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Transcript of Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)

  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)



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  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)






    PAGE 1:

    Four horizontal panels, divided evenly.

    1 - The people of the urban chic talking on cellphones amongclassical, European architecture.

    2 - An array of illuminated screens: racks of slim TVs andgiant lcd billboards.

    3 - A dirty, frail looking black boy, a street urchin,dressed in tatters and with a weary gaze, shivers under anoverpass in this nameless city. This is CHARLES.

    4 - A shadow in an alleyway in the light of the urban dawn: afour legged beast standing roughly ten feet tall. This isNAUMAI LODUS.

    *At the moment Im thinking that Naumai will be the onlynarrator in the story, that his and Charles sections will bethe prologues of each chapter and will otherwise be outsidersfor much of the narrative involving the other characters.

    Their dialogue needs to be distinct from all other text.

    NAUMAI LODUS (SUBTITLE)The pact is broken - The hiddenborder is crossed - A longforgotten chill.

    PAGE 2

    1 - The boy walks through a maze of alleyways, wires crossingwires overhead.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)For a thousand winters I have beenwaiting, in this place that youwould call home.

    2 - The boy in a crowded marketplace.

    3 - He spots an unattended stall and tries discretely to loadfood into his jacket.

  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)


    4 - The shopkeeper spots him and he bolts into the crowd,terrified.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)But this is no home for you.

    5 - Night. The shadow walks through the empty marketplace.

    6 - Daytime. The boy, running, drops food on the ground ashe stumbles through the crowd.

    7 - Night. The shadow sniffs at the trail.

    PAGE 3

    1 - Charles pushes through a cluster of people, panic writtenon his face.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)Such fear.

    2 - The shopkeeper screams with rage.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)Such anger.

    3 - two horizontal panels: The boy falls violently to theground, spilling the rest of his cache.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)Such pain.

    4 - Night. The shadow sniffs at the marks of spilled foodand blood.

    5 - Night. The boy huddles under the bridge. In his handsis an apple.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)You are slipping away. I feel yougrowing dimmer.

    PAGE 4

    2 x 3.

    1 - The boy sleeps, curled in a tight ball.

    2 - Same view, farther away.

    3 - Same view. The shadow enters the frame.


  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)


    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)Do you remember?

    4 - It stands over him, towering over the boy.

    5 - Very close up on the creature face, a weary eye.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)Let me show you, child.

    6 - Charless eyes, shut very tightly.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)See the glory that you once were.

    PAGE 5

    Epic full page spread:

    A kingly warrior in ornate ceremonial armor sits upon theshadow beast, flanked by soldiers, surrounded by lances andflapping banners. Revealed, for the first time, the beast ofthis time is a frightening thing, similarly armored androaring, baring layers of fierce teeth. The King has a haloof radiance, lightning arcs across his hands and his eyesglow with fire.

    PAGE 6

    3 x 3, with the last panel taking up the bottom third.

    1 - The boy, eyes open, stares up at the beast.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)And that you will be again.

    2 - Same view, pulled back, his familiar revealed. In thistime, it is weathered, tired, an impossibly old and noblecreature.

    CHARLESIve dreamed about you.

    3 - The creature lowers its head in reverence.

    NAUMAI LODUSMy master, it is time.

    4 - Charles reaches up, grabbing at the straps of the beast'shalter.

    5 - The creature lifts him far off the ground.


  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)


    6 - The familiar walks out into falling snow, its king ridingon its back.

    7 - Same view, wide shot, the pair in the distance.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)Let me tell you a story.

    PAGE 7

    2 x 3

    1 - The exterior of a hospital. Night.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)There was once a world that was anunsolvable puzzle.

    2 - A child's hospital room.

    3 - A closeup of a pile of flowers, stuffed animals and otherget-well trinkets.

    4 - Two blond children, a boy and a girl, ten years old, liein adjacent beds behind plastic curtains, oxygen masks overtheir faces, asleep.

    5, wide panel - Exterior. Walking toward the hospital aretwo of the familiar animals.

    PAGE 8

    2 x 3

    1 - A slovenly security guard walks down a hallway, eating acandy bar.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)It was a planet made of countlessmoving pieces that were alwayschanging shape.

    2 - same view - A beast passes just behind him in silhouette,followed closely by another. It dwarfs him, spanning thewith of the hall.

