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What's the buzz about Analytics? It's the data man! This presentation is about how Web Analytics can be a value towards improving Online User Experience.

Transcript of Using Data to Improve Online User Experience

  • 1. SapientNitro Nicolas Mohr SM Using Data To ImproveOnline User Experience Sep. 23 2010


  • 6,800 employees
  • 35 offices worldwide
  • Largest independent interactive agency
  • Rated # 1 Digital Network by Forrester
  • Rated # 1Digital agency in the UK for the third year by New Media Age
  • Most awarded creative agency at Cannes 2009
    • 3 Grand Prix, 6 Gold Lions
  • We achieve success for our clients at 3 times industry average
  • Client satisfaction score are the highest in our industry

This is SapientNitro 3. Why do we need this? 4. Or this? 5. What does YOUR company do with Web Analytics?How much time do Visitors spend on our site? Count Visitors Where do Visitors come from? Site Overlays are cool!!! Should we invest in SEO/SEM? Everybody has Web Analytics! Bounce Rate? Why should I care? Count Pageviews My boss loves reports I forgot my login details 6. ??? Source:Forrester Wave on Web Analytics, Q3 2009 So whats all the buzz around Web Analytics? 7. Its the DATA, man! 8. Higher Business Value Lower Higher Complexity of Analysis What has happened? Why has it happened? What will happen? Competitive Parity Competitive Advantage Standard Metrics - Analytics Bulletin/Sheet Volumetric Impact Measure ROI Consumer, Campaign, Program Pre- and Post-Benchmarking and Analysis Consumer to Brand Relationship Tracking Comprehensive Consumer Profiling/Personas Consumer Cohorts Brand, Lifestyle, Experience, Behavior Receiver Reaction Voice of the Customer Research Social Media Tracking and Analysis Switch-point Analysis Financial Sensitivity Response Analysis Conversion Prediction/Best Prospect Identification Customer Centricity Data Opportunity: Competitive Advantage 9.

  • Strategy is a roadmap or plan to accomplish a goal
  • The fuel of strategy is data
    • Measurement approaches
    • Reporting
    • Analysis
    • Insight
    • ROI
    • Data Strategy and Navigation
    • Data quality/health analysis
  • Data sources are limitless and come from everywhere
    • the web
    • social landscape
    • CRM
    • research
    • etc

Data Drives Strategy 10.

  • Lacking a methodology or reasoned approach to analytics, learning and insight becomes disjointed and disconnected
    • Occasional success given to subjective analysis rather than standardized methods isnota best practice
    • Analysis often reiterates the obvious and the mistaken usingKPIs that are misleading or not representative of client business objectives
    • Website and information architecture can heavily influence navigation patterns
  • With a proven methodology, the use of data is powerful and metrics can transform business

Source: The Econimst, Feb 25, 2010 Problems with Data 11.

  • Understandthe customer and apply this insight to a campaign, a program, a product, or an approach
  • Gain actionablebusiness intelligenceto guide the development of marketing approaches
  • Uncover and discover thegemswithin data in order to drive the most relevant and meaningful efforts
  • Guide the tracking, measurement, and reporting ofmarketing efforts
  • Inform ways in which companies can use data ininnovativemanners
  • Guidetestingandoptimizationfor ongoing learning and insight

Leverage Data! 12. So you are saying that I can optimize Web Sites with Data Analysis?But we run A/B tests and are absolutely fine with it...! 13. A/B testing is like sandpaper.You can use it to smooth out details, but you can't actually create anything with it.Nathan Bowers Web designer 14. How to Improve Online User Experience Design Observe Understand Model Innovate

  • Study individuals in context
  • Capture dimensionof their experience
  • Understand behaviours and interactions
  • Compare data
  • Analyze gaps
  • Identify patterns
  • Address entire lifecycle
  • Transform findings into thinking tools
  • Encourage breakthrough thinking
  • Promote wow! moments
  • Support existing experiences better
  • Transform or redefine experiences
  • Design for a range of experiences


  • Continuous improvementsalongthe website lifecycle
  • Small repetitive steps
  • Continuous evolution instead of Leave and Run approach
  • Constant testing of content and scenarios
  • Strategic/Tactical KPIs to maintain comparability
  • Guidelines and workflow definition for sustainable process executions

Continuous Improvement on Website Lifecycle Business Goals&Requirements Cancel Continuous EvolutionCycle Define Analyze Plan Realize KPI Strategy Guidelines Processes Tagging Testing Reports Advice Redirect 16. Generic Web Performance Management Framework

  • Prioritized business drivers that reflect the underlying business strategy
  • KPIs that define the extent to which a website supports these business drivers

17. Bringing Requirements and KPIs together Thrill Requirement KPIs Satisfaction Requirement KPIs Basic Requirement KPIs Met Not met Exceeded Met Not Met Met Not met 18.

  • It is not always possible to define KPIs that are at the same time highly actionable and highly insightful
  • A KPI Framework has to define KPIs balanced between
    • Insight Functions (on Business Goals)
    • Actionable Area (on Improvement)

Balance Insights and Actionability 19. Banner-Ad & Microsite Design Usability Testing Website Design Analytics & Reporting Multivariate Testing Application Design Case Study Improving User Experience 20. Client Name

  • Results
  • In the first 2 months after launch, the site generated more bound policies than 6 months of a previous online campaign
  • Approximately 45 percent of all visitors enter the quote process
  • Awards
  • Best in Class Interactive Media Award (IMA)
  • Site of the Week from Communications Arts
  • Finalist MITX Awards

Case Study Improving User Experience

  • Client Context
  • One of the worlds leading property and casualty insurance companies
  • Views the web channel as a critical, strategic channel for customer acquisition and customer self-service
  • Significant pressure from competitors to improve the online presence and provide a seamless cross channel experience.
  • Engagement Objectives
  • Develop a Website to educate Generations X and Y about the value of renters insurance
  • Drive increased traffic to Liberty Mutuals online Quote and Bind applications
  • Raise awareness of the Liberty Mutual brand among key younger demographic
  • Solution
  • Designed and developed YouCovered ( )to engage young professionals in an experiential learning environment
  • Created online calculators, estimation tools, and other content to engage users and channel them towards the quote process
  • Developed additional related content, including Money Smart Blog ( ) to drive traffic to the Microsite and to the main Liberty Mutual site

21. Case Study Improving User Experience 22. Case Study Improving User Experience 23.

  • Use Web Analytics to identifywhenusability issues occur (e.g. funnel analysis)
  • Find reasonswhyusability issues occur (e.g. expert review)
  • Evaluatedifferent design solutions
  • (e.g. usability testing)
  • Validatedesign solutions
  • (e.g. Multivariate Testing)
  • Use Web Analytics data tooptimizenavigation (e.g. order of navigation items)
  • Interdisciplinary teamsof Information Architects, User Researchers, Designers, and Web Analysts can fulfill these requirements best

Successfully Improving Online User Experience 24. Thank you!