Upfront User Research for iPhone/iPad Apps: Why bother?

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While diving right into design may work in some cases, most apps can benefit from some level of upfront user research. User research helps define the high-level product vision, and enables your team to make informed decisions throughout the product life cycle.

Transcript of Upfront User Research for iPhone/iPad Apps: Why bother?

  • 1. Upfront User Research for iPhone/iPad Apps: Why bother? @suzanneginsburg

2. About Me2 3. Why Upfront User Research?3 4. Why User Research: Benefits Understand your users needs and how theseneeds are currently being met. May reveal opportunities for new apps and inspireinnovative solutions. Helps make informed decisions throughout productdevelopment process. (Keep in mind, user behaviors change slowly. Data will be valuable for years to come.)4 5. Sound Other people Context Light Pain ConstraintsPoints Culture5 6. Why User Research: Common Concerns Wont it cost thousands & thousands of dollars? Wont it take months & months to complete theresearch? Isnt it better to just put something out there & getfeedback later?6 7. User Research Methods 7 8. User Research Methods Shadowing Diary Study + User Interviews 8 9. User Research Methods: Shadowing Follow participants overcertain period of time, e.g.,museum visit could be onehour, others could be one ormore days Generally undirected, oftencalled a sit back technique Video often used to captureall or part of sessions.9 10. Diary Study + User Interviews 10 11. User Research Methods: Diary Studies Good when: participants can easilycapture data youre seeking. need to collect data overlonger period of time. need a non-intrusive way tocollect data.Unfortunately they dont get at the how & why. Typically combined with user interviews. 11 12. User Research Methods: Diary Studies12 13. User Research Methods: Field Interviews Semi-structured Typically 1-2 hours Ideally held where app will beused most often, if such aplace exists Variety of documentationapproaches 13 14. User Research Methods: Field InterviewsContextI would have chemistry in the morning for 5 hours, Trig in afternoon, English at night.My chemistry teacher would lecture for 2 hours. I would have my periodic table open.I was in class one day and forgot my periodic table. I Googled it and found an iPhoneperiodic table app. I showed everyone in class and then they got it. Its free and theyhave a lite version. A lot of people in class have an iPhonehalf the class.Everybody is on the iPhone, especially on the train. Pain pointId also use my scientific calculator. If you turn the iPhone landscape, it expands. Iremoved the other one (he purchased different one for class). Dont like a ton of appson my phone at once. Replaced my TI89. The other app allowed more numbers thanthe built-in calculator app. I looked in the App store under scientific calculator.Looked for graphing one. I got this one (shows me). There was a pop quiz one dayso I asked: can I use the phone? Professor said yes but some would say no. Language NormUser need14 15. Choosing a Method(s)15 16. Choosing a MethodNo clear conceptRough conceptExisting appResearch can helpResearch can help Research can helpuncover apprefine & confirm you determine how toopportunities.concept direction.evolve your app.Consider shadowing Consider shadowing Consider shadowingor diary/interviews. or diary/interviews,or diary/interviewsplus paper or with the existing app. concept prototypes. 16 17. So whats next? Analyzing the research 17 18. Analyzing Research: Affinity Diagrams 18 19. Analyzing Research: Personas Name & photo GoalsAge, occupation, etc. Device infoFrustrations 19 20. Analyzing Research: Scenarios Motivation: What prompted them to embark on scenario? Context: Where is the person? Who else is involved? Otherdevices? Distractions/Interruptions: People? Network connection? Goal: Get information? Get somewhere?20 21. Logistical & Cost info21 22. Logistical & Cost InfoGuerilla-style Traditional-style Staff needed 1-2 2-3 (interviewer, note taker, videographer)Study duration1-2 weeks 2 weeks or longerDocumentation Still photos and notes Video, still photos, detailed notes# Participants ~58-10RecruitingFriends & family (caveat!)Recruiting agency and/or Craigs List type serviceRemuneration From cup of coffee to smaller $125/1.5 hours (depending $ amounton location) 22 23. Questions?23 24. Links & Contact Info Twitter: @suzanneginsburgBlog: http://www.iphoneuxreviews.comEmail: [email protected] 25. Suzanne Ginsburg @suzanneginsburg25