Use Pinterest To Explode Your Traffic, Leads & Sales! Use Pinterest To Explode Your Traffic, Leads &

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Transcript of Use Pinterest To Explode Your Traffic, Leads & Sales! Use Pinterest To Explode Your Traffic, Leads &

  • Use Pinterest To Explode Your

    Traffic, Leads & Sales!

    Julie Mason

    “The Social Media Princess”

  • What is Pinterest?

  • What is Pinterest?

  • What is Pinterest?

  • Benefits of Pinterest

    Drives more referral traffic to websites than:


    YouTube COMBINED!


  • Benefits of Pinterest

    Pinners don’t just like to shop...

    They like to SPEND!

  • Benefits of Pinterest

    Pinterest is centred around the social

    discovery of objects rather than friends

    * Rich Pins requires application + technical skill

  • Benefits of Pinterest

     Visually displays your products/services

     Great for market research

     Helps you sell product

     Drives more traffic to your website

  • Before We Start!

    #1 REASON




  • Case Study – Kate SmallThingsBlog

    Drove 10,000,000 Page Views via Pinterest!

    Step 1 – Upload Content to website

    Step 2 – Pin from your website to a board on

    your Pinterest account – it links back to your site

  • Case Study – Simply Business Essentials

  • Case Study – Maryann Rizzo

  • Getting Started on Pinterest

    1. Sign up –

    2. Pick an easy-to-remember username

    3. Add a photo of yourself

    4. Use keywords to describe who you are,

    what value you offer & what you’ll pin

  • Creating A Business Account



    2. Select your business type

    3. Update your contact name & email

    4. Fill in your profile

    5. Agreement = YES

    Creating A Business Account


    Creating A Business Account


    6. Verify your website

    • Go to Settings on Pinterest Account

    • Download HTML verification file & upload that into your web browser (ensure it is not uploaded to a subfolder or Pinterest won’t be able to find it)

    • Complete the process by clicking on the bold “Click Here” in the verification screen – Pinterest will then check your website for the HTML file – once verified your URL will be displayed in full


    Creating A Business Account

  • Creating Your Boards

    • Decide on your layout

  • Creating Your Boards

  • Creating Your Boards

    • Click create board

    • Name your board (18 characters in all caps or 24 in lower case)  Use keywords

     Be specific/unique ie: if you do holiday ideas for kids don’t call your board Holiday try instead Christmas with Kids (this helped on lady go from 4k

    followers to 12k quickly)

    • Choose a category

    • Write a board description

    • Pin images

    • Edit main board image

  • Creating Your Boards

  • How To Pin

    • Get some tools  Firefox addon “Pinterest Right-Click”

     Chrome extension “Shareaholic for Pinterest”

     Internet Explorer “Pinterest Toolbar”

    • Upload a pin

    • Repin

  • What To Pin

    • Pin AWESOME Content  Here’s some popular categories:

     Quotes

     Interior spaces

     DIY or How To pins

     Infographics

    • Don’t overdo self-promotion  Keep the balance with other’s pins

    • Always add a description with keywords

    • Add a price to the description if applicable

  • What To Pin

    • Cool Tool

     Pin Search on Google Chrome extension

  • What To Pin

    • Cool Tool – turns text into image – NEAT!!!


  • When To Pin

    Extensive research conducted by

    indicated that over the absolute best time to

    pin is...

  • Pinning Etiquette

    • Check re-Pins are not broken links

    • Don’t over-pin

     Tool – (formally pingraphy)

    Scheduling tool with free 14 day trial

    then $12 p/m

  • Who To Follow

    • Do keyword research:

     Pins, Boards, Pinners

     – Random User

    • Joy Cho / Oh Joy! – 14+ million followers

    • Molly Pickering – 7.7 million followers

  • Who To Follow

    Check out followers of other Pinners

  • Getting More Followers

    • Follow other pinners

    • Pin consistently

    • Link your Pinterest account to other social media accounts

    • Run contests

  • Linking Pinterest To Facebook

    • Add an app to your FB business page

  • Creating Great Content

    • Cool Tools... – make pictures fun – fun posts – infographics (HOT)

  • Strategies

    1. Collaborative Boards

     Helps to increase your followers

    2. Be AWESOME

    3. Add Value in Comments

    4. Get a ‘Pin It’ button for your website

    5. Run a Pinterest Contest

  • #1 - Collaborative Boards

    • Create a board

    • Click the + sign to add users  You’ll need their Pinterest Username for this

     Invite only people you know or connected to on Pinterest

    • Anyone on the group board can add others  Be sure everyone knows your policy on this (put it in description)

  • #1 - Collaborative Boards

  • Collaborative Boards Benefits

    • Every Contributor to that group board will now have that board show on their profile

    • When someone clicks FOLLOW ALL on that Contributors profile – that will also include the group board that YOU set up and are pinning to.


  • #2 - Be AWESOME

    • Pin what you LOVE...what is AWESOME

    • Pin clear, stunning images (you can pin video too)

    • Tall images have more fun (and more repins!)

    • Max pin dimensions 600px (W) x 5000px (H)

    • Pin frequently (best time is evening)

  • #2 - Be AWESOME

    Lionsgate went from 200K to 400K views of their videos within

    5 days just from pinning

  • #2 - Be AWESOME

    Want inspiration – check out the co-founder of Pinterest Ben Silbermann

  • #3 - Comment To Stand Out

    • 80% of people will just repin from their newsfeeds on Pinterest

    • By commenting you will immediately start to stand out