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Under Ground World by Chris Katende

Transcript of Underground World Edited

ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to extend my appreciation to the family of my great grand father Eria Mukiibi for having brought me up highly disciplined and in civilized manner of high quality that helped me through up to present day. I would wish to appreciate to all the teachers and the schools I went to for the good seed they mastered inside me. I would like to thank the Uganda National Council of Sports Board at the time for having selected my name among the team that represented Uganda in Kick-boxing tournament in Scotland. I wish to thank Cherwell District Council UK for having given me a chance to serve the public in that area. My special appreciation to Mr. David Kasper, for all the help given to me in various ways. My personal appreciation to Mr. Elvis Wavamuno Sekyanzi, Managing Director Club Silk, for all the support he gave me.

Under Ground World UK.


UNDER GROUND WORLD UK INTRODUCTION. My name is, Katende Christopher Davidson, the son of, Mr Nkuubi James and Kyomugisha Evalina. My dad was born to, my late grandfather, Eliya Mukiibi and his brother, T BB Katende, were born to the late, Kikooti Kigula, prominent family in Butega village, Singo Mityana District Kampala Uganda. I grew up with my great grandmother, the late Deborah Mukiibi. We were 8 grand children, under her care, and I am proud, to have been a monger the grand children, she brought up, at that time. I learnt lots of things from her, at very early age, characters that helped me through, even in present day life. I went to local schools in Mityana, like Namukoozi junior primary school, Butega primary school, and Mityana Modern secondary school. In 1990, when my great grand father, Eliya Mukibi died, I could not continue with school. That is when, I moved to Kampala city, to find a better life. Things turned out, not to be as easy, as thought in the first instance though. Meanwhile, in Kampala city, I met with my elder sister, from my mum side. Mrs Florence Mukasa, her name is, she was married to, Mr Mukasa Lameka. Basically, they were married, and had a family of 5 children. They lived in Kololo Kampala, in Uganda Electricity Board house quarters. Mrs Florence Mukasa, was working for, Uganda electricity board, at that time. Mr Mukasa, was working with Uganda commercial bank then, as cashier. Basically, life was a lot better, than my old village Butega in general. Meanwhile, I was hoping for a job, all the time, to start earning, and help out, on domestic issues. However, I spent the whole year, helping out on domestic work rather. But I had high hopes, of getting a job, at my sisters office, and one evening, she came home from work, with rather good news to me. Basically, I was to go for a trial interview, the next day. Meanwhile, with all the excitement in me, I couldnt wait for that time. The next morning anyway, I went for the interview, and I passed it, very well indeed. In the mean time, I was offered a job, as an office messenger, happy days those were. Meanwhile, I started working for U E B, and within just a year, I was promoted to office clerk, and then, to a fuel clerk, based in Lugogo yard then. Meanwhile, I managed to join a business school, and every evening after work, I could go to attend to classes, to improve my standards most. After 2 years at college, I gained my diploma, in stores keeping. I also gained promotion at work, from fuel clerk, to stores keeper, attached to Lugogo U.E.B plant. I also joined a sports club, during this time, Nakivubo sports gym, to improve on my fitness level. Meanwhile, I continued working for U.E.B, until 1996, when I was dismissed, over unclear reasons. Life never got easy since, I went through aUnder Ground World UK.2

