Unfamiliar texts

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Unfamiliar texts. name the language feature. Her skirts swished seriously. (sibilance / alliteration / personification / onomatopoeia. It’s raining cats and dogs. (cliché, metaphor). You are the apple of my eye. (metaphor, personal pronoun). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Unfamiliar texts

Unfamiliar texts

name the language featureUnfamiliar textsHer skirts swished seriously(sibilance / alliteration / personification / onomatopoeiaIts raining cats and dogs(clich, metaphor)You are the apple of my eye(metaphor, personal pronoun)Name the term that explains the way that items are laid out on the page(layout)Name the rule that explains why the most important info is at the top of a textRule of thirdsShell be right mateColloquialism, contractionI would walk 5000 milesHyperbole The term that indicates the most important picture on the pageDominant imageWhattup G?Slang

Dominant image or symbolismName of the term for the style of the writingFont