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USB flash drive security

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  • 1.USB Drive Security RisksUSB Drive Security Risks

2. Preview USB drive trend Risks of storing data in USB drive What we need to do How to do it Why we should do it now conclusion 3. USB thumb drive USB memory stick USB jump drive First sold in year 2000 weigh less than 2 ounces Intended to make life easier for users HistoryHistory 4. 1)Wi-Fi 2) Digital Camera 3) MP3 Player/IPOD 4) Email 5) Floppy Disks 6) CDR, CDRW, DVD-RW 7) Remote control software Different ways to get data out. AlternativesAlternatives 5. Small physical size More durable Fast Speed --3MB/s Big capacity Low price More functionality Plug-and-Play -1million read & write cycle Why Choose USB ?Why Choose USB ? 6. Greatest benefit = Greatest security risk !Greatest benefit = Greatest security risk ! 7. 85million units sold in 2007 Only few buyers thought about the drives security implications. -Gartner 8. According to security firm Vontu >50% of 480 surveyed tech- professionals USB drives contain unprotected confidential information 1 USB drive is lost at work each month Unlike laptop, storage devices are small and cheap. Many employees do not report them missing as they would a laptop. 9. Corruption of data Virus Transmissions Loss of media Loss of confidentiality RisksRisks 10. Corruption of data Occur if the drive is uncleanly dismounted computer usually has no way of knowing when USB memory sticks are going to be removed The OS will attempt to handle unexpected disconnects as best it can, so often no corruption will occur. RisksRisks 11. Corruption of data Virus Transmissions Whenever files are transferred between two machines there is a risk that viral code or some other malware will be transmitted, and USB memory sticks are no exception. April 2008, a batch of HP USB flash drives were shipped with a virus. November 2007, Maxtor USB Hard Drives Ship Virus Infected RisksRisks 12. Corruption of data Virus Transmissions Loss of Media A drawback to the small size is that they are easily misplaced, left behind, or otherwise lost. All data is lost too RisksRisks 13. Corruption of data Virus Transmissions Loss of Media Loss of Confidentiality If the stick then finds its way into the hands of a competitor, then the company has suffered a much greater loss than simply the replacement cost of the drive. A $25 thumb drive can contain $25 million worth of information on it RisksRisks 14. The personal information of 6,500 current and former University of Kentucky students was reported stolen May 26 after the theft of a professor's flash drive. The drive has not been recovered. April 2006, Flash drives holding sensitive and classified military information turned up for sale at a bazaar near Afghanistan. Investigators recovered many drives, but an unknown number are still missing. In October, Wilcox Memorial Hospital in Hawaii, informed 120,000 current and former patients that a flash drive containing their personal information names, addresses, Social Security numbers and identifying medical record numbers was lost. It has yet to be recovered. Recent IncidentsRecent Incidents 15. 4 easy steps SolutionsSolutions 16. Corruption of Data dismount the device according to the OS documentation. 17. Virus Transmission Some USB memory sticks include a physical switch that can put the drive in read-only mode. keep the host computer from writing or modifying data (including viruses) on the drive If files need to be transferred from an un- trusted machine, scan the USB drive after copying files from it. 18. Loss of Media attaching flash drives to keychains, necklaces and lanyards. 19. Loss of Confidentiality avoidance no private data is stored on the drive severely limiting encryption. allows any data to be stored on the drive but renders the data useless without the required password, 20. Encryption fingerprint scanning USB drive run your finger over the scanner and it will be ready to read your files. Very expensive Pre-installed encryption software Cost 2X more encryption software Commercial Free 21. easy and fast encrypt files/folders. 128 bits encryption 22. On-the-fly (Real Time) Encrypt Automatically encrypt virtual partition 256 bit AES (military- grade) encryption 23. Cant completely eliminate all the risk 24. Significantly reduce all the risks Kick-back and relax If You DoIf You Do It will be too late when you lost the drive or your drive got infected by virus. Recognize the thumb-drive threat and take action If You DontIf You Dont 25. USB drive will become more popular and security incidents will occur more often 4 steps to reduce Data corruption Virus transmissions Loss of media Loss of confidentiality ConclusionConclusion