lot of difficult times, during this period, without a job. But I was determined, to keep my fitness level as high. Basically, I continued to exercise with, Nakivubo sports gym, almost full time then. We were like one family, with most boys in the gym, exchanging ideas, and that. In 1997, I got a job, as a security bouncer, at a night club -silk. It was such a challenging job, working at nights, and the physical bit of it, but I was up to the challenge most. Meanwhile, I met a lot of people, from different backgrounds, and learning a lot as well, during my time, at club silk. Basically, the nature of my job, one had to be well fit, and able to defend himself, when attacked. It is all to do with, night club fights, and violence, by customers that is. Meanwhile, I joined a kickboxing and martial arts school, Alfa, on Buganda road, part timely. In the mean time, quick learner as ever, I excelled in kickboxing categories. In 2001, I passed my black belt done 6, with Alfa kickboxing club still. Meanwhile, in August 2002, I was elected among other 7 people, that would represent Uganda, as kick-boxers, in Scotland Glasgow. Basically, this was a one time chance, in a life style, it was really good news for me, at that time, I was looking forward to it. However, we had to fund our trip, to Scotland though. Meanwhile, during this time, I had to double, my exercise efforts, looking forward, to the tournament ahead. Basically the selected names were as follows; Mukasa Joseph, team captain, Sekamanya Andrew, Katende Chris, Bogere Isimah, Kimbugwe Patrick, Sebuyira Robert, Vivian Namwanje, and kawooya Richard. Meanwhile, we started training together as a team, for over 3 months, in preparations to the tournament. In the mean time, we came to know, and understand each other very well, more like one team then. Meanwhile, In 2003/May /16th the whole team, went for the compulsory visa interviews, at the British high commission Kampala Uganda, and we all passed, very well. I remember that time, as extremely happy days. Meanwhile, the following 2 weeks, we all had to get prepared, for the trip to Scotland. On 26th may-2003, around 8:00pm Ugandan time, the whole team were at Entebe international airport, for a check in, to United Kingdom. After wards, we boarded a British Airways plane, spending 8 hours, non stop fright, to Heathrow Airport. Meanwhile, we arrived in the UK, the following morning May 27th. We were checked in at airport, and then, proceed to another plane to Scotland. Within 1hour, we landed in Glasgow airport, and then, someone was at the airport, to receive us. We took off, to the allocated hotels, where we stayed for 2 good weeks.

Under Ground World UK.


I SNEAKED OUT OF THE HOTEL HEADING OFF TO LONDON Towards the end of the tournament, I had gone through to the finals, which were to take place, that flowing Sunday. However, I twisted my ankle in training though, so I was unable, to participate in the finals then. I was gutted a little bit, for I had been 1 of the best players, in the tournament. But then, I also had a chance to work out my future, before the end of the tournament. Basically, we were meant to go back to Uganda, after the tournament. However, I had different views, on this issue though. Meanwhile, I contacted my old friend Kigundu Phillip, for help. We had worked together, as nightclub bouncers, in Uganda before. Meanwhile, he was living in the UK, for 3 good years then. Basically, he was 1 of the potential, options I had. In the mean time, without telling anyone, in our team group, I sneaked out of the hotel, and took off, to the local train station, heading off to London. That is were Phillip was living, at that time. He directed me, to board a train to, London Paddington station, earlier on the phone. Meanwhile, we must have travelled, for about 3 hours or more, before arriving at London Paddington. At the station, everything seemed very new to me, I was gazing at everything I see, just like you would imagine. Anyway, I walked outside the station, to the Asian shops, to buy myself, a calling card, I needed to call Phillip, my old friend. I managed to get through to him, but apparently, he was still at work. He said to me, he would be a long while, to come then. Meanwhile, I took a walk to a nearby, peoples park, and I waited there. I must have waited, for like 2 hours, in the park. Believe me or not, this is a lot of time, for somebody, new to the country. However, I did not have a lot of options, either way though. In London, it is rather difficult to notice, somebody is been in one place, for a long time. It is just this, natural instinct, I kept getting paranoid, thinking people will realise, the time I had spent waiting. I was also cautioned of the police earlier, apparently they would arrest anyone, looking suspicious. And that, would mean trouble for me, straight away, I thought. Meanwhile, I was on big tension, all the time, in that case. Anyway, after that long wait, Phillip appeared in sight, and that was a big relief, for me then. Oh my God Chris, well come to London my friend, Phillip said. Thank you, nice to see you, I replied. Happy to see you too, how are you doing, he continued. Just 50/50, I said. Right, let us not waste more time, we are going far, let us go, he hurried, helping me with my other smaller bag, as well. In the mean time, we headed back to Paddington station. After buying our travel cards, we walked towards the platform edge, and waited for the next train respectively. Meanwhile, I had not seen Phillip for over 3 years, he hadUnder Ground World UK.4

obviously, changed a little bit. Good looking health skin, and all that, he very well, looked UK standards, I thought. Anyway, we had time to remind ourselves, over the past good times, back in Uganda, this and that. After around 10 minutes, in the train, we had to swap to other train again, Phillip said. So, we carried on to another train platform, and then boarded into. In a short while, we swapped on, to the bus, as well. Basically, it must have taken us, like 45 minutes, to our first destination altogether. In the mean time, we alighted off the bus, and Phillip took me, to a fish and chips shop, for I was starving