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Unicorn Communications Wireless Engineering Overview, Site Acquisition, RF Planning, Optimisation

Transcript of Unicorn Wireless Engineering Presentation

  • 1. Wireless Site Acquisition

2. Unicorns Site Acquisition Services

  • Unicorn is actively involved in site acquisition and permitting. We have a track record of success in many project areas worldwide.

3. Site Acquisition

  • Identifying optimal site locations (candidates)
  • Negotiating lease terms that are most favourable to our clients and lease management
  • Site acquisition for: chimneys, guyed towers, self supported towers, water towers, monopoles, rooftops, collocation.
  • Site Acquisition Report for each candidate which contains local zoning, maps photos, narrative explanations of acquisition terms and site findings, preliminary latitude, longitude and ground elevation of the site, locations of power, access and a field sketch of the proposed site arrangement.

4. Unicorns Site Permitting Service

  • Building permits
  • Examination for compatibility
  • with local construction codes
  • Maintaining contact with local officials throughout approval process
  • Prepare construction book
  • Complete specific documentation
  • Liaison with building inspectors to secure building permits for approved site

5. Unicorns Permitting Focus

  • Meeting client's assignment criteria
  • Providing ease of construction
  • The impact of the lease to the construction cost
  • Providing convenient access and utility service
  • Efficient and systematic approach
  • Imposing the least amount of liability to our clients
  • Considering any environmental concerns

6. Wireless Site Design 7. Unicorns Site Design Services

  • Unicorn provides site design development management and a team of professionals to follow up during the construction process - from initial site construction feasibility assessments to job close-out.

8. Site Design

  • Pre-Construction Analysis
  • Gathering site-specific information
  • Conducting site development assessments
  • Analysis of preliminary design criteria and specifications
  • Analysis and draft of the preliminary site plans
  • Architectural & Engineering Management
  • Preliminary plans for obtaining building permits
  • Development of detailed construction plans
  • Monitoring and follow up of construction process
  • As-built drawings

9. Unicorns Site Design Focus

  • Create unique structures
  • Detailed design
  • Flexible solutions
  • Attention to detail
  • Community awareness

10. Wireless RF Planning and Optimisation Services 11. Wireless Services

  • Program Management
  • Site Survey, Selection,Acquisition, and Development
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering (Planning) and Optimisation
  • BSS/NSS/OMC / Microwave Hardware and Software Installation, Configuration Commissioning, and Integration
  • In-building and Metro Area Coverage Planning and Implementation
  • Civil Facilities Design, Permitting, and Construction
    • Greenfield and facility improvement
  • Tower Design, Permitting, and Erection

12. RF Planning Services

  • Route Selections
  • Path Selections
  • Site Surveys
  • Building Surveys
  • Right of Way Research
  • Technology Assessment
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Material Specifications
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Contract Development
  • Documentation (CADD, GIS, Document)

13. RF Planning Tools

  • Aircom ASSET 3G
  • Aircom Optima
  • Aircom RANOPT
  • Aircom CANNECT
  • Aircom Arraywizard
  • Aircom ACP
  • Forsk Atoll
  • AutoCAD

Unicorn utilises the following tools in its RF Planning phase.

  • CelPlan CelPlanner
  • CelPlan CelTools
  • CelPlan CelOptima
  • OpNet Modeller Wireless Suite
  • MapInfo
  • DEM, Topo, & Aerial Maps

14. Radio Network Planning

  • Nominal Cell Planning
    • Aircom ASSET, Forsk Atoll, CelPlan CelPlanner, CelPlan CelTools, CelPlan CelOptima, MapInfo, DEM
  • Radio Frequency Measurements
    • SiteMaster, Drive Test, Aircom RANOPT & ASSET
  • Propagation Model Optimisation
    • Aircom ASSET, OpNet Modeller Wireless Suite, Forsk Atoll, CelPlan CelPlanner, CelPlan CelTools, CelPlan CelOptima,
  • Capacity Dimensioning
    • Aircom Automatic Cell Planning & ASSET


  • Site Search and Survey(s)
    • SiteMaster, Drive Test, Aircom RANOPT & ASSET
  • Final Cell Planning
    • Aircom ASSET, OpNet Modeller Wireless Suite, Forsk Atoll, CelPlan CelPlanner, CelPlan CelTools, CelPlan CelOptima
  • Frequency Planning
    • Aircom ASSET, OpNet Modeller Wireless Suite, Forsk Atoll, CelPlan CelPlanner, CelPlan CelTools, CelPlan CelOptima

Radio Network Planning 16.

  • Cell Parameter Planning
    • Aircom ASSET & ArrayWizard
  • Initial Tuning
    • Drive Test, SiteMaster, Aircom RANOPT & ASSET
  • Network Acceptance
    • Drive Test, Aircom RANOPT & ASSET
  • Microwave Planning
    • Aircom CANNECT

Radio Network Planning 17. Network Survey

  • Line-of-Site
  • Competition in area
  • Power availability
  • Transmission availability
  • Layout plans
  • Frequency RFI Scanning
  • CW Test
  • Facility support
  • BTS / BSC / MSC installation
  • NodeB / RNC / MSC installation

18. Network Survey Tools

  • Anritsu MT8212B(options 21, 25, 27, 40, 50, 31)
  • HP M637 Digital Camera
  • HP 2710p Laptop Computer
  • Kathrein Azimuth Adjustment Tool
  • Garmin eTrex GPS Receiver
  • Tajima Slant AL200
  • Digital Camera Binoculars
  • Suunto Zone 2 Clinometer
  • TEMS (when appropriate)
  • High Gear Alltera Shadow, Compass, Altimeter Watch
  • 6-D Ring Eagle Tower Harness
  • Petzel Vertex Helment
  • Static Kernmantle Rope
  • Safety Lanyard with Auto-Lock Hook / Carabineers
  • Tower Pulley and Tower Block
  • Tape Measure
  • Impulse 200 Laser Red Dot Rangefinder

19. Network Optimisation

  • Pre-optimisation drive test
  • Radio parameters auditing
  • Network Performance statistics from OMC
  • Proposed/implementation of changes to improve network performance
  • Drive test to verify the effect of changes
  • Post optimisation drive test
  • Network performance statistics from the OMC

Radio Network Optimisation, system and solution specific planning guidelines will be followed in order to achieve the expected performance of the operational network. 20.

  • Ericsson TEMS
    • TEMS Investigation Base Software
    • TEMS Test Phone K790i
    • TEMS POCKET Software load on K790i
  • Garmin-18 GPS
  • HP Compaq 2710p Notebook PC
    • Slim 4-Port USB2.0 Pocket Hub
  • Anritsu MT8212B
    • Options: 21, 25, 27, 31, and 40
  • Aircom RANOPT (Post Processing Software)

Network Optimisation