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There are a number of reasons why an education qualification from the Faculty of Education at UOW is highly valued. It’s not only the nature of our programs, the international teaching opportunities, the reputation of our staff and our cutting-edge teaching practices, but it’s also our use of the latest educational technology and a graduate employment rate well beyond other similar institutions. These factors contribute to the high quality of the qualification you will obtain with us.

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    2 ouR FacuLtY 4 FiVe ReaSonS to StudY education 5 oPPoRtunitieS to eXceL 6 Head oF tHe cLaSS 12 StudY oPtionS


    WeLcoMeThere are a number of reasons why an education qualification from the Faculty of Education at UOW is highly valued. Its not only the nature of our programs, the international teaching opportunities, the reputation of our staff and our cutting-edge teaching practices, but its also our use of the latest educational technology and a graduate employment rate well beyond other similar institutions. These factors contribute to the high quality of the qualification you will obtain with us.

    In fact, according to the 2010 UOW Student Experience Survey, 98% of all Education students would recommend UOW and 92% of all Education students agree that their course helped them acquire work-related skills.

    Our Preservice Teacher Education degrees are informed by highly intensive research-lead practices, which means you will be able to teach in a range of school systems: state, independent and Catholic, in Australia and overseas. Our graduates have found jobs all around the world, including the UK, USA and Canada.

    This booklet contains information about our Faculty as well as providing details of our facilities, resources and procedures across the University that will support you in your studies.

    I am confident that the opportunities we are able to offer you will ensure that you enjoy your time here. I wish you all the best for your studies.

    Professor Paul chandler Dean, Faculty oF eDucation


    WHat We doconnect: ouR FacuLtY

  • Have you ever had a teacher that inspired or impressed you? That teacher, most likely, helped you achieve your best. Teachers have always played a major role in shaping the lives of others. At UOW, our teaching programs offer you the best preparation for a career in teaching by placing you as a pre-service teacher in schools, sooner.

    Graduate outcomesAs a graduate from the Faculty of Education you will:

    have a sound educational knowledge and understanding of the teaching profession at a state, national and international level.

    engage with new ideas and seek to extend knowledge through research and analysis.

    take on challenges and opportunities by applying logic, innovation and a flexibile approach.

    be collaborative and able to articulate ideas using different media.

    have ability and propensity to act responsibly and empathetically in school and community contexts.

    There are many avenues of progression in an Educational career:

    Child Care Worker, Educational Consultant, Educational Manager, High School Teacher in Art/Computing/Science/Drama/English/History/Mathematics/Music/Science, Outdoor Education Teacher, PHE Teacher, Pre-school Teacher, Primary Teacher, Private College Teacher, Recreational Activities Coordinator, School Counsellor, School Principal, Sport Development Officer, TAFE Teacher, Training and Development Officer.


    FiVe ReaSonS to StudY education at uoWEducation at UOW connects you with people, programs and technology to enhance your learning experience.

    1. MoDern FacilitiesAt UOW you will receive training in the latest technology so that you are well prepared when you enter the classroom. Facilities include our own Curriculum Resource Library and interactive whiteboards as well as ongoing high-level research in teacher education breakthroughs.

    3. ProFessional Partners PrograM For students in the Early Years program you will also have access to the Professional Partners Program (PPP). This program will provide you with real world experience working with children in the context of their families and communities. The skills and knowledge you will learn from children, their families and early childhood staff in real situations are crucial to your professional development. This experience will allow you to build connections to the profession of early childhood education.

    2. ProFessional exPeriences here anD abroaDAt UOW youll be teaching in classrooms from your very first session. Learning by doingthe Professional Experience programis the heart of our teacher training. Throughout your degree, you can spend up to 16 weeks teaching in schools and classrooms. Youll prove the theory you learn. When you graduate youll start work knowing that you have what it takes to succeed.

