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Unstoppable Recruiter

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  • How To Become an Unstoppable Recruiter In Network Marketing

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    About The Author

    Riccardo Ferrari is a successful marketer, coach and author with over 28 years of experience. His career accounts for being the #1 volume producer in four major direct marketing companies and building organizations of 800,000 reps combined that have produced nearly $1 billion in sales. He provides cutting-edge information derived from years of hands-on experience that can help you achieve serious results.

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    After nearly three decades of consistent success in network marketing, offline and online, my mission is to help people just like you understand how to build a winning mindset and work the key processes necessary to build a profitable, long-term business of your own working from home. I invite you to come in and enjoy the strategies it contains. Im absolutely positive it will profoundly impact your results. I know this process inside and out. I know it well because I failed at first and I know what it took to overcome obstacles, breakthrough and win big. I used to be a marketing nobody. I used to hide from people. I didn't like talking to people. My first year in network marketing I made a pitiful $250. But I like to environment of the industry and I was determine to get over my personal obstacles and succeed. And I did. I was finally able to structure a system that I enjoyed working. It allowed me to put my first organization into momentum and become a multi six figure income earner with my first company for 10 years in a row. Eventually, by rinse and repeating the process, I became the #1 income earner in four major network marketing companies. I have seen everything there is to see. I have worked at the distribution level in this industry as well as the corporate level. I have conquered both the offline and the online model. I have consulted for doctors, billionaires and celebrities who owned network marketing companies. I've seen many people quit in discouragement. I've also seen lots of people (I mean really lots of people) becoming leaders and millionaires. I've even watched an Afro American kid in my training class starting from absolutely nothing and become the #1 network marketing earner in the world at $1.2 million a month (surpassing the famous Dexter Yager). The information you read here is not the same as some internet copywriter disguised as network marketer trying to sell ebooks. This is real. This is real-life, eye-opening information distilled from 28 years of my personal application that created one huge success after another in my life. Are you struggling to make your network marketing business work? Do you feel shafted by information thats difficult to apply and never works for you? Do you desperately want to recruit like mad and finally get real, massive results in your business? If the answer to these questions is yes, please stick with me to the end. I will show you how to become an affective business builder with a winning mindset and strategy that

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    can turn you into a top recruiter and mega producer in your company. It's about you succeeding in this new world of an all-grown-up, hyper-competitive marketplace. I will put you in front of brutal honesty and peel away that annoying coat of hype and confusion that many people put on in this industry for self-serving purposes. You only have two battles to fight to become a top recruiter in this business: mindset and methodology. When your thinking is right and your methods/strategies are solid, no one can stop you. There are important layers to each and I will reveal these secrets to you, right now. Everything you read here principles, methods, strategies leads you to the point that, one day, you can live life on your terms without having to work (unless you want to), and enjoy your money, family and life on your terms and time. I live that dream and thats what I teach. This document is divided in two parts: 1. Five Winning Mindset Strategies That Divide The Rich, Happy Entrepreneurs From The Desperate, Heartbroken Ones. 2. Seven Proven Methods To Grow A Successful Network Marketing Business. Its my sincere intention that this eBook over-delivers, exceeds all your expectations and allows you to experience a shorter path to financial freedom than youve ever dreamed was possible.

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    Part One

    "Five Winning Mindset Strategies That Divide The Rich, Happy Entrepreneurs

    From The Desperate, Heartbroken Ones."

    The game of millionaires is won or lost in your mind before it can be manifested in reality. The only way to change where you are, is change your mindset. Managing the mind is our most important job (as it is, in fact, our very life). The quality of our life starts where we live, in our minds. It is what allows us to tap into our inner forces and not be limited by assumptions or beliefs about ourselves and life. The business is built between your ears. Mindset is "an established set of attitudes held by someone." It turns out, according to Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford, that everyone has either a "fixed mindset" or a "growth mindset." A fixed mindset is one in which you view your talents and abilities fixed. In other words, you are who you are, your intelligence and talents are fixed, and your fate is to go through life avoiding challenge and failure. A growth mindset, on the other hand, is one in which you see yourself as receptive, fluid, a work in progress. You are not stuck on limitation. Your fate is one of growth and opportunity. Which mindset do you possess? You see, all of us create our beliefs and take or dont take action steps accordingly. You have yours right now and that mindset is either working for you or against you. You are where you are in your life (good or bad) because of the information that has been placed in your mind and how you processed it.

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    Unfortunately, the vast majority of networkers and sales people in general have an adverse internal conversation that stops them from growing and be effective. "I'm not good at this, I'm not good at that. I don't know enough about this or that. I can only do so much. I can only go so fast. I'm not good at the computer. I don't know too many people. I'm not that type." To move from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset (the one that makes money), you need awareness, willingness and the right techniques. Get this done and you can reach as high as the stars in every area of your business and personal life. Most people attribute success to more money, time, talent, better partners or whatever. But most times have a small effect, if any, if the mindset is not in the right place. For things to change your mind has to change. Im going to talk to you as if you are reading this not just to pick up some good tips and knowledge, but as if you are here to achieve total success and peace of mind. Isn't it better? What is your definition of wealth? Do you dream about being on Forbes list of the 400 Richest American Billionaires, or does it mean owning property on each side of the country, or being able to retire very early... or is it as simple as just being able to pay your bills, have some savings and peace of mind? Whatever it is, how close are you? Are you where you want to be y