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Just finished dinner at your favorite restaurant? Zwoor Survey allows now for feedback to be provided on the spot. Loved the waiter, or the wine choice? Let the restaurant owner know – enter the Zwoor Survey code, tap the screen, done! For restaurant or franchise owners, Zwoor Survey provides an easy way to capture customer sentiment, and views on what works, and what can be better. If you’re looking for an easy to use tool to capture feedback, use the ready made templates from our 50+ library of ready-made surveys, and kick-start your polling and survey effort. If interested, sign-up and create a survey from the existing templates, or please fill in the form in the Zwoor Survey Mobile App page. Have feedback to give? iPad, iPhone and Android Survey Mobile apps give consumers an easy way to provide feedback via mobile devices, online and offline. Have feedback on the hotel room service? Restaurant food? Hospital check-out experience? Sports arena feedback? For consumer surveys on hotels, hospitals, restaurants, arenas, users can now fill in surveys using their own mobile devices. For field users that need to capture data on mobile devices while offline, a solution literally at the fingertips. No more scribbled paper surveys, data re-entry, or long delayed user understanding. Crisp, pointed, real time feedback now available, for real time action. For customers asked to provide feedback on services, scribbling on paper printed surveys and wondering who will see the survey paper next, there is good news ahead. Tap the Zwoor Survey app on your iPad, iPhone or Android touch screen, enter the code for the place of business, and provide the feedback with a few finger taps. For managers trying to better understand user satisfaction, and improvements, in remote service points like hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, sports arenas, or franchises, there is good news ahead. Now, there is an easy to use way of collecting consumer sentiment, via mobile phones, or via an iPad device stand in the service area. For field workers, used to scribble notes on paper, then enter them on computers at the end of the day, there is a better way now – just enter the field data on a mobile device, iPad, iPhone or Android. No connectivity required, and thousands of entries can be entered before the next synch is done, when wifi or carrier signal is available. For Conference organizers that need to determine the ratings of the event, a speaker or a professor engaging the audience real time, questions can now be answered real time via mobile devices, and displayed real time. And for a class test, time bound surveys, that need to be answered in X minutes, are already built in the app. For an arena manager trying to engage their audience before the sporting event starts, and offer a prize for the best set of answers from the audience to questions displayed on the Jumbotron,

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2. are yourunning yourRestaurantSatisfactionsurveycollection oniPads oriPhones? 3. ZWOORUNDERSTAND YOUR CONSUMERS MOBILE RESTAURANT SURVEYS FOR IPHONE, IPAD OR ANDROID 4. or you likepaper surveys that much? 5. zwoor native iPad, iPhone andAndroid apps, online and offline 6. the easy andeffectiveplatform tounderstandyourcustomer 7. ZWOOR: MOBILE SURVEYS READY IN MINUTEScreate collect report 8. ZWOOR: MOBILE SURVEYS TYPES OFQUESTIONS ALL 256 BIT ENCRYPTEDsliderchoices free text 9. ZWOOR: MOBILE SURVEYS READY IN MINUTEScreatecollectreport 10. ZWOOR: MOBILE SURVEYS READY IN MINUTES no connection required in the fieldcreatecollectreport 11. ZWOOR: MOBILE SURVEYS READY IN MINUTEScreatecollect report 12. the easy andeffectiveplatform tounderstandyourcustomer 13. Zwoor Restaurant survey apps work natively on iPhone, iPad, Android or KindleFire 14. UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMERtake the first step at free plans available