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Transcript of Unleashing FAST Search

  • 1.Unleashing FAST Search in SharePoint 2010
    Ameet Phadnis MCTS
    Partner/Principal Consultant
    e Tek Global Inc.

2. Quick Survey
Experience with SharePoint?
Experience with SharePoint Search
SharePoint Foundation 2010
Search Server Express
Search Server
SharePoint 2010
Experience with Search Engine?
3. Why Search?
Find Information.
Find People.
Find Prospects.
Leaked Information.
4. What is Enterprise Search?
File System
5. Components of Enterprise Search
Content Ingestion
Content Processing and analysis.
Query Parsing.
6. Enterprise Search Products
SharePoint Foundation 2010
Search Server 2010 Express
Search Server 2010
SharePoint Server 2010
FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
7. Typical Search Scenarios
Intranet Search
People Search
Site Search
Research external sites
Intelligence and Investigation
Intellectual Property Protection
8. Search in SharePoint 2010
Core Offerings
Search Server 2010
SharePoint Search 2010
FAST Searchfor SharePoint 2010
Key Components
Query & Indexing
Deployment Considerations
Capacity Planning
Distribution Considerations
Information Architecture
9. Search Server 2010
Boolean Queries
Wildcard prefixes
Query completion
Did youmean?
Connectors for Enterprise Search in Windows 7.
Refinement Panels
Enhancements for relevance of search results.
Ranking based on search results history.
Relevance based on inferred metadata.
Relevancy tuning by document promotion or site promotion.
Best Bets
Shallow Results Refinement
PowerShell Support
10. SharePoint Search 2010
People Search
Best Bets
Query Federation
Query completion on previously executed queries.
Phonetic Search
Click-through relevance.
Taxonomy Integration
Usage Reporting
11. FAST Search for SharePoint 2010
Visual cues through presentation of visual best bets, document preview and document thumbnails for rapid recognition of information.
Contextual search to meet the needs of diverse groups.
Customizable relevance-ranking models.
Advanced content processing that allows complex entity extraction and content enhancements.
Easy-to-configure end user experiences.
Advanced query capabilities, which enable creation of powerful applications.
12. Features comparison in SharePoint 2010
13. Architecture of FAST Search
Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
FAST Search Connector
Query Search Service Application (SSA)
Query Object Model
Query Processing
Query Matching
Item Processing
Custom Front end
FAST Indexing Connectors
Query Web Service
Fast Search Authorization (FSA)
Federation object Model
Active Directory
14. Configuring FAST Search
Services that needs to be started
15. Selecting the deployment Type
16. User Name and Password
17. Certificate Password
18. Server Name and Base Port Number
19. Database Settings
20. FAST Search Important Directory Components
Install_Info.txt: Details about the Installation.
FAST Search Query Search Service Application Configuration
FAST Search Content Search Service Application Configuration.
installerscripts: Stores PowerShell scripts
datadata_securitycert: Self signed Certificate to enable content feeding.
21. Setting up Fast Search
Setup FAST Search Query Service.
Setup Connector Search Service Application.
Configure SSL-enabled Communication.
Configure FAST Search Authorization.
Configure Claims-Based Authentication.
22. FAST Search on SharePoint site
Features to be enabled
23. FAST Features on Site
FAST Features Available
24. FAST Search Keywords
25. Fast Search Best Bets
26. FAST Search Visual Best Bets
27. FAST Search Document Promotion
28. FAST Search Site Promotion and Demotion
29. FAST Search User Context
Why User Context
Target content for the logged-in user.
Target Best Bets and Visual Best Bets for the logged-in User Context
Target Document Promotion and Demotion to specific user.
Target Site Promotion and Demotion to specific user.
30. Search Web Parts
Advanced Search Box
Federated Results
People Refinement Panel
People Search box
People Search core results
Refinement Panel
Related Queries
Search Action Links
Search Best Bets
Search Box
Search Core Results
Search Paging
Search Statistics
Search Summary
Search Visual Best Bet
Top Federated Results
31. Thumbnails and Preview
Requires Office Web Apps
32. Demo
33. Resources
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee781286.aspx - All about Fast Search.
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=96663b95-e9f5-48c8-beb9-a15ad119c499&displaylang=en Enterprise Search Guide.
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=c422d3c7-1443-41e4-b0fe-fc402ee4d8c1&displaylang=en FAST Search Evaluation Guide
For anything else Search with your favorite Engine.
34. Thank you for coming
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