    These experiences can be local or overseas in countries such as Fiji, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

    4. Were investeD in our coMMunityThe Faculty of Education has very strong community ties with public, Catholic and independent schools across the Illawarra and South East region. In particular, the Faculty has established partnerships with the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) under the NSW Smarter Schools National Program. We regularly work with schools from Sutherland down to the Victorian border and south west to the Southern Highlands as well as areas in the west of NSW.

    This means you can also get involved with the community. You can do this through service learning as part of the Education for Social Equity subject, being a mentor through the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, or working in one of the indigenous schools that we work with.

    5. learn FroM our graDuates The Faculty of Education run Alumni Mentored Interviews for final year Education students in preparation for their compulsory Department of Education and Communities (DEC) interviews for their teaching accreditation. The program is unique to UOW.

    Its your opportunity to meet one on one with our graduates and be interviewed in a formal setting. Our students find that this helps prepare them for their DEC interviews.

    In these one-on-one interviews students are asked the kind of questions they can expect in their DEC interview and are provided advice on how to best prepare for that interview.


    oPPoRtunitieS to eXceLdeans scholar The Deans Scholar program provides an enriched educational experience for high achieving students. Students enrolled in Deans Scholar degrees will fulfill the same requirements for their respective courses but will be allocated an academic mentor and engage in enriched assessment tasks in specified subjects.

    Students will benefit from:

    Extended library privileges Designated study space $500 textbook allowance per year (pro rata for part-time) Opportunities to attend Faculty workshops and seminars End of year lunch and other relevant activities with the Dean

    and Mentors

    scholarshiPsWe offer a number of scholarship opportunities for Education students, including:

    Kazacos FounDationThis Work Integrated Learning Scholarship has been designed to support an Early Years student from the Faculty of Education to gain valuable experience at one or both of the early childhood centres located in Bowral and Sutherland.

    illaWarra area chilD care coMMunity scholarshiPThis scholarship is offered to first year Faculty of Education Early Years students.

    hazel holMWooD scholarshiP For excellence anD leaDershiP in Quality teachingThis scholarship rewards and encourages students with a demonstrated commitment to excellence in practice and leadership through quality teaching. This scholarship is offered to Faculty of Education, Bachelor of Primary Education students.

    ivan banDur DiPloMa in eDucation scholarshiP The purpose of the Ivan Bandur Scholarship is to increase opportunities for local students studying to become teachers. This scholarship is for students from the Batemans Bay Campus who are enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Education.

    aunty Mary Davis scholarshiP The promotion and development of Indigenous students in teacher education is a part of the Facultys ongoing commitment to Indigenous education. This scholarship is offered to first year Indigenous students from The Early Years degree or the Bachelor of Primary Education.

    big Fat sMile coMMunity scholarshiPBig Fat Smile is a not-for-profit community organisation, providing affordable, quality services to children and their families in the Illawarra. Big Fat Smile is offering a community scholarship to final year students studying The Early Years.

    For more information go to uow.edu.au/about/scholarships


    HEAD OF THE CLASS On your way to becoming a teacher, well show you proven methods and the latest theories. And well show you how to use what you know in any classroom. Wherever they are, UOW Education graduates are rising to the top.


    Leif Smith has always loved sports, studying the Bachelor of Physical and Health Education allowed him to combine his passion for sport with his desire to teach and make a difference.

    UOW has always had an outstanding reputation for producing quality PDHPE teachers. The lecturers and tutors are all experts in their field, and because these experts give you the right ammunition, the skills and philosophies, you have the confidence to go out there and succeed.

    When Leif graduated he received a targeted place and went to Tamworth High School. He taught there for five years before returning to the region to teach at Thomas Reddall High School where he is now a head teacher.

    The most rewarding part of my job is working with a bunch of extremely motivated staff. People always accuse me of being clich, but the DEC (Department of Education and Communities) motto when I went for my interview was teach and make a

    difference, and for me that is what I enjoy mostgoing to work every day and making a difference in a kids life.

    Leif credits UOWs reputatio