USCG Auxiliary Passenger Ferry Audit Program, 2016 Roger Bazeley USCG-AUX Public Affairs 2016

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Transcript of USCG Auxiliary Passenger Ferry Audit Program, 2016 Roger Bazeley USCG-AUX Public Affairs 2016

  • Passenger Ferry Vessel Audit Program USCG Auxiliary D11N

    Report: 9/17/2016 Submitted By Roger Bazeley PA-Photographer USCGAUX F17 D11N

    Passenger Ferry Audit 9/16/2016 USCG Auxiliary Team Steve Johnson, COMO Thomas D11N and

    National COMO Washburn; PA Photographer: Roger Bazeley USCG-AUX

    The Auxiliary Ferry Audit program is a program that works under the guidelines set by the USCG

    Domestic Inspections Branch-Sector San Francisco and helps as a force multiplier to augment the USCG

    as a part of Team Coast Guard in maintaining a safe passenger ferry system and adhering to safety

    standards outlined in the Federal Codes of Regulations applied to Marine Safety. Auditors utilize an

    USCG-Auxiliary Deficiency Summary Worksheet in producing an Audit Report of Findings.

  • USCG Marine Inspectors refer to IMO publications, CFRs, NVICs and locally produced cite guides for

    specific regulatory references before taking any action on reported vessel safety/CFR deficiencies. Not

    all items in the Auxiliary/USCG Audit Worksheet are applicable to all types of passenger ferry vessels.

    References given are only general guides and are provided for auditor information and clarification.

    Auditors need not research regulatory basis for reporting deficiencies to USCGAUX Marine Safety and

    Sector San Francisco.

    General vessel areas of audit include: VESSEL EQUIPMENT Condition, Passenger Safety Equipment-

    Lifejackets to Extinguishers, lighting and Safety Signage; POLLUTION PREVENTION (Required Posted

    Notices; Fuel or Sewage Leaks); COMMUNICATIONS (Public Safety announcement equipment/speakers);

    STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY (holes, rust, leaks, damage, and hazards) and SECURITY (Vessels carrying 150

    Plus Passengers). Auxiliary Ferry Auditors do not make recommendations or enforce compliance, which

    is left to the sole responsibility and authority of the USCG as mandated within the Code of Federal

    Regulations and local regulations.

    Auditor Auxiliarist Steve Johnson inspecting Inflatable Life Raft Canister, USCGAUX Audit Team

    Ferry Stern-Life Raft Storage Above for Hydrostatic Release, Inspecting Posted Vessel Documents

  • Ferry Vessel Auditor Steve Johnston Inspecting Fire Hose Container and Fire Extinguisher with COMO

    Thomas and National COMO Washburn noting inspection area items. Photos: Roger Bazeley USCGAUX

    Auxiliary Audit Team: Steve Johnson, COMO Thomas D11N, National COMO Washburn.

  • Alcatraz Passenger Ferry at Alcatraz Island Passenger Landing Berth Photos: Roger Bazeley USCGAUX

    Passenger Ferry Views; Photos: Roger Bazeley PA Photographer USCGAUX

    San Francisco Bay Views from Alcatraz Passenger Ferry, Red & White Passenger Passing to starboard

    Roger Bazeley USCGAUX Public Affairs, Photographer D11N