Urmo Sisask - Investments into automation that paid off

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Urmo Sisask from Hyrles shared his ideas in conference Change, quick! on April 24th 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia

Transcript of Urmo Sisask - Investments into automation that paid off

  • 1. Investments into automation that paid off Urmo Sisask 24.04.2014.

2. Presentatsiooni phi Hyrles is a subcontractor of sheet metal components, electronics and electromechanical assemblies. Estonian unit: Founded in 2008 Production facilities: 4000 m2 Personnel: 53 Finnish unit: Founded in 1989 Production facilities: 8500 m2 Personnel: 145 3. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Why IT solutions for manufacturing? 4. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Process network 5. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates all business- related information across an entire organization. In other words, ERP system is the mother of all systems in a companys IT infrastructure. Digia Enterprise is a flexible ERP system that adapts to companies of different sizes, at different points of the delivery chain. Its features have been developed to cover all key functions of a company. Task automation tailored to the company's processes saves time and secures daily operations. ERP 6. Presentatsiooni phi Siia viks valgega kirjutadaSiia viks valgega kirjutada Manufacturing process 7. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Tekst Virtual Factory System It displays factorys status on Web viewer by collecting and saving operation and completion data from process machines in a factory. The exact factorys status that we could never know becomes possible to see by digitalization. 8. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Analog sheet metal factory 9. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Digital sheet metal factory 10. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Major Four Functions 11. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Analog vs. Digital Sheet Metal Factory 12. PRESENTATSIOONI PHI Tekst V Factory Functions 13. ERP enables to work without additional Excel worksheets, all necessary information is in one place Using different automation programs we are saving appr. 30-40% of production planning and design time Machines set up time is faster Programming is made in the office and the operator just has to choose the correct version Material usage % is higher- less waste Benefits for Hyrles 14. Thank you!