShow off your designskills 20. Creative Video TipsUse humor to stand out 21. Promote Your Video Resume 22. Promote Your Video ResumeLink to video from:Paper resumeOnline resumeWebsiteOnline portfolioBusiness cardLinkedIn accountImage source: 23. Promote Your Video ResumeMake it findable (YouTube tags) Tip: use quotes for phrases, like video resume 24. Other Things You Can Try 25. Other Things You Can TryPost and Hope (aka the Justin Bieber approach) 26. Other Things You Can TryBuild It / Demo approach 27. Other Things You Can TryOnline contests 28. Questions? 29. The Pinterest PhenomenonVirtual pinboardCreate boards on any topicVisual branding tool#3 Most activesocial media site siteHighly addictive 30. Discover your passions 31. Get the factsRecruiting jobs 32. Build a portfolioor pin your visuallyappealing resumePinterest cannot beused solely forselling yourself 33. Before applying . . . Find and investigate prospective employers onPinterestWant to work forGoogle?? 34. Accessibility and privacy Link to Facebook and Twitter accounts Set privacy settings accordingly Employers research candidates on social media sites Check Pinterests help section for tips on privacy settingsExtra tip: Schedule Pinterest breaks 35. Google +New ways of sharing all across Google 36. Google has powerThink of SEO as you build your profileNurture new and existing relationships Use it as a complement to LinkedInWhat you wont find onLots of job postings 37. Getting started on Google + Join it Create your profile Set your privacy settings Share at least on interesting update Create circles and start connecting Add to your stream Participate in video conversations Hangout 38. Circles 39. Google +Introduce yourself Follow interestingfolks Connect with friends and familyChoose who you share withSay hi & communicate 40. Brooke Roegge &Jacqueline Buck SPHRDepartment of Employment & Economic DevelopmentFollow us on @minnesotaworks@positivelymn