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UNM Graduate Application. ApplyYourself and AppReview Presented by Julie Coonrod , Dean of Graduate Studies Richard Matt Hulett , Director of Admissions Deborah Kieltyka , Associate Director of Admissions Janine Pacheco , Global Education Office Program Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of UNM Graduate Application

Scholes Hall Managed Workstation Migration

UNM Graduate ApplicationApplyYourself and AppReviewPresented byJulie Coonrod, Dean of Graduate StudiesRichard Matt Hulett, Director of AdmissionsDeborah Kieltyka, Associate Director of AdmissionsJanine Pacheco, Global Education Office Program ManagerPaige Briggs, IT Applications ManagerRichard Valdez, IT Application Support SpecialistMarc Gonzales, IT Analyst Programmer

June 5, 2014

UNM Technology Days 2014 Project Goals and Timeline Collaboration ApplyYourself and AppReview Overview Banner Integration Admissions Office Processing WebCenter Application Administration Questions

AGENDAProject GoalsOne centrally managed online application

The ability for both students and administrators to upload and deposit document attachments including letters, test scores, transcripts and media files.

Allow students to choose a degree program from a hierarchy rather than a flat list.Electronically initiate requests for recommendation letters and track the requests (i.e., inform a student when each recommendation is completed).

Create applications that are customizable by degree program, e.g., the questions asked on the recommendation form may differ by program.

Provide Faculty and Administrators with an Administrative view for both review and scoring of applicants.

Link directly to UNMs SIS Banner system in order to minimize re-key of common application data for students that already attend UNM.

Graduate applicants access the application via apply.unm.edu.

Project Timeline

ITHow do we get all the pieces to work???Project CollaborationApplyYourself and AppReview OverviewGrad Studies trainingDept revisionsGrad Studies dept interfaceApplicantsBanner (Student Information)Application(Apply Yourself)WebCenterAppReviewHobsons ApplyYourselfGrad advisorsFaculty reviewersIT updates to appIT maintenance on feedsOnBaseDecision FormGEO processingAdmissions processingGrad Studies trainingGEO processingApplication(Apply Yourself)WebCenterAppReviewBanner (Student Information)ApplicantsDept revisionsIT updates to appAdmissions processingGrad advisorsFaculty reviewersIT maintenance on feedsGrad Studies dept interfaceOnBaseDecision FormHobsons product

Application(Apply Yourself)Applicants

Application sectionsVary by citizenship& Program of Interest

Grad Studies trainingAppReviewGrad advisorsFaculty reviewers

Summary information as customized by coordinatorReview sheet customized by coordinator

IT updates to appIT maintenance on feeds

Banner Integration

Banner Integration

GEO processingWebCenterBanner (Student Information)Admissions processingOnBaseDecision Form

Admission Application - Banner

Admission Application - Banner

Admission Application - Banner

Student Viewable ChecklistMatt and Deborah

Admissions Application Ready for Review

Matt and Deborah

Domestic Admissions Graduate Decision Form

Matt and Deborah

GEO Admissions Graduate Decision Form

Matt and Deborah

Admissions Application Decision


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