Unit 25, Book 2B 李素沿. Is she riding a bike now? She is riding a bike now. Yes, she is

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Transcript of Unit 25, Book 2B 李素沿. Is she riding a bike now? She is riding a bike now. Yes, she is

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Unit 25, Book 2B Slide 2 Is she riding a bike now? She is riding a bike now. Yes, she is. Slide 3 She is playing tennis at the moment. Is she playing tennis at the moment? Yes, she is. Slide 4 Was she riding a bike at 9:00 yesterday morning? 9:00 yesterday Yes, she was. Slide 5 Was the boy playing football yesterday morning? No, he wasnt. Slide 6 Was she playing tennis at 5 the day before yesterday? At 5, the day before yesterday Yes, she was. Slide 7 Was she singing last night? No, she wasnt. Was she crying last night? Yes, she was. last night Slide 8 Was Grandma watching TV this morning? No, she wasnt. What was she doing? She was writing then. this morning Slide 9 I, do my homework, at 8 oclock, last night not, watch TV, then I was doing my homework at 8 oclock last night. I wasnt watching TV then. Slide 10 Li Ming, learn English, ten, yesterday ? write, a diary, at that time Was Li Ming learning English at ten yesterday? No, he wasnt. He was writing a diary at that time. Slide 11 As my mother______________ (water) the flowers in the garden, a postman arrived. was watering Slide 12 ____Tom ______ (play) in front of the house, while his father was washing the car? playingWas Slide 13 I______ (hear) a knock at the door, while I _____________ (read) a letter yesterday evening. was reading heard Slide 14 As we _____________ (walk) down the street last Sunday, we ____ (meet) our friend Charlie. were walking met Slide 15 What do you think often causes traffic accidents? driving carelessly driving after drinking driving too fast Slide 16 What should you do when you see a traffic accident? dial 122 or 110 dial 120 or 999 stop the traffic if we can Slide 17 cause v. suddenly adv. luckily adv. Slide 18 mention v. gatekeeper n. crowd v. Slide 19 Suddenly she felt a pain in her head. Slide 20 He often causes trouble for people. Slide 21 Luckily, she was in when I called her. Slide 22 Some people crowded around the corner of the street. Slide 23 crowd suddenly cause luckily happening quickly to lead to; to make happen being lucky to come together in a large number Slide 24 suddenly, cause, luckily, crowd ________, someone shouted, Help! Suddenly What _______ his illness? caused _______for me the train was late, so I just caught it. Luckily The boys ________ around the teacher to ask questions. crowded Slide 25 ________there came a knock to the door. ______her father came back in time. What ______him to change his mind? Now, dont all _______together.crowd caused Luckily Suddenly suddenly, cause, luckily, crowd Slide 26 He stopped __________. A loud noise _______ me to jump back.caused suddenly The people ________ into the shop.crowded My eyes _________ filled with tears.suddenly _________it was not so hot. Luckily Slide 27 Listen and say two or three sentences about the picture. Slide 28 The accident happened at _____. A. a library gate B. a bus stop C. the school gate C Slide 29 The rice bag fell off_____. A. a motorbike B. a truck C. a train B Slide 30 The man on the motorbike was traveling _____. A. fast B. slowly C. carefully A Slide 31 The man ____. A. was badly hurt B. died at once C. wasnt badly hurt C Slide 32 Miss Zhao asked Li Lei to ____. A. take a medicine box B. call the police C. take care of the man B Slide 33 Time: one afternoon Place: at the school gate, in the gatekeepers room, in the library People: some students, a man on a motorbike, Miss Zhao Key verbs: see, fall off, hit, hurt, help, carry, find, call Slide 34 One afternoon some students were going home. At the school gate they saw an accident happen. A man on his motorbike was traveling fast, so he didnt see the rice bag in the middle of the road until it was too late. Slide 35 His bike hit the rice bag. The man fell off his bike and was hurt. The students carried him to the school gatekeepers room. Li Lei found their teacher Miss Zhao in the school library and called the police. Slide 36 A large bag of rice ____ (fall) off a truck when it __________(go) round a corner near No.14 Middle School. Some students _______ (want) to move the bag, but a man on a motorbike _____ ________(come) round the corner. He _____________ (travel) too fast, and his bike ____ (hit) the bag. The man ____ (fall) off his bike and lay on the ground. fell was going wanted was coming was traveling hitfell Slide 37 While some of the students _________ (stop) the traffic, the boys __________ (carry) the man to the gatekeepers room. The gatekeeper and Lin Tao _____ (move) the bag out of the road. Li Lei _____ (go) to get help from the school, and a teacher _____ (come) over with a box of medicine. came were stopping were carrying moved went Slide 38 My Most Unlucky Day What an unlucky day I _____ (have) yesterday! Everything _______(go) wrong! In the morning I had just put out the washing when it ______ (start) to rain, so I had to bring it all in again. went started had Slide 39 Then I ________(decide) to clean out the kitchen cupboard. While I _____________(clean)the top shelf, I _____(lose)my balance and _____(fall)off the chair! was cleaning lost fell decided My Most Unlucky Day Slide 40 Then, as I _____________ (wash) the kitchen floor, the dog ______(run) in and _______ (knock) over the bucket of water. And just before you came, I _____ (cut) my finger when I ___________(peel) the potatoes. was washing ran cut knocked was peeling My Most Unlucky Day Slide 41 Homework: 1. 2. 3. Slide 42 Slide 43 Yesterday morning I rode to school as usual. I was riding very fast. I rode to the other side of the road near the school. When I was going around the corner, a car hit me. I fell off my bike. Luckily wasnt badly hurt. Slide 44 The driver got off his car to see me. I stood up and said sorry to him. And then a policeman came and told me not to ride too fast. Oh, I will never do this again. Slide 45 ---Granny, come and sit here please. ---Oh, its really nice of you! Thanks a lot! ---Dont mention it.