    3 - same view - A second stops behind him. Menacing eyesstare at the man.

    4 - same view - The guard turns quizzically, but the hall isempty.


  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)


    5 - same view - He turns back, and the beast is still behindhim, staring.

    6 - same view - It walks on.

    PAGE 9

    1 - Close up of a stuffed animal in the children's room.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)It was a place where all that waspossible was real; one only had toexplore until they found whateverthey could dream.

    2 - Reveal of the beasts as they enter the room, verydifferent from the one seen before. They are heavilyaugmented, consisting primarily of ornate armored sections

    like cyborg insects, but with the heads of horned mammals.They are TRAIUS and RALENCE.

    3 - Each stands over one of the beds. They look terriblysad.

    4-5 - Multiple pairs of mechanical arms, tipped with clawedhands, lasers, cameras, medical instruments and needlesunfold from patterns in their chest plates.

    6 - The same scene, a different time and place. Thecreatures, seen from afar, hover over beds in a lavish room,one fit for royalty.

    PAGE 10

    1 - The hospital: half a dozen needles are stuck in the bodyof the frail looking girl, an arcane device above her shinesa light that reveals bones and organs under her skin. Aspiderlike object is held to her forehead and a metal clawcaresses her face.

    NAUMAI LODUS (CONT'D)Tribes of men and women, much asthey are here, began to make theirown way, as one, all over thisshifting globe. They workedtogether to explore its endlessmysteries.

    2 - In the past: A limp woman is held by the beast, bloodiedand soot-covered on a charred battlefield, plumes of fire arcacross the sky.

    4 - Present: Traius looks mournfully at Sarah. It speaks.


  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)


    TRAIUSDont let them fool you.

    5 - Past: A man lies on the floor. Sticking out of his skinare hundreds of wires leading into the shadows of a

    monumental clockwork engine that fills the room. Above himstands Ralence.

    6 - Present: Ralence lifts and inspects Sams tiny hand.

    RALENCEYou are stronger than this.

    7 - The children's eyes open, their bodies still dense withneedles and now cut open, instruments dancing in theirinnards.

    8 - They see their guardians and they are not afraid.

    PAGE 11

    1 - Lasers seal their incisions.

    NAUMAI LODUSThey learned much about the natureof their world and of themselves.Their knowledge became vast, butthey always desired more.

    2-4 - The instruments withdraw, but arms remain. They cradlethe children and carry them out of the room.

    5 - POV of a security camera in the hall.

    6 - Pull back. The creatures appear on the monitors, as asecurity guard leans back in his chair, asleep in theforeground.

    7 They reach the roof.

    8 - The creatures leap off and fall into the night.

    PAGE 12

    1 - A boy, eyes tightly shut, under water. This is LIAM. Anarm presses down on his chest.

    2 - The arm belongs to his father. A large man, he issteadfast, resolute in the ritual. He is drowning his son intheir bathtub. Next to him stands FATHER SIMM, bible andcrucifix in hand.


  • 8/9/2019 Unfamiliar (First Issue Comic Script)


    FATHER SIMMNos eriperes de potestate diaboli!

    NAUMAI LODUSThe tribes met, and they found that

    they had not all learned the sametruths. For 10,000 years theyfought to see whose knowledge wasstrongest.

    3 - In an open field at night, a portal opens like a rip inspace. Liams guardian bounds out of it.

    4 - Liam, calm under water.

    5 - Liam, walking with his father through a convenience storeparking lot.

    FATHERI dont know whats happening inthis country anymore. Got a Muslimin the White House and I know hesgivin Iran the bomb. Homosexualson the TV all the time.

    6 - He opens the trunk of their car. Liam, in theforeground, is in a daze.


    2012s coming and this wholecountry will be in cinders. Itllbe hell on earth. Maybe thentheyll learn.

    MIRN (V.O.)Maybe then theyll learn.

    7 - Liam turns.

    PAGE 13

    The first panel dominates the page, taking up two half of thepage.

    1 - They are gathered on a ridge overlooking a vast stretchof scorched land, dotted with fires, camps, and piles ofdead: Mirn (the sick boy), his body a grotesque biomechanicalskeleton, Sutur Amn Quosa (not yet introduced) a stately,exotic minimalist, and, at the moment, young Liam. Standingnext to each are