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2. EVOLUTION OF THE URBANPOPULATION Link 3. FUNCTIONSOF CITIESCOMMERCIALRESIDENTIALINDUSTRIALPOLITICAL ANDADMINISTRATIVECULTURALTOURISM 4. THE URBAN POPULATION Most of the population lives in towns andmedium-sized cities (less than 500,000inhabitants). Salamanca has more than 152,000 inhabitants. Valladolid has 312,000 inhabitants. Palencia has around 82,000 inhabitants. 5. THE URBAN POPULATIONHowever, the number of citieswith more than 10 millioninhabitants has increased inthe past few decades:MEGACITIES 6. THE GROWTH OF THE CITIES Cities grow and form extensive urban areas:LARGE URBAN AREASMETROPOLITANAREASCONURBATION MEGALOPOLIS 7. METROPOLITAN AREAS 8. METROPOLITAN AREA OF MADRID 9. METROPOLITAN AREA OF BARCELONA 10. CONURBATION IN HOLLAND 11. MEGALOPOLIS OF TOKIO 12. URBAN HIERARCHY Its the organisation of cities in ranks orcategories. The number of inhabitants and the extension ofa citys sphere of influence determine its rank inthe urban hierarchy (worldwide, national,regional, county or district, etc.) A number of urban nuclei, ranked andinterconnected, form an urban network. 13. URBAN HIERARCHYWorldmetropolisesNationalmetropolisesRegionalmetropolisesSmaller cities 14. HOMEWORK Page 67: ex. 6 and 7 Page 74: ex. 2 and 3 15. ANALYSIS OF CITIESAnalysis ofcitiesSite andsituationUrban planUrbanconstruction 16. Location ofcitiesSiteOn a hillIn a valleyOn an islandSituationIn the centreof a countryIn a coastalareaNear a road Give examples of cities. intersection 17. URBAN PLAN What is an urban plan? How many types of plan can we distinguish? Name the three types of plan, according tothe overall shape and the arrangement ofroads. 18. ORTHOGONAL PLAN GRID PLAN CHECKERBOARDThis plan consists ofstraight, wide streetsthat cross at rightangles. 19. An example of grid plan: Barcelona 20. RADIOCENTRICPLANThis plan consists ofcentral point fromwhich streetsradiate, like thespokes of a wheel,crossed by othersthat form concentriccircles. 21. RADIOCENTRIC LAYOUT 22. IRREGULAR PLANThis plan does nothave a definedgeometric shape andis formed by short,narrow streets andalleys of irregularlayout. 23. IRREGULAR PLAN 24. URBAN CONSTRUCTION: OLDBUILDINGSHouses Palaces Churches Name the types of old buildings. What kind of value have some of them? 25. URBAN CONSTRUCTION:BUILDINGS IN THE FORM OFBLOCKSBlocks Skyscrapers Shopping centres What are blocks used for? 26. URBAN CONSTRUCTION:SINGLE-FAMILY HOMESDetached house Semi-detached house Terraced house What kind of people live in these type of buildings? In which part of the city can we find single-family homes? 27. URBAN CONSTRUCTION:SHACKS OR SHANTIESChabolas in Madrid Favelas in BrazilVillas Miseria inVenezuela What kind of materials are used to build these type of houses? Where are shanty towns located inside the city? 28. HOMEWORK Page 67: ex. 8 and 9 29. Principal urban problemsEnviroment Infraestructure Transport 30. ENVIROMENTALPROBLEMSAirpollutionNoiseWaste