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UNM Digital Signage. Tech Days June 6, 2014 Presented By Josh Saiz & Tim Johnson. What is Digital Signage (DS)?. It’s NOT PowerPoint! DS allows organizations/companies to promote their brands & messages using digital media Conveys information to an audience Variety of displays used - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of UNM Digital Signage

UNM Digital Signage

UNM Digital SignageTech DaysJune 6, 2014Presented By Josh Saiz & Tim JohnsonWhat is Digital Signage (DS)?Its NOT PowerPoint!DS allows organizations/companies to promote their brands & messages using digital mediaConveys information to an audienceVariety of displays usedCommunicate, engage, promote

Types of DSPoint of Sale (POS)Cash register, shelfGoal: Sell, sell, sell!!!Point of WaitWaiting areaGoal: Reduce wait timePoint of TransitHigh traffic (foot, car)Goal: Attract viewer

Public informationInternal informationAdvertisingBrand buildingInfluencing customer/community behaviorEnhancing customer experienceEnhancing the environmentUses of Digital Signage

Public: local news & weather info, emergency notices

Internal: information about the org to that orgs community (or general community) including mission & vision, events, employee/student info; also provides info to visitors (donors, prospective faculty, staff and students)

Advertising: use to promote products and services; use to generate ad revenue, which may ultimately pay for solution thereby making solution self-sufficient

Branding: use to promote the brand of the org; can use to build identity of the org

Influence: use to inform community where to go or not go (in case of emergency situation) as well as keep viewers engaged

Enhance experience: Informs viewers of org during wait times as well as keeping viewers engaged with demostrations or showcases

Enhance envir.: employ large and attractive displays as well as providing an interactive tool for identifying rooms, people, things

4Goal: allow users to author, share, & manage content (1 or more locations) PLUS manage locations

Content AuthoringTemplatesUpload images/videoContent ManagementApprovalSchedulingContent DistributionPublishingOne or Multiple LocationsContent Endpoint/DisplayPlayers (including remote access)DisplaysEnterprise DS Components

Skeleton to build many things uponAuthoring how content for DS is created/generated: text, images, videos, live feeds (video and data)

Mgt how, when and where the content will be displayed (one display, many displays, one area, many areas)

Distribution how the content gets from server to the endpoint; network; video compression;

Endpt how the content is displayed LCD/plasma, kiosk, way-finding

5ServerPlayerPC (large/small form factor): Dell OpitPlex vs. Intel NUCEmbedded (within display)Outputs: VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPortSingle OutputDual OutputsMultiple OutputsDisplayLCD/ LEDConsumer vs. CommercialSizeInteractivePlayer to DisplayPlayer location: behind display or another roomDirect ConnectionTransmitter/Receiver, Digital Amplifier

Typical DS InstallationDS Configuration - Simple

DS Configuration Transmitter/Receiver

DS Configuration Dual

DS Configuration Multi-Displays with Digital Amplifier (DA)

HSLICCollege of PharmacyAnderson School of ManagementUNMHUNMH - Emergency RoomStudent Affairs SUB, Res-LifeAthletics Admin., Stadium, Pit, etc.School of Engineering - Centennial Engineering CenterCommunications & JournalismStudent ServicesSchool of LawCancer Research & Treatment CenterFine ArtsPopejoy HallEthnic CentersUNM GallupUNM TaosUniversity Libraries

Existing/Planned Systems at UNMFeb 2009 scan: Work done by Jane McGuire, Sally Bowler-Hill, and Jon Tregear to ID DS systems at UNM

Some actually have existing solutions and others were shopping for or were interested in DS11ChairsTim Johnson UNM-IT, Academic TechnologiesJosh Saiz - AndersonMembersRobert Christner Student AffairsChad Covey School of LawScott Dotson - AthleticsAshley Fate SUB/Res-LifeDale Hendrickson UNM LibrariesJimmy Hendrix College of EducationSung-Hee Lee Continuing EducationEthan Rule - UCAMDavid Sanchez UNM-IT, Academic TechnologiesBen Savoca UNM PlanningJonathan Tregear HSC

UNM-DS Committee Members (Current)Some have experience with DS or are involved with implementing technology at UNMOthers are interested and want to contributeAgents exist: Bob and Tim

Always looking for members: technical or general12Since Dec. 2012, committee wrote report of current & future status of digital signage at UNMGap AnalysisLack visual emergency notification systemNo centralized entity for managingInconsistent brandingOutdated informationNo dynamic way-finding

Status ReportFour Demostrations: Digital Display Group, Four Winds, Daktronics, Cisco

DDG/4 Winds/Dak: Offered authoring, management and endpoint solution but support variety of technologies

DDG-CastNET; Dak-VisiConn

Cisco/Dak-HaiVision: Offered solution with own proprietary technology; Cisco offered entire package

Displays not a offered with any; displays independent of vendor solution

13Educate our customer baseBe well-supported as an enterprise systemBe accessible & affordable to all departments using existing purchasing mechanismsFeature updated contentBe a safety communication tool for the entire UNM community.Convey information about the UniversityProvide current affairs & events to the University communityProvide way-finding solutions for campus locations (main and branch campuses)Showcase student, faculty and staff achievementsProvide sponsorship opportunities

Suggested Requirements & FeaturesEmergency notificationMulti-channelMobile feedsInteractive way-findingADA CompliantSupport response timeWeb-based content managementTie in with Active Directory authenticationDynamic content: RSS, variety of UNM data sourcesScheduling/date-partingTV feed (Comcast or DirecTV)Image and video uploadExterior signage integrationEnforcement of branding using predefined templatesApproval workflow process: enterprise and departmental/functional levelBe user-serviceableSuggested Requirements & FeaturesRFP released Spring 2014Funding request submitted by Deputy CIODS Committee currently evaluating responsesTop responses to be invited for presentations

UNM Digital Signage RFPDS Committee developing draft of standardsStandards include System requirementsSteering committee recommendationDepartmental responsibilitiesIT responsibilitiesPresenting standards IT-Agents - June 2014IT-Managers TBDIT-Cabinet TBD

UNM Digital Signage Standards (Proposed)Questions?DS OrganizationsDigital Signage Federation (http://www.digitalsignagefederation.org)Digital Screen Media Association (http://www.digitalscreenmedia.org/)

Digital Signage in Education:http://www.digitalsignagefederation.org/educationguidehttp://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/topics/education-schools/

Campus Signage 101: http://www.digitalsignagefederation.org/campussignage101

5th Screen Media: http://5thscreen.info/index2.html

ConferencesDigital Signage Expo (http://www.digitalsignageexpo.net/)Customer Engagement Technology World (http://cetworld.com/)InfoComm (http://www.infocommshow.org/1558.asp)

University of Michigan Signage: http://www.itcs.umich.edu/digital-signage/

For More InformationDSE Award Finalists: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvmhz0u7AN6at1X2_8ttAAf3G3bG1mAFs

DSE Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4HXrz8Fm4I(6minutes)

Digital Signage The Future of Communication